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Definitive guide: How to start a blog and make money

Here’s my promise to you: This post on blogging is the most helpful, comprehensive, detailed, realistic, applicable, with the most free resources you have ever read. Sound good?! I’m also sharing exactly how much I make blogging part-time and how you can too.

I have read probably 50 posts on “How I make money blogging” and walked away with essentially NOTHING. They tell me to pick the right name, use WordPress and get a hosting company and that’s it! What about SEO, how to get affiliate links, what ad service to use, Lightroom presets, free photo sources, the best plug-ins, Pinterest strategies, growing traffic … ?

After blogging for six years, I have hundreds of ideas and tips. I want to actually share with you ALL the practical information I’ve gathered from trial and error, research and blogging friends during this time!

I have never spent more money on my blog than I have coming in. I currently pay no regular fees for my site except for hosting and emails. I’ll show you how!

Ready? Because this isn’t a short little post with stuff you already know. It’s a beefy, takes notes, pin it and pay attention because this is so exciting!

I went to journalism school for graphics and worked as a graphic designer at newspapers for a decade before kids. Working with deadlines, photographers, reporters and editors was extremely helpful to me in the blog world. In a way, a blog is its own little newspaper.

Here is an outline of all the tips and secrets I’m going to share.

How to start a blog - Comprehensive guide - Free resources - tech advice, blog design, growing traffic, making money, going viral on Pinterest

You can do it!

It’s true, blogging is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not for most people. You have to do it because you love it, not because you want easy money. You have to be self-disciplined. You have to be willing to spend “me time” doing it.

BUT! If you want it, you can do it! You have a unique voice and talent. Everyone has something valuable to say and teach. Don’t worry about the sea of blogs out there, focus on what you want yours to be.

I’m going to help you make a plan, show you free tools and how to get traffic, but all that is just to showcase YOUR ideas!

TIP: You can listen to all the best blogging advice in the world, but if you’re not creating killer content, it’s all in vain.

How to start a blog and make money - best plug-ins, favorite free Lightroom preset, where to find free stock photos, how to go viral on Pinterest - Blogging for beginners


Before we get to the fun stuff, we have to talk tech. After all, you can’t have a blog without a website!

How to start a blog

1.Choose your blog name. Think long and hard about this. It needs to work for everything you write about now and in the future. You can’t change it later without destroying your Google standing you’ve worked so hard for. (Example: If you’re not going to blog about being a mom in 8 years, don’t include “mom” in the name.) You’ll also have to make sure the name hasn’t been taken and check if the url is available.

2. Write a tagline for your blog. While you’re thinking about your name, go ahead and spend some time writing a tagline. This will help define your blog’s content for yourself and readers! Mine is: “Offbeat ideas on family, decor and organizing for moms on a budget.” It’s short, but tells readers exactly what I offer.

How to start a blog for beginners

3. Choose a host. I use Blue Host. Do not use a free service, you need your own domain name. For example, if I used Blogspot my url would be Free, but not professional.

4. Choose a website builder. WordPress is the most popular choice and works well with Blue Host.

5. Pick a theme. A few places to find a theme: Alien WP, WooCommerce, Restored 316, Just Free Themes.

6. Start building your site! Think about what you want in your side bar: photo, short hello message, subscribe form (more in a minute), search, recent posts, follow on social media … I would suggest putting in the basics, keep it simple. Then you can start on your posts. So exciting!

7. Take the time to get an email with your domain name. It looks more professional than a gmail account. You can do this through Blue Host.

I am not super tech savvy, but I do have access to YouTube! You can Google anything, you just have to be willing to take the time to watch, learn and apply it to your own site.

Best free WordPress plug-ins for blogs

The best blog plug-ins

A plug-in is something that you add to your website’s existing coding.

DO NOT add too many plug-ins or it will slow down your website. Fast load time is critical to keep readers on your site. I have 24 and that is way too many.

These are my favorite plug-ins:

Akismet Anti-Spam: Protects your blog from spam. This saves me so much time from deleting hundreds of spam comments. (You choose your price.)

All In One SEO Pack: Boost your site’s search engine optimization. (free)

All In One WP Security: Adds security to your site, even emails your monthly backups of your site! (free)

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP): Displays Google Analytics Reports and Real-Time Statistics in your Dashboard. Automatically inserts the tracking code in every page of your website. (free)

Instagram Feed: Display beautifully clean, customizable, and responsive Instagram feeds. (free)

MailChimp for WordPress by ibericode: Adds email subscribe sign up to your site. (free)

Pinterest RSS Widget: Display up to 25 of your latest Pinterest pins in your sidebar. (free)

PopupAlly: Pop up email subscribe box for exiting readers. Does not interfere with pop up ads. (free)

Related Posts by Sovrn: Adds related posts to the bottom of every post. (free)

Social Warfare: These are the colored bars I have at the bottom of my posts with how many times it has been shared. It makes it easy for readers to share your content. It’s a very versatile plug-in. (Just to save you time, I did not care for Shareaholic, another popular one. It kind of took over my site, adding their own links and buttons.)

Google analytics dashboard - how to blog

Google analytics

Sign up for Google Analytics right off the bat. It measures all your stats — visitors, page views, SEO, most popular pages, readers in real time …

You need this for your own knowledge, but also for all ads and sponsorships. It is proof to companies how many eyes will be seeing their content. They won’t take you on without it.

A definitive guide on how to start a blog and how to make money blogging - exactly how I make $1,500 a month blogging part time


Your style can evolve, but it should look similar from one post to the next.

1.Design your logo. Here’s where my graphic design instincts kick in. Your logo does not need to be fancy. In fact, it’s better, more versatile and looks more professional when it’s simple! You could just use a certain font. Yes, it really is that easy! That’s essentially what I did and it’s worked from day one. Spend some time on this because you don’t want to change your look often for branding purposes. Also note, legally you need to have the rights to the font. So either purchase it or keep reading for free, copyright-free font sources.

2. I suggest sticking to two or three fonts. Don’t try a new one each week, and make sure they go well with your WordPress theme.

3. Edit your photos consistently. A Lightroom preset can help with that. More on that in a minute.

4. Stick to a color scheme. I use mostly white with hints of green, light blue and blush. If you can’t decide, look around your house. What colors do you naturally love and choose?

5. Keep a similar style across all platforms (blog and social media). It’s best to even use the same headshot for all platforms as well (your blog comments, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook …). You’re branding your blog.

TIP: Remember, with graphic design, simple is best!

How to take better blog photos - best beginner camera, 6 steps to more professional photos, light room presets, how to label photos for best SEO


Photos are an integral part of blogging success. Period. I’ll show you what I use and give you tips for more professional-looking photos.

Cameras for blogging

You do not need a professional camera to start blogging. You can even use your phone at the beginning, but ALWAYS shoot in natural light.

I am not a professional photographer. I’m an amateur who takes most of her photos in automatic mode (gasp!). I know professionals are shaking their heads right now, but this is an area I plan to grow in.

For now though, I shoot in automatic and adjust the f-stop (the exposure) as I shoot.

Great beginner camera: I was happy with my Rebel for years. This a great, affordable step up from a point and shoot.

I saved my blog money for a whole year to save up for my current Canon. Right now I usually shoot with this lens that came with my Rebel, and this pancake lens on occasion.

MORE: This is how I set up a home photo studio for $107.

Photography tips for beginning bloggers - Make your photos look more professional

Tips to make your photos more professional

1.Shoot in natural light. I keep overhead lights turned off for photos to avoid a yellow cast.

2. Take A LOT of pictures. A couple of each shot to make sure one is in focus. And from each and every angle. The more you take, the more likely you are to get THE shot. I end up using a small percentage of the pictures I take.

3. Make sure your photos are straight. My photos are always slightly skewed to one side no matter how hard I try to shoot straight! The most basic thing you can do to help your photos is to make them straight with the crop tool when editing.

4. When you edit photos on the computer, make sure your whites are truly white, not too blue or yellow. You can do this by adjusting the cast. This is so important.

