The cheapest home theater

Because we’re at our forever home now, I’m making all my house dreams come true. You probably think I’m talking moulding and built-ins and gardens. Nope! I’m talking disco lights in the living room and cheap home movie theater! This movie theater space is SO fun. I’m not even kidding. I love it more than… Read More The cheapest home theater


How to stop nightmares

I used to have a lot of nightmares. Truly terrifying scenarios and stories would invent themselves in my mind while I was sleeping — sometimes on a nightly basis. “What is wrong with me?” I wondered. “Is there something dark inside of me?” I was a grown adult who was, at times, scared of the… Read More How to stop nightmares


Potty training 101

This is my second time potty training. My first time, I potty trained my oldest son at about two years and three months. I read a couple articles online and gave it a go. We had a few messes, but he caught on fast and was fully trained in two or three days. I thought the second… Read More Potty training 101