A lot happens in the first 10 years of marriage. You go from being a “me” to a “we,” and that doesn’t come without challenges, compromise and work.

The past year of our marriage has been the absolute best so far and there are some very specific reasons for that. Today is the first in a four-part series I am writing on what has made such a powerful impact on our marriage. (And I won’t be describing how wonderful our relationship is. In fact, I think I end up looking like a jerk in every post!)

Here is what we are going to cover in this four-part series:

15 secrets to a lasting marriage

  • Part 1: How to make your marriage last
  • Part 2: How to stop fighting
  • Part 3: How to protect your marriage
  • Part 4: How to fall in love again

House of Palms

I’ve started a new Instagram account with faith-based topics! What does the Bible say about that? We’ll cover one topic each week. Let’s learn and grow together as sisters in Christ!

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