5. Take things from different angles. I’m always climbing up on bar stools and chairs to get a different vantage point. Get down on your knees to shoot children or even furniture. Don’t forget to shoot vertical too for Pinterest! And utilize the magic of flat lays!

6. Rearrange it. Take a minute to try your shoot a different way. The flowers over there, less things on the vanity, add a basket from the living room … I don’t know why, but I almost always prefer how my photos look after the second or third arrangement.

MORE: I show you how I cheat the flat lay system with things like scrapbook paper and things I find by the side of the road in this post.

How to edit perfect blog photos

How to edit your blog’s photos

Whether you shoot with your phone or a professional camera, it is a good idea to use Adobe Lightroom and find a good preset that suites your style.

Lightroom is $10 a month. This is a good investment because the presets and exporting options save hours. I’m addicted for sure. In the meantime, the Lightroom app is free on your phone — for now.

Using a preset consistently gives you a style and unity to your posts. The more you can brand yourself, the more memorable you’ll be. People notice photos, graphics and design before words. It’s your first impression.

5 dollar lightroom preset for magazine interior shots - blogger, instagram, family portait filter - mobile and desktop

I use this Magazine Interior Preset, for many of my photos for this blog and Instagram. It comes with presets for your phone and desktop, and I made it an affordable $1! Yep, just one buck.

Magazine Interior Mobile And Desktop Lightroom Presets - before and after

It took me YEARS to make setting for a true bright white and classic, timeless look. Of course I made it for my home shots, but it works great outdoors and with family portraits as well.

Export your photos for the web

How to export from Lightroom for blog

Don’t upload your photo to your blog without resizing it, otherwise it will be huge, eat up memory and take too long to load. These are the settings I use in Lightroom: 2,000 pixels wide and 72 resolution. Check out this article for more photo exporting help.

MORE: Here’s how I edit photos using only my iPhone.

Where to enter alt text on wordpress copy

Why you need to label your photos well

Name your photos for SEO in the Alt Text. Google can’t see your photos, so you have to tell it what is in your photo. It’s time consuming, but well worth the effort. When you name them properly it will help you show up higher in searches. Do not put an image in a post that says IMG_456!

Your alt text is also what ends up being your Pinterest caption when readers pin your photos. The more descriptive your alt text is, the more chance your photo has to show up in a Pinterest search.

I often even include my paint color, where the furniture is from, the IKEA furniture name … People search all these things when they’re considering what items will look like in their own home.

Give credit where credit is due

Always, always, always give credit and a link back to other blogs if you use one of their photos.

It is enraging when you see that someone stole a photo from your site (that you spent time staging, photographing and editing) without crediting you and is receiving hundreds of pins on Pinterest from it. Don’t do this.

I actually don’t do round-up posts anymore and choose to use almost exclusively my own photos. What that does is give readers a view into my life in every post and keep a consistent style across posts.

I have an appreciation for creating content over aggregating it.

A whole list of free stock photo sites with stunning images for your blog

Free stock photo sources

I tend to prefer blogs that use their own photos, so I get a feel for the writer, their style, their home, their life. It’s important that readers get to know you so they relate to you and even create a relationship. But sometimes you do need a professional photo and I have some sources for you!

You CANNOT just take images off the internet. You need sources that are not copyrighted. Take this seriously because one can easily do a reverse image search nowadays.

Free fonts

Fonts are also copyrighted! As a graphic designer, I can tell you that Font Squirrel is an excellent source for free fonts that can be used on any work, personal or professional.

Etsy has a fantastic selection of unique fonts at very affordable prices. Do this right, and own the fonts you use for your new job.

How to get more readers to your blog - grow blog traffic with SEO tricks, writing secrets, email subscribers and going viral on Pinterest

How to grow blog traffic

It can be hard growing readers in the beginning, but I’ve got lots and lots of tips for you.

Writing and proofing

I read and reread my posts several times before I schedule them. And then after they’re posted I end up reading them AGAIN and still find mistakes! If you want people to take your blog seriously and see you as a credible source, then YOU need to take it seriously.

Write in your own voice, by all means! This is what will help people connect with you and make your space one-of-a-kind, but no run-ons, use capital letters when appropriate, use spell check and correct grammar.

Headlines make or break you.

I am not all that artsy or clever with my headlines. I tend to be straightforward because I want my post to show up in your Google or Pinterest search. I essentially make my headlines and subheads something that I would actually type into Google or Pinterest.

But headlines that are a question, make an outrageous promise or make you feel like you’re missing out on something are more likely to grab the skimmer’s eye.

Headline Analyzer Tool: Try this free tool to see how your headline scores.

Headline Formulas: Check this chart out when you’re in a headline rut.

Get the first paragraph right.

The first paragraph should be the nutgraph, as journalists call it, or the summary. What are you offering in this post and what’s so great about it? Don’t start off talking about how you’ve been MIA or rambling. You can get to that later in the post. Get to the point in that first few seconds when the reader is deciding to stay or not, and sell it, girl!

For me, this important paragraph also shows up as the blurbs on my home page and excerpts in my newsletters. So I need this to entice readers.

Make the content easily digestible.

No one will read a page-long paragraph. Make frequent paragraph breaks, use lots of subheads to organize content, and bullet point lists instead of using commas.

  • Make frequent paragraph breaks.
  • Use lots of subheads to organize content.
  • Use bullet point lists instead of commas.

Do you see what I did there? I used the same content in two different ways. Which one was your eye drawn to?

TIP: According to several studies, the optimal blog post word length is about 2,000 words. Posts 3,000+ words do very well. More here.

A definitive guide on how to start a blog and how to make money blogging - All you need to know about blogging

Add informational layers.

I’m a fan of longer posts, packed with information. It keeps your reader on your page and site longer and gives them something to take away.

Whenever possible, I want to give my reader something to take away — a poster, a checklist or printable. Instead of doing a quick write up of your SAHM schedule, why not type it out into a printable? And add a blank one for the reader to fill in for herself. Include a bullet list of ideas to do with toddlers or free things to do outside the house with kids. Add quick-read tips along the way.

Think layering and multidimensional posts. This is something I learned in my years as a graphic designer at newspapers.

Think about your categories.

Start with just four categories or so. This will help you keep your content organized from the beginning. I started with exactly what my tagline says: family, decor, organizing, money. Over the years I’ve expanded, but start small to help keep your focus and stay organized.

MORE: Check out my huge library of printable checklists for every occasion.

How to increase blog traffic - keep loyal readers and alway respond to comments


Always try to answer everyone who takes the time to leave a comment on one of your posts! Build a community and connect with others. This is my favorite part about blogging — making new friends! I have connected and continue to connect with women from South Africa, India, UK, France, Spain, even Korea. I LOVE hearing from other women (and on occasion family men!). Don’t miss out on this special opportunity of putting yourself on the web. This also encourages people to come back to your site!

Make sure it is easy to comment on your blog, that you don’t have to log into something special or sign up for a new program. There have been many times when I have to sign up for something to comment, so I just skipped it.

Be kind

An overly sarcastic and pessimistic voice doesn’t usually win over the crowd. The blogs I follow have genuinely nice, friendly people behind them. It just comes out in their writing and concern for their readers.

As you grow, you will get the occasional mean comment. It’s not constructive, it’s hateful and meant to cut down.

People have told me I need to find the joy of motherhood when I shared I was having a hard time, that my projects looked better in the before pictures, that they disliked all my choices. Someone once accused me of hiding things when I was selling my house — even though I wasn’t selling my house and shared the project with the whole internet!

Do not stoop to that level. You will not feel better after a nasty quip back that sparks an ugly argument that no one wins. I don’t even usually comment back. If you must, keep your dignity and kill ’em with kindness.

How to get email subscribers

Start an email subscription

Don’t put this off. Do it as soon as you can, because it takes a long time to grow your list. I started this late in the game! MailChimp offers free service for up to 2,000 subscribers.

Why is an email list important? This gives you a way to get in touch with your loyal readers, to tell them about your latest post and best deals. It keeps them coming back to your site.

How to get email subscribers

Offer an incentive.

What makes you stand out in the blogging world? Is it photography? Write an ebook for beginning photographers. Is it organizing? Put together an organizing ebook with your best tips. Or maybe you are good at design. Offer a free printable or poster.

