The tedious process of selling a home and buying another is overwhelming for most of us! I broke it down and detailed everything I learned during our last move. In this five-part series, I cover home staging secrets, places to change your address, services to cancel, problems to spot when house hunting, moving tips and even a decor plan for new home. I hope it makes your move a little bit easier!

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Moving part 1:
Sell your house faster with these home staging ideas

During the process of listing our house, I’ve gotten some helpful advice from our friend/Realtor and done quite a bit of research on home staging. Here’s what I learned that got us multiple bids the first week of listing.

This moving list hits all the major checkpoints of moving — places to change your address, services to cancel, how to organize and what not to forget on moving day

Moving part 2: Change of address, services to stop, organizing checklist

This is the list that hits the major checkpoints of moving. You know, for those of us that tend to do things last minute! Here’s my moving To Do short list:

Problem signs to look for when house shopping

Moving part 3:
Problems to look for when buying a house checklist

When looking for a new house, we’re all nervous we’ll choose a money pit. And while it’s always a good idea to hire a professional home inspector before you buy, there are some major problems you might be able to spot yourself. Check out this list.

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Moving part 4:
Interior decor process for a new house

Find your style, use tools to lay out the floor plan, choose a house color palette and save yourself some money. Doing it ahead of time is fun and will save some sweat on moving day too! Here’s a step-by-step decorating plan for your new home.

checklist of things not to forget your first night in a new house

Moving part 5:
Family’s first night in new house checklist

The first night in a new house is stressful. You’re tired from moving. The home’s clean level is questionable. Boxes are everywhere. And somehow there is no toilet paper to be found. So, what do you need the first night in your new house? Here’s a list of things to consider for an open-first box.

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