Casual Amazon wardrobe capsule

My latest wardrobe capsule is focused around sneakers! As always, everything mixes and matches and keeps comfort in mind. It would work great for light packing while traveling. I hope you enjoy these affordable finds! Watch the four-minute video below to see me try on the pieces. No laughing at my lack of modeling skills ;)

Casual wardrobe capsule with comfortable pieces that mix and match - Amazon clothing essentials






I’ll just say a word about my absolute favorite pieces, starting with these Under Armor black sneakers. I was developing plantar fasciitis (inflamed heel tissue) from outwearing my last sneakers. I will definitely not walk so many miles in the same pair again! Anyway, I’ve been wearing sneakers every day for a couple weeks now and my heel is significantly better. I use these inserts that really help with arch support as well.


I’m obsessed with these sandals. With my heel the way it is, I can’t walk around in heels or super flat sandals. These are SO cushy and give me a little bit of height! It’s very difficult to find a pretty shoe like this that is comfortable.


I did it! I found the perfect pair of jeans I have been looking for. And I tried on quite a few! These straight leg jeans are made of a light denim that has just a slight stretch to them. I wanted something that didn’t taper in like skinny jeans, but kept a slim profile and these definitely deliver.

Striped sweatshirt

This sweatshirt with the buttery-soft leggings have basically been my uniform the past few weeks. I’ll just never tire of stripes.

Linen top

Ok, you get the idea. I love all of these pieces! But just one more. This linen button-down shirt is high quality at a great price. It’s a classic look that can be dressed up or down. I especially like it paired with the jeans. Or under the cable knit sweater.

3 thoughts on “Casual Amazon wardrobe capsule

  1. Love the wardrobe topics. I love the basics and comfy too. Always running after kids and classics are the best. Thanks again for inspiration have a great weekend


  2. I have the same packing cubes and they make travel so much easier. No more digging through everything in the suitcase to find one item.
    I haven’t yet had to use all the cubes at once but if I need to do winter travel I’ll be ready for bulkier items like sweaters with the larger cubes. Love them!

  3. Yeah, they really do make it easier to keep a neat suitcase and find things. I find with these that we can also even share suitcases (without one person hogging the whole space)! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

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