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Rosy color palette

The little girl in me loves pink roses. Last spring my husband planted me a pink rose bush, which blooms in-your-face, bright pink buds. I pretty much love them. For whatever reason, when he cuts one to bring it inside, he always puts it in this green vase. I’m sure it’s not a conscious decision… Read More Rosy color palette


Guest room brainstorm

This room. It’s supposed to be a den, but currently we have three giant wine fridges for Marcello’s work, a twin bed, the odd pieces of furniture I’m not sure what to do with, missing drywall, and missing flooring from a previous mold spot. It doesn’t make one feel at home, that’s for sure! These… Read More Guest room brainstorm

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Italian door color palette inspiration

The doors of Italy are inspiring. They’re colorful, worn, big. They make a statement. They’ve got character and charm. I love them, and I can’t stop taking pictures of them. So without further ado: I present to you, the doors and colors of Jesi (population 40,000, Marche region, Italy) …