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We got a Syrian hamster!

Here’s our new hamster set up in my office — I mean pet room! I actually love the cage and accessories the kids picked out. Adriano and Clara spent so much time watching videos and figuring out how to provide and care for their new pet. They carefully chose the “right” bedding and food and wheel. (The wheel was big enough they said, but the ridges were bad, so they even made me order cork to go inside!) I was impressed.

But have we lost our minds? Adopting a leopard gecko and hamster in the same week? Maybe! Marcello and I have put off pets for years with three kids close in age (“I can’t take care of one more heartbeat!” I would say) and having a rough experience in the past with a poor sick kitty. But we couldn’t put it off any longer! These kids begged and begged. And now that they’re old enough to care for these critters themselves, we finally said yes.

Here’s the video with setting up a home and picking out our new hammy:

Our shopping list

Neutral white and wood hamster cage in home office - our new pet hamster
Neutral white and wood hamster cage in home office - our new pet hamster

We ended up switching the hideout house on top with the sand bath on the bottom. Adriano had a great point that the sand was heavy and he didn’t want any future tunnels the hamster creates to cave in from the weight. But overall, isn’t this a cute setup?

Black and white Syrian hamster

Cute little guy! The kids named him Oreo because he is black and white. Oreo is NOT easy to photograph.

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