Gift guides 2021

Christmas gift guide for her 2021 (mom grandma girlfriend wife)
  1. Bathtub caddy: This is perfect for the bath lover. Pair it with the robe or candles or just on its own.
  2. Packing cubes: I have a set for each member of the family! It makes sharing a suitcase and keeping organized a snap.
  3. Gentle and Lowly: Such a lovely book that tells of the true heart of Christ. I’ve never read a Christ-centered book that had such warmth and depth of character.
  4. Velour robe: My mother-in-law is getting this robe this year! Looks so soft and cozy.
  5. Hanging toiletry bag: This has been a game-changer for staying organized on a trip. You can see everything at once and makes getting ready simpler.
  6. Bag that holds everything: This bag has a pocket for everything. Everything. It’s lightweight and has different color options.
  7. Clean fragrance: I like Tuscan Orange and Tahitian Gardenia.
  8. Folding treadmill: I got this collapsable treadmill this year when I decided to lose that 20 pounds from 2020. Sigh. I chose it because it can go underneath the couch or bed and is affordable at $350. One thing — it’s small, so more for walking than running.
  9. Photo book: Some of my most treasured possessions are my family photo books. Give one as a gift to remember a trip or anniversary together. There is even an automated process.
  10. Hand warmer: This if for the gal in your life who is always cold. My mom has one and uses it all the time. One time we went to an overly chilly restaurant and the whole family was passing it around!
  11. Raw birthstone necklace: This one is also for my mother-in-law this year. I chose the birthstones of her three grandkids and it turned out beautiful.
  12. Battery-operated candles: I own two sets of theses and love that they can operate on remote and on a timer. No toxins and no fire hazard. The look and feel like real wax.

  1. Drone with camera $289: It seemed most of us had to get a little more tech-savy recently to help keep business afloat. Help him up his game with this drone camera. This pricer model will be sure to impress, but here’s an entry level model at $95 that will entertain the whole fam.
  2. Charging station $24: We have one of these bamboo charging stations and it makes everything so much cleaner and organized! It will hold all three kids tablets, our two phones and and apple watch. If your guys is techy, this is for him!
  3. Timberland boots $150: Every guys needs a pair of tough boots. And the best part is that these are timeless and he can keep for years.
  4. Backpack with USB charger $26: It’s so handy to have a charger on the go. And you can’t beat the price with this backpack.
  5. Grind and brew coffee maker $100: This is for the guy who love his coffee! He is a no-nonsense, black coffee drinker who appreciates a fresh grind and brew.
  6. Classic watch $74: Here is a traditional, handsome watch that will fit any style.
  7. Cordless clippers $18: Cordless clippers are a game changer! No more cords and worrying about where to plug them in. Now I can cut all my boy’s hair outside! And you can’t beat that price.
  8. Carbon fiber wallet $18: My husband loved this sleek carbon fiber wallet. It’s a money clip that allows for much less bulk than a traditional wallet.
  9. Popcorn machine $20: I am not joking when I say I bought this for my dad and he still tells me all the time how much he loves it! We have one too and it’s great for a healthy snack.
  10. Camping hammock $25: For the camper or the relaxer! These hammocks are handy and make a Sunday afternoon all the better.
  11. Gaming headset $40: Up the playing experience for the gamer in your life. This surround sound headset has a 4.5 star rating after over 15,000 reviews.
  12. Movie projector $90: We have this projector and it takes up the whole wall! It makes such an impact, so fun to watch movies together. Perfect for the movie buff.

Gift guide for the home - home decor presents - house warming gifts - hostess gift ideas

I have this dough bowl in extra long for my 9′ dining room table and it’s beautiful! It takes a little while to ship though, but it’s the best price by far.

This is personalized sign, perfect for a new family or new home.

And how lovely are these personalized cutting board and tea towel? And such a special way to remember grandma’s prize recipe!

I have these. They’re serving bowls with lids! Genius.

This looks a lot prettier than the salt container sitting on my counter!

Would your farmer friend just die!? This is so cute.

Every foodie’s dream is right here. This new Ninja star can do anything. It’s pressure cooker, broiler, slow cooker, air fryer … You can even crisp a frozen chicken! They must not be lying either, because this bad boy has a five star rating with over 20,000 reviews!

An automatic vacuum that is smart! It maps our your house and even responds to Alexa. It has a self dumping station so you can forget about vacuuming for a month! UPDATE: I now have this white Yeedi for the same price and it is magical.

Gift guide for kids for Christmas or birthday - $15 or less on Amazon - inexpensive cheap budget toy ideas for boys and girls

Here are a bunch of toys that are $15 or under for when you need a little something. We have a lot of these and my kids would be happy with any of them! They’re perfect for when you have a lot of nieces and nephews or need an idea for donation to a child in need.

Here are my affordable finds this year:

It doesn’t matter how many baby dolls my daughter has, she is always excited to get another! This one is well made and suitable for younger children.

I got this sloth for my son on his birthday and it’s one of his favorites. Wild Republic has lots of affordable choices.

He or she will feel very grown up with their own watch! And these have the voice of the main character and a few games to recognize patterns and identify animal tracks.

These sets with different parts and carrier are great to encourage pretend play!

A doctor kit is great for pretend play as well. He or she can be a doctor or a veterinarian. You are going to laugh when you hear all the stories of how they got “hurt!” Our best one so far is “a monkey pushed me out of a tree into shark waters.”

Animal figurines have always been a huge hit around here.

Kids LOVE play-doh. Fact. I like this set because it encourages them to create.

I’m always looking for a game that little ones can play and that don’t have a million pieces to get lost. This one is a classic!

Remember Lite Brites?! I thought this was so cool as a kid.

This silly looking cow is a huge hit at our local kids’ museum. Kids practically push each other off to use it. The best part is that it’s small and affordable! (Sorry, now I see they have upped the price! but it really is a fun one.)

Water Wow is great for mess-free art with littles. It works well for travel or when kids need to sit still too!

One of the best things I bought this year and all our time at home was a craft kit. I love putting the pieces out and seeing what they create! I have a whole post on making a kid crafting station here.

If you have a sticker lover, these reusable stickers are awesome. There are animal, car, town, and house pads to choose from — the animal pad is boss around here. Each pad has five scenes and over 150 stickers to play with. You can use the pad, but you can also use them on a sliding glass door/window or in the bathtub! They’re great to take on a trip too. Not bad for five bucks.

Kids love bubbles. All of them. Period.

And we can’t forget dress up! We have a bin at our house full of all kinds of hats and vests and capes. Be whoever you can imagine! Here are a few ideas.

I’m a big fan of the Jesus Storybook Bible. It tells Bible stories in a way kids can understand, but not overly simplified. And it brings every single story back to Jesus. My boys’ favorite story in this book is David and Goliath, mainly because Goliath tells David he’ll eat him for breakfast. They think that’s pretty great. The Bible isn’t full of sweet little stories — there is war and mistakes and adventure. This children’s Bible doesn’t skip over these things and keeps the interest of little boys.

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