I tend to make my freebie more general than for a specific audience. For example, a cleaning planner will appeal to more people than making your own soap. Everybody has to clean, and while it sounds cool, a lot of us will hold off on the DIY soap. Does that make sense?

It takes time to sift through how-tos on building a subscriber list and offering incentives to new readers. Don’t get frustrated, keep pushing forward. I started here.

Right now (after some setup) mine is fully automated and sends out my posts from the week in one weekly email.

Also, I do not include the whole post in my email, only a snippet of the beginning to encourage readers to visit my site. Otherwise I don’t make one penny after sending an email to 1,700 people.

Do a pop up subscribe form.

Put an email subscribe form in your sidebar, but also add a pop up option. I didn’t do this for a long time because I didn’t want to be annoying, but it works! I get probably half my subscribers from the pop-up.

I use the PopupAlly plug-in and set it to pop up as a reader is leaving. This is one of the few free sources I could find that don’t interfere with my banner ads at the bottom.

Have you subscribed yet? ;)

UPDATE: If you want a more stylized email format or have over 2,000 subscribers, I just started using Flodesk. BUT it is not free. It is $38 a month, but it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have. I switched from Mailchimp because I have 3,000 subscribers now and last month they charged me $90! (Under 2,000 will always be free though.)

Save 50 percent on Flodesk by using my code: HOUSEMIXBLOG

How to promote your blog post for more traffic - A definitive guide on how to start a blog and how to make money blogging

Promote your posts

This one is hard for me. I’m not a natural marketer — especially when it’s myself! It seems so vain. But alas, if I don’t tell people who I am or put my content out there, they will never know about it.

Promote that post anywhere and everywhere.

After I have a new post, here is my checklist:

  1. Post a link to Facebook.
  2. Post all vertical images to Pinterest.
  3. Post my favorite image from the post to Instagram, advertising the post with a tease of information and a question to the reader to hopefully engage them.
  4. Share screenshots of the post and maybe a quick video explanation by me in Instagram stories. It seems some followers prefer stories and others prefer photos. I don’t really love being in front of the camera, but it’s good to get on the other end sometimes so readers get to know you.

The next day or so I also:

  1. Post the vertical images again to different folders on Pinterest.
  2. Share another picture from the post on Instagram to remind readers about the article.
  3. Share another tip from the post in Insta Stories if I have time.

And you can and should share it again after this timeline too! Even months or years later … BUT

One thing I want to mention is that I see a lot of people making the mistake of spending too much time promoting their content and recycling old content, and not enough time creating new content. Promoting is important! But so is fresh material.

The truth is you don’t know what posts will be a hit and which ones will be a flop. I thought for sure my potty training or $5 placemat pillow posts would be instant hits! They were not. I’m not going to go back and create new images for them or spend time re-pinning them if they’re dead. I’m going to use that precious time to plan my next viral article!

How to boost your blog's SEO and traffic - find out your domain authority score - 6 things to do to boost your google rank - how to get and keep new readers

How to increase your blog’s SEO

To increase your traffic and chance of being seen in search engines, you also have to up your SEO (search engine optimization) game.

How to improve your SEO and Google rank - free tool - Moz

If you want to know your current domain authority, check out Moz. You have to create an account, but it’s free and gives you valuable information, like:

  • Domain authority score
  • You top-ranking key words
  • How many inbound links you have
  • Other website links sending you the most traffic
  • Your pages with most domain authority

Here are 6 things you can do to boost your SEO and Google ranking:

1.Use key words in your headline and first paragraph.

2. Label each photo in detail and make sure it’s in your alternative text when you add the photo to the post.

3. When you link within your blog, link descriptive words. Don’t link the words “here” or “this post.” Instead link “plant wall in the bathroom.”

4. This might not necessarily help directly with SEO, but always link with the “open in new tab” option when linking to an Amazon product or resource that is on another site. You don’t want to lose your reader to another site.

5. Comment and add your URL on popular blogs and websites that have a higher Moz standing than yours. This creates links back to your site and that increases your Google standing (but only if the the site is large and credible). This is so important I used to do one comment a day on credible sites in the beginning.

6. Add an SEO plug-in that allows you to choose what shows up in the headline and description text on Google. Like I mentioned in the plug-in section, I use All In One SEO Pack. Yoast is also a popular one.

Guest post

You can get traffic and a higher domain authority by guest posting or being a regular site contributor – as long as a link to your site is included in the post.

A few tips on guest posting: personalize your emails asking to guest post, offer your best content and follow up.

How I make $1,500 a month blogging part time - ALL my tips, tricks and free resources


Here we are! This is it, how you make money blogging:

1.You write content for months that only your mom and best friend read.

2. You earn enough to buy a cup of coffee. At Dunkin’ Donuts, not Starbucks.

3. Someone leaves a comment that you don’t know!!! You feel way more official.

4. Someone signs up for your email list! Yes!!!

5. Six months later, you have 12 subscribers, two free cups of coffee at DD and three comments. Don’t you give up. Keep writing like the whole world is reading!

6. Something breaks and the post you wrote at month 2 goes crazy on Pinterest. Oh hello, uptick in page views!

Ok, that was tongue and cheek, but not entirely inaccurate. Here’s the real dirt. I’m sharing all my real numbers with you. I have a lot of room to grow still, but I’ve come a long way.

Get more traffic to your blog with these blogger secrets

Google AdSense (anyone can join)

So how do you make money blogging? I get this question a lot. I earn a few pennies each time someone visits my site from companies who put ads on my blog. If someone clicks an ad, I get a little more.

When first starting out blogging, I recommend starting with Google AdSense for ads on your blog.

  1. You sign up.
  2. You are allowed about three ad placements on your site.
  3. You enter their code in your sidebar or where you want them to go.
  4. They choose which ads go in those spaces you selected.

I no longer use this service, but to give you an idea of what you can make, here was what I was making when I left. I averaged 73,000 page views a month and made $200-300 with AdSense.

That’s not a lot. In fact, it took me a good long while before I even qualified for a payment from them! (You have to earn $100 before they’ll send you a check.)

Mediavine dashboard - how make money blogging

Mediavine (need 25,000 sessions a month)

Instead, when I switched to Mediavine I started making about $1,200 a month and they put the ads on for me! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot more ads, but that’s also a lot more money.

As readership grows (now 100,000+ page views a month and 80,000 sessions), my revenue grows.

See that drop in January earnings? That is despite growth in traffic. After high spending in the holiday season, companies hold back on ads in January to assess the budget for the new year.

You need to have 25,000 sessions a month to qualify for Mediavine. Get this on your list of goals. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Forehead slap!

My blog's Amazon earnings

Amazon (anyone can join)

Also sign up for Amazon affiliates right away. Anyone can join. I currently make anywhere from $120-400 a month, depending on the season — Christmas being the height. That’s why I included a 90 day report here. Earnings are all over the place. Again, December is great. January is not.

I do not recommend littering every post with Amazon affiliate links. It’s disingenuous and feels gimmicky. But certain posts call for it. I have a series of the best toys by age or how I decorated our house. Readers will want to know your sources. I find lots of products this way from other bloggers. It doesn’t cost anything extra to readers and I want other bloggers to get credit for their work.

TIP: To make the most money, it a good idea to have low and high-end prices. Most of my sales are for something under $15.

How to make money blogging - Reward Style - Like to Know It

Reward Style (criteria unknown)

I was denied the first time I applied to Reward Style/Like to Know It and accepted the the second time. I didn’t have enough traffic the first time I applied. I think you need about 10,000 page views a month, as well as some social media influence. (Or a lot of social media followers on its own will qualify you too.)

This site qualifies you for commission of many more stores than just Amazon. For me this means commission from my favorite places like Home Depot, Urban Outfitters, West Elm, World Market, Target, even Etsy.

I still don’t make big bucks here and it takes a long time for them to pay, based on how long the customer has to return items (30-90 days, depending on the store). I make about $100 a month here.

How to get photo snapshot images of products for blog - app - plug-in - reward style

I like this service especially for its apps that allow writers to offer beautiful formats for product images, like above.

