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$10 or less: Toys

With holidays coming up, I thought I’d share some fun toys that are sure to be a hit but won’t hurt the wallet. Here are my picks for inexpensive kid gifts for boys or girls: Sticker book: Kids and stickers. They love them. I bought my boys these sticker books after hearing about their daily misery of a precious… Read More $10 or less: Toys


Gift ideas for 4-year-old boys

Luca turned four this year and Adriano just turned three! My toy-testers definitely have their favorites they go back to again and again. Here are my kid gift ideas for four-year-old boys: Digital camera Our favorite toy the boys got this year was a kid’s digital camera. It’s been dropped, banged around, and still takes pictures. We’ve got… Read More Gift ideas for 4-year-old boys


Our favorite board books

Two months after our move, I finally put my boys’ (ages 1 and 3) books in a bookshelf in their room! They were very happy to have them back and all in one place, and immediately began flipping through them. I thought I’d share their particular favorites — the ones we have read so many times that… Read More Our favorite board books