Kids summer crafting station

We’re having too much screen time! Can anyone relate? So I stocked up on craft supplies and the kids are enjoying it for hours! There are so many fun things to choose from. Once I give them a suggestion, they’re in another world, creating and imagining. They’ve been making homemade cards, cities out of toilet… Read More Kids summer crafting station


What is a covenant?

Covenants might not sound like a fascinating topic at first glance, but believe me, they are mind-blowing! So many other Biblical topics will come into focus once you understand covenants. Keep reading, friend. God’s promises are going to knock your socks off! Covenants are still in place. God still operates based on his covenants. Maybe… Read More What is a covenant?


How can I be blessed?

Does our culture have the word blessed all wrong? Blessing is a word we throw out frequently, but do we know what it means? I am blessed, bless the food, have a blessed day, bless her heart, count your blessings, #blessed … Does blessed mean a new car? A big house? Well behaved children? Money?… Read More How can I be blessed?