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Non-touristy souvenir ideas

You can’t escape travels without some kind of crazy story, and it’s fun to have a token to remind you of past adventures — even if they’re the kind “you’ll laugh about later”! Some of my favorite souvenirs are everyday items, bought from a regular store, only from a different land. What makes a good souvenir? Possibly something that:… Read More Non-touristy souvenir ideas

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Map it out! Recycle maps into artwork

My obsession for maps cannot be stopped. It’s not street grids or geography that specifically have a hold on me, it’s their colors, their inspiration of visiting places unknown, and their fond memories of places visited. Here are six ways to recycle maps from a vacation or beloved place into artwork.  

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Wall, meet canvas

A blank wall above our couch has plagued me for about three years. I’ve hung various things there — some were laughed at, some were made fun of, and some were spit upon (OK, not really). At one point I had disproportionately small frame I had bought at an estate sale hanging there, empty. Then… Read More Wall, meet canvas

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Gift wrap as art

I’m always on the lookout for lovely, unique, inexpensive artwork. I would love to support artists and buy huge, one-of-a-kind canvases covered in marvelous colors and perfected dabs of paint, but alas, my funds are insufficient. And I adore artwork from a trip or that has a special memory — that’s the best. But sometimes… Read More Gift wrap as art