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Classic casual wardrobe basics capsule

Every February or so I decide to try to get my life together and order a few casual things that look a little nicer. I tend to opt for classic styles, such as stripes, button down shirts and denim, because we live in Florida and our winter wear doesn’t get much use. I don’t want a lot of trendy clothes that will be out of style next year. Can we all agree that the trend cycles are speeding up way too fast lately?

Here are my more recent clothing finds that mix and match at affordable prices. You can watch the video to see the try-ons, right below. ↓

Classic casual wardrobe capsule basics with stripes, denim and leggings


Camel colored sweater

This lightweight top goes with everything! I love that you can layer it with a colored shirt or wear it on it’s own. It’s really nice quality for the price.

Crewneck striped sweater

This classic top looks great with black, white or denim pants. I love the red trim detail and sometimes wear my read sneakers with it. It’s not too heavy, so you could definitely layer it.

Fisherman cable knit sweater

I bought this pretty white sweater last year and it goes with everything. I love the way the chambray top layers underneath with black leggings or jeans. And this one will never go out of style.

Striped sweatshirt

If I could only pick one top from all of these to buy it would be this one. It’s cozy enough to wear with sweats, but classic enough to layer and throw some jeans on for a more stylized look. Love this one!

Black and white striped sweater

More stripes you say? Yes. But his is more like a blocked sweater so it’s different ;) This is similar to a black and white sweater I bought at Target last year. I find myself reaching for this again and again.

Chambray button-down

Every time I wear this denim shirt my husband compliments me! It’s not fitted or something I’ve worn a lot in the past, but something about it looks put together. And it looks great under a sweater or sweatshirt. I love the particular color and softness of this one as well.

White linen button down

I love my classic white linen button down shirt to layer under tops or on it’s own. I linked one similar. I like the buttons on this one better than mine.

I also bought a detachable collar that works great if you don’t want the weight or bulk of wearing the entire shirt underneath a sweater.


Straight leg jeans

I don’t know how many pairs of jeans I tried on until I found THESE. And they’re finally back in stock! AND they’re only $31! They aren’t skinny jeans, but they’re not baggy. They work with sneakers. You can roll them a bit or not. They have a little bit of stretch and aren’t too thick, so they’re very comfortable. They also come in different lengths so I was able to get the shorter one. The jean trends (in my humble opinion) are all over the place right now, so I’m sticking to the basics! I have these in medium and dark wash.

Distressed jeans

These are a new find for me. They’re perfect for summer and spring because they are slightly cropped and look great with sandals or strappy shoes or wedges. They’re lightweight and have a higher waist. I ordered two sizes and the smaller one worked better.

I have them in black too! And I’m pretty sure I need the white ones too.



This winter in southwest Florida has been especially chilly and rainy. AND we got a dog so I’m outside no matter what the weather. I decided to finally get a raincoat and this one turned out to be a big winner. It’s timeless and flattering. I get compliments on it whenever I wear it out.

Denim jacket

I’ve had this oversized jacket for a few years and still love it. It’s such a good feeling when you are adding things to your wardrobe that you will get good use of and will last a long time.


I’m still on the hunt for the perfect “fancy sneaker,” but in the meantime I found these fun additions:

Green loafers

These loafers add a fun pop of color, but go with most everything in the capsule.

Sparkley “foldable” flats

These flats look fancy but they fold up so you can put them in your purse! These would work great for a wedding or when you’re out and sick of walking in your heels. I put insoles in mine and wore them for New Year’s Eve dancing!

3 thoughts on “Classic casual wardrobe basics capsule

  1. Love it! Hope you and your family are well. I just ordered some new basics from banana factory love the classics and stripes


  2. Thanks again and I looking for cool sneakers too but always go back to plain nikes or comfy sneakers lol. Love your blog can relate as a mom and kids are u doing anymore “budget tips” or grocery meal planning? Thank you again and hope all is well

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