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Meet baby Clara

This little love bug is finally here! I’m so happy to introduce you to Clara. So far she’s a good girl who loves nothing more than to be cuddled. The boys warmed up quickly to her and so far we’re all adjusting well — you know, minus half a night’s sleep. I’m working on a… Read More Meet baby Clara

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Rosy color palette

The little girl in me loves pink roses. Last spring my husband planted me a pink rose bush, which blooms in-your-face, bright pink buds. I pretty much love them. For whatever reason, when he cuts one to bring it inside, he always puts it in this green vase. I’m sure it’s not a conscious decision… Read More Rosy color palette

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16 baby book ideas

I’ve decided it’s time to work on my youngest sons’ baby book. I feel a bit overwhelmed as I poke through all of his pictures, so I’m flipping through his older brother’s baby book I made a couple years ago to follow the same recipe. Here are the highlights: 1. Focus on the first year.… Read More 16 baby book ideas


Monthly baby pictures of first year (taken on Daddy’s baby blanket)

“You have a child forever, but a baby for just one year.” Oh you’re good, really good, person who wrote that line for the Dreft laundry detergent commercial! That gets a tear from me each and every time it comes on TV. Hitting that first year mark naturally brings out parents’ emotions. It’s a life-changing year. A whole new person joined… Read More Monthly baby pictures of first year (taken on Daddy’s baby blanket)

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Wall, meet canvas

A blank wall above our couch has plagued me for about three years. I’ve hung various things there — some were laughed at, some were made fun of, and some were spit upon (OK, not really). At one point I had disproportionately small frame I had bought at an estate sale hanging there, empty. Then… Read More Wall, meet canvas