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Murals under $150

I’ve got wallpaper on the brain for a couple spots in the house. Here are some amazing deals I found for huge murals! (I own three of them.) Some are as low as $40! I love that they are like affordable large-scale art and add so much character and detail to a space. 1 Botanical… Read More Murals under $150

Kids, Life

We got a Syrian hamster!

Here’s our new hamster set up in my office — I mean pet room! I actually love the cage and accessories the kids picked out. Adriano and Clara spent so much time watching videos and figuring out how to provide and care for their new pet. They carefully chose the “right” bedding and food and… Read More We got a Syrian hamster!


Best of Amazon Prime Day!

I checked each item that I personally own on the list to make sure it was actually a deal and less than I originally paid. This email contains affiliate links in which I earn a small percentage at no cost to you. 10 percent of proceeds earned from my blog are donated to charities for children… Read More Best of Amazon Prime Day!