My morning routine

Here’s what my typical Friday mornings look like — getting the kids off to school, bike ride, skin care, meal planning, grocery shopping, lunch and work. I like to block out my days when I wake up to use my time efficiently while the kids are in school. Let’s go! Check out the video below:… Read More My morning routine


Simple indoor plant care

Let’s talk easy-care indoor plants, air purifying plants, fertilizer and mealy bugs. It’s Saturday! The day I water my plants and fuss over them just a bit. Today we’ll propagate a monstera and deal with mealy bugs. I’m not a great plant mom — here are the ones that have survived.  (Also, I can’t find… Read More Simple indoor plant care

Decor, DIY

Frugal home tour

I did an impromptu home tour on YouTube, sharing all my frugal DIYs and paint jobs. (And how they’re holding up!) I’ll take you into each room and show you how I saved thousands and just how many things one girl can paint! Design doesn’t have to be expensive. I hope I can give you… Read More Frugal home tour


My passive income fails

Here are my incomes streams that have flipped and even more that have flopped! Earning a living from blogging and other “passive” incomes is a slow game. Some things work, others fall (very, very) flat. I’ve begun a few new attempts at passive income recently, so I thought I’d share with you some of my… Read More My passive income fails