Etsy shop - how to make money blogging


After you’ve been blogging awhile, maybe you realize you have something to sell! A blog is a great platform for a shop.

For me, it’s digital downloads. Like I said, I am a graphic designer and I create printables that can be automatically downloaded from Etsy. In other words, people buy my planner and they can download the PDF immediately and print it without me having to do anything.

It’s a good deal for them and me. I spent days designing, writing and planning it and they get to have it an an affordable price. I started this last year and have made almost 150 sales. I make about $100 a month from Etsy sales.

Maybe you have a craft or cookbook or service or print to sell as part of you blog to make even more income.

Don’t be afraid to try. I tried selling photo prints and posters and they pretty much flopped. And that’s ok. I gave it a shot and saw that my planners are what people are interested in. You won’t know unless you try.

MORE: How we afforded our dream home (with real numbers)

How to get a sponsored blog post - pro advice, websites to find sponsors, what you need in your media kit

How to get sponsor for your blog

A sponsorship is when you partner with a company or brand in exchange for a product and/or money. You agree to post about their product on your blog and/or social media platforms to boost their sales.

You can make a lot of money from sponsored posts! This is a major source of income for a lot of bloggers. Just be careful not to do only sponsored posts or your readers will lose trust, thinking you only want to sell them something. You will also burn out if you take on too many agreements.

Media kit

Before you reach out to a sponsor, build yourself an amazing media kit! This is like your blogging resumé. Show them what you have to offer and what you charge. Don’t be afraid to ask for money in addition to a free product for your review.

What should I include in my media kit?

  • Blog logo
  • Blog tagline
  • Photo
  • Contact info
  • Blog stats: page views, sessions, reader demographics
  • Social media followers
  • Services
  • Testimonials

Check out some media kit templates here. Be sure to pick a style that matches your blog design.

PEP TALK: Do not get suckered into writing three posts and sharing three times on all social media platforms for a product worth $25. That’s a lot of work they’re asking you to do — writing, taking photos, editing, responding to comments. You’re taking on the role of their own personal ad agency and you should be compensated!

Where do I find sponsors for my blog?

So you’re all ready with your media kit. Where do you even find a sponsor? Here are some popular influencer marketing platforms. Please note, I have not used these personally for sponsorships.

  • Aspire
  • Clever
  • Massive Sway
  • Socialix
  • Tapinfluence
  • Mom It Forward
  • IZEA
  • Reward Style
  • AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence)
  • Upfluence
  • Once your blog is established you’ll start getting email requests for sponsored content.
  • Find a company you’d love to work with? Reach out to them directly! (Search their company name and PR to find a contact.)

How much should I charge for a sponsored post?

Chrystie from Living for Naptime suggests charging your page views divided by 10. (Page views / 10 = $) You might choose more or less than this amount, but it’s a good starting point.

TIP: According the the FTC, you must clearly declare in the article, social media post or video that you have been compensated.

I do not currently do sponsored content and here is why:

I am a freelance graphic designer (apart from this blog) with deadlines and specific requests to abide by. Instead, my blog is a world where I can do whatever I want, when I want. If I think fluorescent pink would make a good accent color for a series, I’ll do it! If I’m sick for a week or my kids are home for summer, I’ll take a break with no one to answer to. In other words, my blog is my happy place, and I want to keep it that way. This might change in the future, but for now this is best for me.

A definitive guide on how to start a blog and how to make money blogging - Can I blog with a full time job?

Because I don’t do sponsored posts, here is advice from some talented, trusted friends of mine who know what they’re doing!

Arin, Arin Solange at Home

Sponsored content can come from so many avenues.  Some brands will directly email you (so be sure you have your email in your Instagram bio), there are platforms and sites you can sign up on that serve as a middle man, that allow you to apply to certain collaborations.  Those platforms vary based on how many followers you have, or you blog numbers.  And last, you can certainly email and pitch a brand yourself.  Brands want to work with people who truly love their product, so many times emailing a company will end in a great way to start a partnership.  

When you’re ready to start doing sponsored content, be sure you start slow.  It can be overwhelming and a bit of a shock to your followers.  I also would say my biggest pieces of advice are: 1. Balance your sponsored and non sponsored content.  If you post 10 times a week you will be able to do more sponsored content, than if you post 3 times per week.  You want a good balance of non sponsored content on your page! 2. Stay on brand and true to yourself.  If you wouldn’t ever consider buying the product, there is a good chance your followers wouldn’t either.  You likely are doing the brand no favors by working with them, and will probably lose credibility with your followers, so are better off saying no to some projects.

She uses: Aspire, Clever, Massive Sway, Socialix

Megan, Life on Shady Lane

I get my sponsored opportunities through platforms like CLEVER that connect influencers and brands, but also through brands reaching out to me and vice versa. When I first began blogging, I tried reaching out to companies to work together, but was typically turned down. So I began focusing on improving my content and voice, bettering the quality of my photos, and increasing my page views and follower counts. It took me a while to find my voice and to decide what I wanted to really focus in on, but once I had that down I started to notice emails trickle in to my inbox from brands. I was selective – I didn’t say “yes” to everybody, because there were certain campaigns that just didn’t mesh with the brand I was creating for myself. But for the ones I was truly excited about, I often agreed to accepting product without compensation. I think that, for a beginner, was a great way to get better at working with brands.

When I started to feel more comfortable, I tested the waters with asking for compensation when a brand would reach out to me. Often they said that they only had the budget to provide product, but the more confident I became in asking, the more I heard “yes” when asking for money!

Today when I reach out to a brand, it’s typically only for product. But when a company contacts me, I almost always ask to be compensated monetarily. My advice to beginners would be to know your worth – do your research to find out what an influencer/blogger with your stats (pageviews, sessions, number of followers, etc.) should be compensated and go from there. However, don’t ask for a crazy amount just because you’re looking for a paycheck. Brands have a feel for an acceptable range of pay, and if you ask for too much they’ll likely say no. Be confident, but be smart about it!

My other pieces of advice would be to build a one-sheet or media kit with more information about yourself and your website. Don’t include pricing info. on those, because pricing can vary greatly depending on the brand, the scope of work, etc. In addition, don’t say yes to every single company that reaches out to you, just for the sake of being paid (unless they all align with your brand!). There will likely be some brands, products, or campaigns that just, plain and simple, don’t fit with what you want your own brand to be about…and that’s OK! Stay true to you, and you’ll be great!

Stephanie, First Thyme Mom

I receive opportunities for sponsored blog posts in a few different ways. First of all, I am part of a few networks that link up sponsors with bloggers. I usually partner up 1-2 times per month through these networks. I also receive direct emails or DM’s a few times a week from brands looking to collaborate. 
The other way that I receive sponsorships is to directly reach out to brands that I am interested in working with. I take the time to write a pitch to them, detailing what it is I like about their products, why I want to partner with them, and the scope of content that I would be interested in producing in order to work together. When determining scope of work, carefully consider deadlines that you can stick to, and set the expectation up front as to what the brand can expect. 

Giving back

I choose to donate 20 percent of all proceeds from this blog to Christian charities for children. I don’t know if that is any incentive to my readers or not, but I won’t quit doing it because it’s in my heart.

6 tips to make your pin go viral - what most viral pins have in common


The most popular social media platforms for bloggers are Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t try to focus on all of them!

You have to do Pinterest as a blogger. That’s not an option! Most readers will find you through Pinterest. But after that, try a few and one or two will emerge as your favorites. Instagram is my favorite by far (I’m on here almost daily), but I also post the occasional YouTube video and regularly post new links to Facebook. Twitter never caught on with me, but lots of bloggers use it.

Here’s a deeper look into how to use social media for blogging:


Pinterest is everything in the blogging world. If you want to pick a social media platform to focus on, this is it! I think a little differently about Pinterest than most bloggers, but I’m growing quickly, so I think I’m onto something.

I currently have 11,000 followers and 5 million monthly viewers on Pinterest. I am growing by about 50 followers a day. My most popular pin ever has earned 500,000 pins and counting. But it didn’t happen overnight and I’m not obsessed with the numbers.

