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What is the perfect liquid diet?

I prefer to chew my food, but I recently had dental surgery that left me with no other choice but liquids! I realized quickly how easy it is to walk into the grocery store and buy a bunch of “health” drinks with lots of added sugar, inflammatory oils and additives, so I thought I’d try to plan out something with maximum health benefits to begin to heal. Of course, I also don’t want a growling stomach all day either.

I’m not looking to lose weight, though I did lose a few pounds. I actually (finally) just reached my pre-40, pre-pandemic weight recently — so I wanted to make sure I was eating enough. (I’m going to post that soon.)

By the way, I was completely unprepared for this. They made it sound like a routine procedure, but as I sat in the chair I realized it was a pretty aggressive procedure and would take some recovery. When she told me she sent the prescription in for pain meds I was worried. When I read the pamphlet in the car that I could only eat soft foods for a week, should sleep sitting up and not exercise for two weeks I drove straight to the pharmacy and grocery before the anesthesia wore off!

I want this list to be easy for you too, so that you could walk into the store and grab a few things that would keep you healthy and satiated. You don’t exactly want to cook when your jaw is throbbing.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert or nutritionist, just a lady trying to figure out how feed her body nutrients (and not be super hungry) through liquids post oral surgery. This is only intended to be done for a short period of time as it lacks needed fiber and nutrition longterm.

Liquid diet for oral surgery


I’m choosing foods with no clumps as my molar is very inflamed and I don’t want to risk getting food caught in my gums. So no things like oatmeal or cottage cheese. I don’t even want to do traditional smoothies with their seeds and little pieces of spinach that could get stuck. Paranoid? Yes. I need this to be over ASAP.

The fun pamphlets say am not allowed to have coffee or anything dark because it could stain my teeth with the rinse I am using. No alcohol because it could slow down the healing process and doesn’t mix with pain meds. No acidic foods like tomatoes or oranges. And nothing spicy. 😳

I’m looking for choices with clean ingredients, no or little added sugar, no sunflower or canola or inflammatory oils, low sodium, etc. I’m trying to get in a variety of plants as well.

And yes, I pretty much ate the same thing every day for six days so I didn’t have to buy more food and didn’t have to think about it.


What is the perfect diet, anyway? You and I both know there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” kind of regime out there that is perfect, but I’m going to look at the macronutrients and what most models suggest:

  • 45–65% carbohydrates (energy)
  • 20–35% fats (satiation)
  • 10–35% proteins (repair cells)

Or the 40/30/30 rule.

I used MyFitnessPal to calculate and map this out for me. This tool has been so valuable to me over the years to know exactly how I am eating. I also use FlavCity’s BobbyApproved app all the time to determine whether a product is clean or not. He’s super picky and it’s been so helpful in the store when I’m in a rush. You can just scan an item and it points out the sketchy ingredients or tells you if it’s “Bobby Approved.”

So let’s get to it! Here’s what I’ve been eating. I added water in between meals too.

Liquid diet for oral surgery


I chose Suja to get some greens in first thing with my normal supplements (multi-vitamin and fish oil). I like that it is cold pressed to keep the nutrition in and nothing it it except greens. This one is more bitter, but I wanted to save my sugar intake for other things later in the day.

Then I drank a Rebbl Vanilla Protein drink after a bit for some protein and calories. It’s very tasty and not gritty at all. The hint of cinnamon is lovely. They have a dark chocolate one that has almost double the calories if you need more. It is delicious! I did that a few days too.

It’s difficult to find a clean protein or smoothie drink on the shelves without sugar overload and highly-inflammatory ingredients. Ensure has so many ingredients you can’t pronounce that it doesn’t need refrigeration. You know that Naked mango smoothie you always see? It has 57 grams of sugar! This vanilla flavor only has 3 grams of added sugar and no weird additives.

Healthy liquid diet for oral surgery


I started with a cup of yogurt with some probiotics, which is good if you’re taking antibiotics. It has calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and vitamin B12, along with protein and fat. Add in a whole or half an avocado and a banana. It’s good to get some whole plants and their fibers in our diet (instead of just juice)! And these two pack a punch with nutrients. Avocados add in healthy fat and long list of vitamins. The bananas offer potassium and carbohydrates. Again, I’m not adding in my usual chia, berries and spinach because I don’t want anything left behind in my inflamed tooth.

I add in the collagen (which I normally add into my coffee) to support skin, joints and muscles. I used to be skeptical, but I noticed after taking it for about a month and a half my nails were noticeably thicker and longer. So it’s doing something!

Healthy liquid diet for oral surgery

And you can add in your normal smoothie protein powder, but I find it too sweet with the banana, so I might make myself drink it separate with water. I don’t have a big sweet tooth, but when I did add it, I thought you could make it into popsicles or a sort of nice cream for kids. Right now I’m using the Sun Warrior brand because of the price and clean ingredients.

Add a just a bit of water so it is easier to drink. You might need to use a spoon. My instructions were specific not to use a straw for negative suction on the surgical site.

Liquid diet for oral surgery


When someone says “snack” don’t you think of a whole mess of crunchy chips and crackers and cheese? Well this isn’t that. This is a healthy liquid diet, so you get chicken bone broth and a baby food pouch.

I chose bone broth because it has more protein, collagen, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals than regular broth. And it says right there on the box that it’s “great for sipping.” I don’t know about great, but it’s ok in a pinch. I’ve been drinking a warmed cup in the afternoon.

And then a baby food pouch with some pear, spinach and peas. I chose some that don’t have avocado, banana or yogurt since I already have those in my diet. I did notice that you can quickly go overboard on sugar with these pouches, so I used them sparingly. Maybe an oatmeal one would have been good to add! Or you could add one of these to yogurt. Again, if you shouldn’t suck through a straw after your procedure, make sure you use a spoon with the pouch.


I’ve always said soup is not a meal, but this time it is! To my surprise, though, this one is very tasty. It’s flavorful and creamy, really good. And it’s helpful to have a meal to look to! Sometimes I just drank it in a mug.

I wanted a vegetable-based soup for dinners, so I looked at just about all the organic soup ingredients, but all of them I saw had canola or sunflower oil. This one uses olive oil and was as close to perfect as I found, though it does have “natural flavor.” I probably would have bought the Pacific brand if this hadn’t been available.

And that’s it! I sometimes drank a tea in the evening. If you need more calories you could add in another protein drink or pouch. Avocados are always very filling.

Is it perfect? I’m sure not, but it was as perfect as I could do walking into the grocery store and buying most everything premade. 😅 We’ve got balanced carbs, protein and fats with a variety of plants.

The main downside to this healthy diet was the cost. I’m not usually into paying $5 for a drink! But to me it was worth it for a short time to feel satiated, have my energy levels up and get the nutrition my body needs. Never mind, the main downside was making my family tacos and then eating soup, haha! But I’m feeling much better and about ready to tackle … dare I say it? Cottage cheese!

What would you add to this list? If you are a good cook what would you make from scratch? I hope I don’t have to have mouth surgery again in the near future, but it might help those who are searching for the right diet for them.

Healthy organic liquid diet - My store bought meal plan after oral surgery
Healthy liquid diet plan for after surgery

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