How to do a spending freeze

What are you saving for? An emergency fund? Home renovation? Pay down debt? Vacation? Whatever it is, you can kickstart that dream by having a spending freeze. I told you last Thursday that we are moving! It’s all very exciting, but also very expensive. Home inspections, appraisals, surveys, mold tests, title reviews, moving, hook-up fees… Read More How to do a spending freeze

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Our Christmas budget

Not every Christmas is the same. Some years cost less, some cost more. This year ours costs less and we plan on giving more. We’ve decided to budget Christmas expenses at $325 for this family of five. This includes decor, kids’ crafts, presents, cards, wrapping supplies, everything except the kids’ Christmas pajamas (which I bought on sale last month).… Read More Our Christmas budget

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$10 or less: Toys

With holidays coming up, I thought I’d share some fun toys that are sure to be a hit but won’t hurt the wallet. Here are my picks for inexpensive kid gifts for boys or girls: Sticker book: Kids and stickers. They love them. I bought my boys these sticker books after hearing about their daily misery of a precious… Read More $10 or less: Toys