Pinterest is the most important social media to a blogger - how's how to go viral

Blogs get the majority of their traffic from Pinterest. Just look at the numbers on my analytics!

9 ways to get more Pinterest followers

  • DO NOT only pin your own photos.
  • Pin only gorgeous, magazine-worthy photos.
  • Pin daily.
  • Add a follow button to your home page.
  • Add your latest pins to your sidebar with a plug-in.
  • Remind followers on other social media that you have amazing ideas over on Pinterest as well.
  • Comment on popular pins.
  • Join group boards.

A big mistake I see even big name blogs make is only pinning their own stuff. Why not take advantage of these gorgeous, professionally shot photographs to gain followers and use as our own inspiration.

I’ll tell you, I’m not going to follow someone who pins the same photo with a dated font and heavy filter on daily repeat.

I follow people who pin a variety of beautiful, inspiring images that give me new ideas and help me grow as a designer. Because yes, I use Pinterest to grow my blog, but I also use it for inspiration.

Canva - a free blogging resource - how to get text on photos for Pinterest - how to design beautiful pins for free

How to create stunning pins with text

I use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator in my freelance work, so I also use it to make pins and checklists. I know that doesn’t help most people, but I do have a great resource for you that anyone can use!

Canva is used by thousands of bloggers and you can make beautiful designs in a matter of minutes.

The optimal size for a pin is 600×900, or 2:3 ratio. I tend to do mine a little deeper than that to hopefully grab more attention. Either way, your pins always need to be vertical.

TIP: On your best posts, it’s a good idea to create a few different pins to choose from. Use different headlines and different photos. You’ll probably be surprised which one takes off on Pinterest!

How to grow followers on Pinterest

How to organize your pins and boards

It’s important to organize your Pinterest boards. Do whatever makes sense to you, but be consistent.

These are my folders for my blog. They are at the top and all my photos go into these three categories. Only the “viral” pins go in Best of the Blog:

  • House Mix: DIY & Decor
  • House Mix: Life
  • House Mix: Kids
  • House Mix: Best of the Blog

Most of my pins are home decor, so I labeled the rest of my most popular boards like this:

  • Home decor: Bathroom
  • Home decor: Bedroom
  • Home decor: Bookshelves
  • Home decor: Entryway
  • Home decor: Kitchen
  • Home decor: Lighting
  • Home decor: Living room

It goes on and on, but you get the idea. I do the same with holidays (Holidays: Easter, Holidays: Fall, Holidays, Christmas …). It makes things searchable for me and followers.

How to get rich pins - how to get the headline and extra texts on pins copy

Get a business Pinterest account

Sign up for a business account so you can get rich pins. Rich pins have extra information in them, which is a big bonus. See the headline in the pins above? That’s what a rich pin looks like. You also get to see how successful your pins are with extra stats (the numbers at the bottom).

This is what Pinterest says about Rich Pins:

  • Product pins make shopping easier. They include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy your product.
  • Recipe pins get cooks excited with all the right info: ingredients, cooking times and serving sizes.
  • Article pins help pinners save stories that matter to them. Each Article pin shows a headline, author and story description.  

Pinterest tool to find out exactly how many pins your post has received

Find out how many pins your post has

I just found this out and it is so cool! Sometimes the counter on the bottom of my posts isn’t right and I have no idea how many pins on specific post has. But there’s a way to find out!

Go to Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator. Enter your post’s url. And hit validate!

What pins go viral on Pinterest

Pinterest is less like social media, and more like a visual search engine. And it’s quite sophisticated. It rewards users for visiting frequently and pinning manually (without the use of a scheduling app). Doing these things regularly increase your chance of being seen.

 There’s no magic formula, but of my posts that have gone viral (10,000 pins or more):

11 free printable Bible verse coloring pages for kids

40 percent: Contain a free printable

25 percent: Super long posts with ALL the information I could squeeze in*

*IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Long posts are only 25 percent of my popular images but they bring in the most traffic and pins by far!

Fake pleats with curtain clips

25 percent: Unique hacks or dramatic change

Plant wall with white pots and Ikea lack shelves

10 percent: A beautiful photo

Paint tile backsplash with oil based paint for an easy update
Not all pins have to have text on them.
This photo from several years ago still gets lots of pins.

6 tips to go viral on Pinterest

1.Use key words and very detailed caption.

2. Use original, well-edited photos.

3. Use only vertical photos.

4. Post your best vertical photo with and without text. Some prefer pinning photos with no text for a clean looking feed.

5. Add a “pin-it” button that appears when hovering over photos on your site.

6. Add text above one image to remind readers to pin it.

The only exception is this post from 2014 with basically just a color palette that people seem to like and still pin. I don’t know why! Haha. That’s the mystery of Pinterest.

One amazing thing about blogging is the post doesn’t die a week after you write it. It has a long shelf life! That kitchen cabinet post I was telling you about is my most read post today and it’s from five years ago!

A lot of times a post I write won’t really take off on Pinterest until a year later. I imagine it takes that amount of time to gain significant traction from Pinners.

I tried tailwind. Here's what I thought

I tried Tailwind. Here’s what I thought:

Tailwind is a popular pinning tool that allows you to schedule pins and join tribes that pin each other’s content.

I used Tailwind for six months or so. I did not see any improvements in my followers, pins or blog traffic. In fact, I saw a slight decrease. I was pinning around 10 pins a day from Tailwind and a few manually.

I have friends who swear by Tailwind. They pin 80 pins a day, belong to tribes and spend quite a bit of time at it. I’m pretty sure they would disagree with me.

And that’s fine! Get Tailwind’s free trial and give it a shot! Maybe it will work for you, I’m still experimenting.

I also joined some tribes and was very underwhelmed by the photos I would have to add to my feed. My Pins also show up on my website, so I ask myself if that image fits in with my other pins and would someone follow me based on that selection.

An alternative is to start or join group boards on Pinterest. Usually the rule is you pin something from the board for every photo you put in. This is a good way to set up a friendly network to share content and ideas about what is working and what is not.

How I got 5 million Pinterest viewers a a month

How I use Pinterest now

Now I hop on Pinterest once or twice a day, looking for inspiration and just manually pin what I truly want to come back and see again for reference. ONLY beautiful images, mostly without text. I pin probably 40-50 percent my stuff and the rest lovely images I find. None of the pins above are mine, for example, but I bet they caught your attention!

If you want to come back to a slime recipe that has a photo taken in someone’s kitchen at night with yellow lighting, post on a secret board.

ONLY stunning images. Did I make that part clear yet?

By this method, I’m gaining about 40-50 followers a day.


Instagram preset - bright white and timeless classic


My Instagram game was slow at first and now I’m finally getting somewhere! To truly be successful on this platform there is a lot of planning. You need a specific niche and to only post your best photos.

I’m writing an Instagram guide right now! I’m a great guinea pig because I did so many things wrong!

If you are a blogger, I do have one thing to say in the meantime — make your blog your focus, not Instagram. Let me explain:

I’m in a tribe on Instagram with girls who have 17-50,000 followers (seriously! why they let me in, I don’t know …) and they are all extremely talented, but discouraged by “the algorithm” and have started to devoting more attention to growing their blogs.

Why? Because you can control your own blog! You’re not at the mercy of a math game that no one can figure out. Those girls make money from sponsorships on Instagram, but I don’t. I make money from ads on my blog.

I realized I was spending too much time on Instagram when I could have been creating content and driving traffic to my blog instead. The answer to my Instagram frustration was simple: I wouldn’t quit Instagram, but it will take a backseat to my blog. I would use it to support my blog. Plus, Insta Stories makes it so easy to share extra tips with you!


Get your blog organized - blog ideas, weekly blogging schedule, my secret to fill up the calendar

Blog organization

Never run out of blog ideas

I keep a running list of blog ideas on my phone. When one pops up, I write what the title would be in my notes.

If I’m sitting at the computer when a thought strikes, I go ahead and create a new draft for it and write the opening paragraph! Words flow much better when you’re inspired and in the moment. Then I can come back to it later.

