Wrapping up summer

I was looking forward to this summer so we could be free of obligation and flow with the wind. Then I realized you can’t flow with anything when you’ve got three kids five and under. In fact, there’s not a whole lot you can do by yourself with all of them. So we spent a lot… Read More Wrapping up summer

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Non-touristy souvenir ideas

You can’t escape travels without some kind of crazy story, and it’s fun to have a token to remind you of past adventures — even if they’re the kind “you’ll laugh about later”! Some of my favorite souvenirs are everyday items, bought from a regular store, only from a different land. What makes a good souvenir? Possibly something that:… Read More Non-touristy souvenir ideas

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Travel part 6: Plane pack list for toddler & baby

Traveling on a plane with a baby or toddler makes us all cringe a little. They’re unpredictable and none of us like the thought of making a scene or annoying fellow passengers. But during our travels, I’ve actually been surprised by how sympathetic most people are. One lady gave me gummies for Luca to chew when the air pressure… Read More Travel part 6: Plane pack list for toddler & baby