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Things have spiraled

It has gotten out of control around here the past few weeks. It started when Luca had a tonsillectomy and the two weeks of recovery were intense. We babied him and took the doctor’s advice, giving him ice cream and juice, anything to keep him from getting dehydrated. His throat hurt so badly he refused everything at… Read More Things have spiraled

Kids, Mom diary

Clara’s birth story

Here I sit in my darkened bedroom with our last little newborn beside me. I’m happy as a lark when she hiccups on my tummy and not in it. I’m relieved to see my hospital bag half unpacked instead of half packed, stewing about what I forgot and when it would be time to go. But more than… Read More Clara’s birth story


Potty training 101

This is my second time potty training. My first time, I potty trained my oldest son at about two years and three months. I read a couple articles online and gave it a go. We had a few messes, but he caught on fast and was fully trained in two or three days. I thought the second… Read More Potty training 101

Kids, Mom diary

Oh, morning sickness

When you take that test and it’s positive after countless negatives, it’s thrilling! There’s jumping up and down and hugging and celebrating. And then the morning sickness sets in and changes the mood a little. Or in my case this time, a lot. A few weeks ago Marcello and I took the boys to the park… Read More Oh, morning sickness