Actually that’s what I did with this post! Each time a new point or tip crossed my mind, I came back to this post and wrote a little blurb about it.

Keep a blog schedule

If you want this to be your job, treat it as such. And that means getting organized.

When you get serious about blogging, it’s a good idea to post regularly. Even if it’s one day a week, your readers will come back because they know there will be a new post. When I started this, my regular readership grew.

When I first started blogging I declared I would post three times a week, but I could not keep up with this. My content was mediocre at best. So I cut down to once a week and started producing quality content. Some might disagree, but I say quality over quantity with posts is best. Personally, I would rather skip a week of posting than put out a short, subpar post.

Now my goal is to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I once read those were good days to post, but really they work best for my schedule. My most read days are actually Tuesday and Sunday.

If I miss a week, like when I was sick in February, I don’t beat myself up. But I thought it was interesting that a few readers asked what was going on. That’s good! That means they were coming back because they thought there would be new content because of my normal schedule.

I have also started taking summers off when my kids are home from school. I’m never going to regret spending these few summers of their childhood with them!

Keep a calendar

Once you have a schedule (I recommend starting with one day a week), create a calendar with your blog idea list. Loosely lay out what posts would be feasible and try to work on them in that order. I use Google calendar.

I like to finish my post a least a day ahead of time so that I can proofread and add any information layers to make it more complete.

Think ahead. I always have 5 new Christmas post ideas when it’s December 20. That’s not helpful! I couldn’t finish all of them by Christmas, and even if I could, they wouldn’t have time to gain any traction on Pinterest.

MY SECRET: So instead of sneaking it in too late or even skipping it all together, I put it on the calendar for next year! In fact, I already have next December planned out right now.

I start a draft for these posts. Sometimes I even finish them all together! It makes holiday months a breeze. The ideas that you come up with organically are always better than the forced ideas. (The forced ideas come when it’s November 30 and you’re looking at a blank December idea calendar. You MUST come up with something Christmasy ASAP!

My weekly blogging schedule- A definititive guide on how to start a blog and how to make money blogging

My weekly blogging checklist

Here is an example of what my typical week blogging looks like. Note, I try to do all my work when the kids are at school and not on weekends at all. Ok, sometimes I work on Saturdays when I have an idea for projects that will take an extended period of time.

I would guess that each post takes on average 8-10 hours, and that doesn’t count all the time I spend thinking about it! My poor little brain never stops. But long posts like this one take days.

Monday: Hopefully I’ve started Tuesday’s post, so Monday I’ll finish it. I’ll edit photos, write any missing information, add source list, proofread and schedule the post for the next morning.

Tuesday: I promote my new blog post via social media. I also address any website tech issues or research new ideas. I spend more time pinning on this day. I don’t typically start a new post, but I do glance at my calendar to mentally prepare for the next one.

Wednesday: This day is not as laid back as Monday. I’m doing all the things in a rush to get them done for Thursday’s post. Hopefully I’ve already started a rough draft, but if not, you can find me very seriously pecking away at my keyboard.

Thursday: Basically the same as Tuesday. Hopefully I got everything done on Wednesday and don’t have to use Thursday to finish the post!

Friday: I try to get a jumpstart on next week’s posts.

MORE:Office organization ideas and minimalist checklist

8 things to do before you launch your blog - Don't go live before you check out these tips!

8 things to do before you launch your blog

There are many things you can address after your blog is up and running, but there are some things it’s best to have in place before you go live. Here are my top 8:

1.Sign up for Google Analytics.

2. Sign up for Google AdSense.

3. Sign up to be an Amazon affiliate.

4. Take a good headshot. It’s great if you can get a professional shot, but you don’t have to. I just set my up my tripod and timer and took a dozen photos to get a decent one. Edit it well and use it across all platforms for consistency.

5. Set up your professional social media accounts. Only focus on a few, not all of them so you can do them well. I post occasionally to Facebook and YouTube, but I focus mostly on Pinterest and Instagram. Some people do very well with Twitter as well.

6. Put your social media buttons right at the top of your blog so readers can connect with you.

7. Add a policies page. You need this legally. My policies page includes: copyrights, affiliates and collaborations, display ads, terms and conditions and privacy policy. If you’re not a lawyer this is probably very confusing! This article explains what you need blog legally. And here is a good resource for privacy policy templates.

8. Get a few quality posts up. You don’t want to advertise to everyone that you are officially a blogger, but when they go your site you have one post that says “Hello, world!” Give them a taste of what is to come so they will want to return.

How to promote your blog post and grow traffic to your website

Beginner blogging FAQ

I asked my friends over on Instagram if they had any questions about blogging and here were the top questions. I had all of the same concerns too, so I’m happy to answer them.

Q: How much time do you have to spend to see a return? If that makes sense. How long did it take to build a following? Wondering how to get past the feeling of there already being so many great bloggers what would I offer. 

A: Great questions! I don’t have a clear answer on how long it takes to see a return because I was more dabbling when I started this blog than running full steam ahead and viewing it as a job. I didn’t have much to show for the first six months, but by my one year anniversary I was making about $35 a month from Amazon and $40 from AdSense. So a week of free groceries.

During my second year (and a wildly inconsistent blogging schedule), I was making $200 from AdSense and $80 from Amazon a month. That’s not a crazy success story, I know. It’s a lot of work and not a lot of payoff, but I’m still making money from those posts today! I didn’t start making adequate compensation until I qualified for full service ad management (Mediavine). But! I wasn’t doing sponsorships either. That’s another significant source of revenue for some bloggers.

My readership has been a steady increase with a spike every six months or so due to a viral post on Pinterest. Pinterest has been the key to gaining a readership to me. The formula was for me: Post my best, detailed content + Pinterest + engage and form relationships with readers = consistent steady increase in traffic.

As far as other bloggers, I used to have the same thought. There are already so many great blogs! But there is always room for another voice. All voices are important. We all have something valuable to add. Do it!

Q: SAHM here, always wanna do something online. But, don’t know where to start. My two questions are, how do you choose a topic/thing to write about? And, how to maintain the consistency in the beginning period where we won’t be making money from it to motivate ourselves!

I write about whatever I’m passionate about at the moment. Right now I’m obsessed with getting chemicals out of our house so I’m working on a series for that.

I write better quality posts when I’m passionate about the subject. That said, my blog is called House Mix, I’m probably not going to write about golfing, ya know? In the beginning I recommend writing once a week. A schedule is crucial to gaining regular readers — said the girl whose schedule has been messed up for two weeks!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you spend your spare time doing?
  • What do you save for?
  • What to you enjoy talking about?

I think it’s important to think of a tagline for your blog to help define it for yourself and readers. It’s also good to start out with about four categories to help keep your focus.

A definitive guide on how to start a blog and how to make money blogging - essential guide to starting a blog

Q: How do you do it all especially with little ones at home? Budget for photo/when to buy and prepare for photos. Getting them done. The writing aspect too. Do you just type away and edit later? Basic questions I know (lol) but getting it all done. Been wanted to start for awhile but I feel like I would be so generic and the same as everyone else. And I can’t show my house because I’m in a 2 bed townhouse and it looks very awful. So I feel like I’m already limited …

A: When my kids were really little I didn’t get a whole lot done! (I’m actually typing this right now on the couch, watching cartoons with a kid’s head in my lap!) I tried to blog once a week, but sometimes it didn’t happen — and that’s ok! My posts weren’t as long or photo heavy, but I was still writing posts. Now that they’re getting older and two are in school, it’s getting easier to find the time.

I take 99 percent of my own photos because 1) I do a lot of tutorials and home decor posts; 2) I want readers to connect with and get to know me; 3) I want to curate my own look and style for branding purposes.

BUT there is definitely a place for stock photos, and I have lots of FREE resources for you in the above section. When you’re starting out, have little ones and are short on time this is a great option. Try to choose photos with the same feel and style.

I’m all over the place when it comes to writing, but when a thought strikes me I have to get it down, whether it’s in my phone or starting a new draft for a post. In a perfect world I would like to sit down and just write a draft from top to bottom without editing so my thought process isn’t interrupted. But in reality someone needs a snack, or has a boo boo or just needs cuddles. I write posts in a very piece-meal fashion in this phase of life.

