Fave Amazon kitchen finds

Here are my favorite gadgets, cookware and cleaning tools for the kitchen. A lot of of these items I’ve had for years and most items are under $30. The goal of each of these items to to make kitchen work easier and save space — well except the cat sauce dishes. Those are just cute.

Favorite Amazon Kitchen finds - cooking and cleaning hacks
  • Clip-on strainer: Clips onto any pot, easily drains pasta and saves space.
  • Bowls with lids: Bowls pretty enough to serve in and have a lid for leftovers or transport.
  • Cat sauce dishes: Such a cute whimsical dish to add to a meal for all kinds of dips.
  • Personalized apron: Customize this apron any way you want!
  • Thermos: Great for lunches to keep food hot or cold.
  • Lemon squeezer: I don’t like too many gadgets, but this one is handy.
  • Garlic press: I take forever cutting tiny pieces of garlic, so this is a great shortcut.
  • Dish rack: This rack expands and has a spout for excess water to drain.
  • Spray mop: Affordable and neutral, comes with 3 reusable microfiber pads.
  • Canvas grocery bags: I feel like a grownup with this matching set of reusable bags. ;)
  • Stainless steel folding dish rack: Collapsible/saves space, drying, washing fruit or cooling cookies.
  • Air fryer liners: I use two of these in my large fryer, so much easier to clean!
  • Cordless vacuum: How have I never had one of these?! I use it EVERY day.
  • Heavy duty gloves: I finally started using gloves for dishes and can never turn back.
  • Collapsible bucket: Folds up flat and saves space. I hang mine on a pegboard.
  • Scrub brush: Come as a set, heavy duty and last months. Disinfect in the dishwasher.

See the video here:

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