Clara turns one

Clara Anne is the sweetest thing I ever did see. She rarely fusses. Her smile comes easy and is contagious. She likes to know Mom or Dad will hold her, but would prefer to go exploring. She’s taking steps and toddling around. She does that precious backwards hand wave babies do. “Mama” is always on… Read More Clara turns one

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Meet baby Clara

This little love bug is finally here! I’m so happy to introduce you to Clara. So far she’s a good girl who loves nothing more than to be cuddled. The boys warmed up quickly to her and so far we’re all adjusting well — you know, minus half a night’s sleep. I’m working on a… Read More Meet baby Clara

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Rosy color palette

The little girl in me loves pink roses. Last spring my husband planted me a pink rose bush, which blooms in-your-face, bright pink buds. I pretty much love them. For whatever reason, when he cuts one to bring it inside, he always puts it in this green vase. I’m sure it’s not a conscious decision… Read More Rosy color palette

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16 baby book ideas

I’ve decided it’s time to work on my youngest sons’ baby book. I feel a bit overwhelmed as I poke through all of his pictures, so I’m flipping through his older brother’s baby book I made a couple years ago to follow the same recipe. Here are the highlights: 1. Focus on the first year.… Read More 16 baby book ideas


Monthly baby pictures of first year (taken on Daddy’s baby blanket)

“You have a child forever, but a baby for just one year.” Oh you’re good, really good, person who wrote that line for the Dreft laundry detergent commercial! That gets a tear from me each and every time it comes on TV. Hitting that first year mark naturally brings out parents’ emotions. It’s a life-changing year. A whole new person joined… Read More Monthly baby pictures of first year (taken on Daddy’s baby blanket)