I do tend to write the post before I take and edit photos though. That way I have a clear idea of what I want and even make a list of the photos I need. This is a great time saver!

You are NOT generic! You have your own style and voice and something of value to say. Everyone has something to teach and share. I used to avoid writing posts I thought had already been written. How many posts on organizing does the world need? It turns out a lot! I tuned out everything I had heard before and found my own voice, my own solutions and way of doing things. And it was successful. Find your own spin on things.

If your house is not featured on HGTV, that’s ok! In fact, maybe you don’t even want to blog about home decor. There’s food and travel and fitness and craft and mom blogs. We’ve lived in three places during my blogging years and I’ve had ugly counters, yellow bathroom sinks, nasty carpet … I still have the last two, haha!

Learn the art of flat lays and a white wall. Get you a white post board and get creative! Use a solid color wall for your background. That’s why most of my backgrounds started out white!

AND I actually love looking at blogs that have imperfect homes! I can relate to them more than pro-decorated mansions, for Pete’s sake. These creative women show me what I can do with very little. I’m more inspired by a paint job in a small, dark kitchen than an entire home renovation I can’t afford. Does that make sense? Show your townhouse! Show us your journey.

Q: Can I do it with a full time job?

A: Yes! I blog part-time now! To blog with a full-time job, you need to be strategic with your time. 1) Make a blog post calendar, what you want to write about. 2) Make a plan ahead of time and spend two hours doing it every other day, or whatever works for you. Maybe Saturday afternoons are for blogging. It takes sacrifice to blog, so it just depends on how badly you want to do it!

Home organization ideas - home office design and organization

My advice summarized:

1.Spend the bulk of your time creating your absolute best quality content people can’t live without.

2. Keep a calendar of ideas and schedule of days you post.

3. Keep learning, researching, growing and honing your skill.

4. Don’t obsess about numbers. Staring at them multiple times a day and obsessing doesn’t change anything. Do your best work and they will come in time.

Don’t get your self-worth from your blog.

My last unsolicited piece of advice is to be real and humble. No one relates to a perfect person — because none of us are one. So don’t portray yourself that way.

And none of us truly benefit from too much attention or pats on the back. So don’t make it your goal to be popular or admired. We were never meant to be famous.

I can’t help but say it, it’s not about us.

It’s not about me. It’s not about you. We can be friends, create a community and learn together, but in the end it’s always about Jesus. As it should be. And his approval is all that matters in the end.


Whoa, that was a huge amount of information! Because I love you, I’m going to put the highlights all one one page for you in a printable checklist.

Click image to download.

Are you a blogger? I would love to have your advice here too!

Or maybe you’re thinking about starting a blog. What questions do you still have? Has this post helped you? I would love it if you would pin it!

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How to start a blog and make money - best plug-ins, favorite free Lightroom preset, where to find free stock photos, how to go viral on Pinterest - Blogging for beginners
How I make $1,500 a month blogging part time - ALL my tips, tricks and free resources

SHOP MY HOME: Get all my bedroom sources in this post, as well as how I put together this affordable IKEA office!

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  7. Thanks, Blooming Room! It was a risk to put it all into one post instead of making a series, but you’ve made me feel like it was a good decision :) Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  8. That makes my day, Jenna :) I don’t understand if these bloggers are afraid of giving away “secrets” or they really blank when it comes to what people need to know. But I say community over competition!

  9. Kate, I commented on Instagram when you promoted this post that you were making me want to blog again, and now that I’ve actually read the post, I want to even more! :) I knew it would be chock full of great info, so I waited until I could devote some time to reading it. Thank you for all of these details and for taking the time to share! It is very thorough and well-organized.

    To the one who lives in a 2-bed townhouse, I would totally read about your home! We are possibly relocating, and one of the areas where my husband might get a job offer is in a city where single family homes are VERY expensive. So, I’ve been saving townhouses on Redfin and googling, “Townhouse living with three kids,” or “Can a family of five live in a townhouse?” I can tell you there is not much out there on the subject! :)

  10. I can’t wait to read when you start blogging again! ;) And I’m with you all the way, I want to hear about her townhouse. Allll the details. That’s more interesting to me than a huge budget and crew to finish every last detail.

  11. Whoa! This is like 10 blog posts all combined into one! Thank you for this – I’ll be returning to it frequently. It’s a good reminder that success doesn’t come overnight, despite what instagram may show us. :)

    Thanks for being real and sharing all the how tos. #Inspired

  12. I appreciate that, Danielle! And you’re right, it doesn’t come overnight. I have a number of blogger friends and it didn’t happen overnight for them either. Just hard work and pushing forward. It’s so fun though, it doesn’t seem like work to me :)

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  15. This was a great post and full of awesome information! For those that have been blogging under a year, it gives us hope to keep on going! Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

  16. Hi Kirianne! The first year is ROUGH. I think a lot of people don’t make it past the first 12 months, but you should! Keep going, keep your chin up and carry on as if the whole world is reading :)

  17. You were God sent. I love to write and always had the goal to write a book… but then blogging became a thing and I knew that was my answer! Then life happens, and I became a mom through adoption. After the first few weeks of excitement, shock and bliss I realized I needed to start my blog on parenting, adoption, life, chaos and so on. It’s been four years, and I finally started taking steps towards that goal. Then, a few days ago I found you on Instagram, and here I am! This article is everything I was looking for. Thanks for sharing your experience. I know it won’t be easy, it will be a second job, but I’m super pumped.

  18. I’m so happy for you! I can read the excitement in your comment! What a beautiful thing you’ve done through adoption. You’ve changed generations to come as well. God bless you! People need to hear your story!

  19. Wow. This was so much more detailed than a lot of CLASSES I have taken online learning about blogging. I’m a new-ish fellow mom blogger struggling to gain traction but these tips were so helpful. Thank you!!

  20. Congratulations, Lauren, on starting a blog! It’s a fun job, but can also be frustrating for sure. I’m so glad you got something from the post. And thank for taking the time to leave me a comment! :)

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  23. Stephanie, thank you so much for your encouragement! I think blogging is a lot harder than the average person thinks ;) I took a look at your website. It’s beautiful!!

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    So much helpful information here. Especially the personal details and touches, things most people don’t think of mentioning.
    I also enjoyed seeing how you actually applied all your tips in the post… Everytime I recognised a practical application of a tip in the post I had to smile at your ingenuity.
    I don’t think I understand the layering concept you mentioned. Would you mind explaining it a bit more?

  25. Thank you so much, Justine! I really appreciate your kind words! So, layering. I just mean add on to a basic story. If I sit down and write out an article, I think about how I can add to it. First, pictures, of course. Next a bulleted list. Maybe a graphic if it’s pertinent (you can make them for free online — bar charts and pie charts). I’ll make a printable that will help someone execute my content. Or maybe a how-to graphic that summarizes/breaks down more complicated instructions, like this: . Basically anything that clarifies your content and offers something the reader can take away.

  26. Bonsoir,
    Sujet très bien détaillé, bonne continuation.
    Seulement est destinée uniquement pour femmes ?

  27. No, it’s not only for women. Most of my readers are women, though, so I target my articles toward them.

  28. Well, this is truly one of the most comprehensive posts I have seen to date. I sincerely appreciate you attention to detail. I look forward to reading through this post again as I am sure there are some nuggets that I’ve missed the first time through…at 2am! Thank you for taking the time to give back to a community so full of hungry entrepreneurs looking to get a handle on the vast world of online community. Personally, I held off on blogging for a long time because I did not see how I could be genuine and raw, while actually succeeding and impowering others at the same time. My ultimate goal is not necessarily to blog, but to write. A published novel is my ultimate goal, but I want to be able to pick people up along the way that happen to be in a similar position as I was when I started…lost. I feel like blogging will not only help me to develop an audience of like minded people, but will help me discover my own niche in the world of writing. I have always loved to write, but until recently I never truly considered it as a career option. I was lost in the same trap that entangles so many for an entire lifetime. I believed I was only valuable if my services were being rendered to a corporation hell bent on satisfying the bottom line. I am a little wiser now, identifying some of my own faults and shortcomings that have held me back this long. Again, thank you for being humble enough to reach your hand out behind you and help someone else up along the path.

