Boys shared bedroom

Luca and Adriano have been sharing a bedroom for almost a year now. When they shared a room as babies I thought I was going to lose my sleep-deprived mind, so we were quite nervous when it was time for baby Clara to move into her own room. To our surprise, this time is going much smoother now that… Read More Boys shared bedroom


All white master bedroom

I was holding off posting this room until we had a light fixture installed, but with a little one coming soon, I’m realizing I better take a picture of this room before it gets hit by Hurricane Baby. The master bedroom was my first priority when we moved into our house last year. With the chaos and… Read More All white master bedroom


Guest room brainstorm

This room. It’s supposed to be a den, but currently we have three giant wine fridges for Marcello’s work, a twin bed, the odd pieces of furniture I’m not sure what to do with, missing drywall, and missing flooring from a previous mold spot. It doesn’t make one feel at home, that’s for sure! These… Read More Guest room brainstorm


Old dresser makeover

This week I made some good progress on our master bedroom. We’ve been moved in about a week, and I’m trying hard to stick to my plan and finish our bedroom instead of jumping from project to project around the house. I’ve been using my imagination and rearranging/repurposing furniture to fit our floor plan, and… Read More Old dresser makeover