  29. Hi Christopher, I’m so glad you found some encouragement here. You should definitely write your heart out on a blog! It doesn’t matter what others are doing. In fact, the most interesting blogs to me are the ones where people have their own style and ideas and way about them, not the ones doing the same things as everyone else. You never know unless you try! And nowadays, you’re right, publishers want a platform. I bet you would get so much satisfaction from blogging :)

  30. I have to say, This is by far the best blogging info I have found. My Mom pinned this today and then read some of it to me and I pinned it tonight, I’m 14 and in the process of launching soon. I’m doing it because I have a passion for it and My Mom is helping me with all the logistics of it but, it will be all of my ideas and writing, photographing and all myself. “Beauty and Boujee with Landry” is the name. again, I’m so happy we came across your pin. I look forward to gaining continued knowledge from your newsletters.

  31. Thank you, Landry! I’m so impressed that you’re starting a blog at your age! That’s wonderful. I imagine it will become a life-long passion for you. I can’t wait to see it once you launch. Congrats!

  32. This is the most amazing and helpful post I’ve read in blogging so far! So happy to pin it and reminding myself to keep rereading it so it all sticks in my brain! Thanks for sharing all the goods!

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    I do have a question though… What is the difference between Page Views and Sessions?

  34. Hi! This was seriously the best blogging tips post I’ve read so far. So glad I stumbled upon your page (through Pinterest :) ). I’m going to be re-reading this and implementing a lot of these suggestions. I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into writing this and it is much appreciated – especially for a newbie blogger like myself!

    Thanks so much!

  35. Hi! This was seriously the best blogging tips post I’ve read so far. So glad I stumbled upon your page (through Pinterest :) ). I’m going to be re-reading this and implementing a lot of these suggestions. I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into writing this and it is much appreciated – especially for a newbie blogger like myself!

    Thanks so much!

  36. I’ve been searching Pinterest for months for a post like this. I’m just in the early baby steps of my blog and I felt like every post was the same and nothing was really helpful or descriptive. This post is amazing. Thank you so much for your honesty through your process. It’s such a relief to have this resource.

  37. Hi Samantha! I’m so glad you get to start fresh and this way you haven’t lost too much time and money. God always knows what he is doing! Pageviews has to do with how many times a page is visited. For example one person can generate multiple pageviews, each time they click on a new article. Sessions refers to as single visit to a website by one person, so each person counts as one session.

  38. That’s so nice, Melissa! At first I thought it was too much information, but now I’m glad I finally wrote it all down :) So happy you can use it.

  39. Thank you, Caitlin! I felt the same when I was reading posts on starting a blog, there wasn’t enough meat or tangible ways to make money. I had wanted to write this post for a long time, so I’m glad you can use it!

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    You just completely instilled in me every bit of confidence I needed to start a blog. I am a person who needs to see everything all laid out before trying it out. Even before I start a project, I HAVE to YouTube, Pinterest, Google search it six different ways before I have the confidence to accomplish that project.

    You have done exactly that here. The ins and outs of blogging in one single blog. Definitely pinning, subscribing, following, bookmarking and of course, printing out that sweet surprise of a checklist!

    Thank you.

  42. Haylie, your comment makes me so happy! I can see we have a lot in common! I also have to research every. single. thing before I make a leap. And that’s why I did this post! You can do it! Can’t wait to see it. Also, have you every done the enneagram test? Are you a #6?? :)

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  57. Thank you, Liezel! When I wrote it I was nervous it was too much information, so thank you for your generous comment! Best of luck. I can’t wait to see what you do!

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    Thanks for sharing such great content with us.

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  61. So great to hear, Olimpia! I’m not good at the tech side either! If I can do it, believe me you can too :) Best of luck!

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    It’s chock full of useful tips. It’s possibly the most comprehensive yet organized post I’ve come across so far.

    My blog is a little over a month old and I have achieved some of my goals using this article. However, I’m still struggling with building a subscription list. I feel like it’s from the worlds current situation.

    Are others feeling the same way? if so, how are you dealing with it?

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    OMG! this is what I was looking for!!! THANK YOU! I am trying to start a Food Photography blog, but honestly, after seeing Bianka Zpatka (I LOVE HER) I feel a bit down because their feed and blog are gorgeous as well as Broma Bakery. BUT, thanks to you, I know how to start! I spent months reading many blog post about how to start a blong and honestly, this is the best one!

    By the way you have a lovely home, I just started decorating mine, so I will be on the lookout fo your home decor and organizing idea!

    I already subscribe to the list!

    All the best!

  68. So excited for you, Viviana! Blogging is a lot of work, but it comes over time. It’s easy for me to get down on myself too when I see people with perfect websites, but it doesn’t happen overnight! Each person who has these sites works little by little over the years to perfect their process and content :) Wishing you all the best!

  69. Hi Kate! Thank you for the great post. I haven’t seen posts about starting a blog that are THIS in-depth.

    This is my first time seeing your work and I must say, as a content marketer, I love your design and branding! I hope that when I start my blog I’ll be able to take my design skills and accomplish something close to what you’ve done.

    I think I have a really solid start from all the research I’ve done in the last few months, but your post really solidified everything I should know. The only thing I’m iffy on is the photography—I’ve never been very good at it. And I’m thinking of creating a YouTube channel as well.

    THANK YOU again. I hope I have the stamina to create posts that are this stunning and packed with information :)

  70. I’m so glad the blog post was helpful, Angelica! Your content marketing skills will take you far in the blogging world! You’re smart to do so much research before you start. It will save you a lot of headaches and help your blog take off quickly! Best of success to you :)

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    I badly wanted to start a blog and was researching on ideas and I think it’s divine timing I finally landed into your blog… It’s simple, practical and everything I needed to know in a awesome format. Once again my heart felt gratitude to you 🙏
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  72. That’s wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. Best of luck to you on your new blog! So exciting!

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    I have been “starting blogs” for a couple years, I write a little and get absolutely …… lost.
    Have been reading so many ‘Blog How -To’s’ on Pinterest, and anywhere I can find them, and get very little from them.
    Yours…yours is different! I learned so much and am taking note.
    Love your posts, love your website!! Very inspiring!

    Thank you much and God bless!!❤

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    This post was amazing! I started a blog almost two months ago, and this gave me a substantial list of tips to make improvements, and hopefully grow my traffic.

    Thanks so much.

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  78. It is exciting! But I hear you, it can be overwhelming. So happy the post could help in some way. Wishing you the best of success!

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    much love and best wishes!

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    Wow! I think this is the best post I have read on starting a blog . Thank you so much for taking the time to pull such a detailed post together. It is full of practical advice and I love your honesty and willingness to share what has and hasn’t worked for you. I’m currently writing content for a new blog in the interiors & lifestyle space and feel so motivated after reading this post! I have learnt so much. Thank you!


  81. This is a long post… wondering how long it too you to compile this. Really is a helpful post. Found the section on Pinterest informative. Its nice to know that a pin from month 2 could suddenly go viral. Ive been with Pinterest for a few months now and dont really get much traffic yet. Interesting to see where in takes me in the coming months. Great post again! Glad I came across it!

  82. It IS a long post! Haha! I wondered if it were too long, but I just put it all in there anyway. And I know, Pinterest is a bit of a mystery. But recently I read that they were promoting video, especially “idea pins”.

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  85. Hi Kate, it’s been a long time since the last time I left a comment on your blog – almost 2 years ago. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be writing a post about great content to help people create viral content and that i’m going to include your post as one of my examples of great content. Have a nice day. Scott | PinArtwork SEO

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    I wish you the best of luck in your continuing adventure. This post alone has earned a loyal follower. Keep it up!

  87. That’s so nice, Jessica, thank you!! Glad I could help. Wishing you the best on your new blog :)

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    Good Luck in your future endeavours. God Bless U.

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  90. That makes my day! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know! Best of luck on your blog :)

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