Gift ideas for a 7-year-old girl

My 7-year-old daughter is a bubbly burst of creativity, chattiness and wonder. I absolutely love this age and could probably list 50 ideas because she’s the easiest person I know to shop for! Just think glitter, rainbows, unicorns and bright pink with lots of pretend play. But we’ll stick to the top 12 or so.

She still plays with everything on the 6 year old gift idea list, but I’m going to add on some new favorites. So check that list out as well for more ideas.

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Play pet carrier

If you need a quick inexpensive gift, pets with a carrier are always a winner. For $13 you can be a birthday hero. My daughter picked this out and bought it with money she earned and it is a crowd favorite with so many kids who come to our house.

face paints with stencils - kid party ideas

Face paints

Whenever we’re at carnivals or events that have face painting kids get so excited! So why not give it a hand yourself. Makes for a great party activity. I love that this face paint set includes stencils!

Jewelry box

My mom got my daughter this pretty musical jewelry box when she got her ears pierced this year on her birthday. To my surprise, Clara takes very good care of it and enjoys organizing her earrings. I think it’s because it feels very grown up to have jewelry like mom that isn’t plastic. This one is nice quality that should last awhile.

If she has her ears pierced, you could add some hypoallergenic earrings.


Keeping in the accessories category, my daughter loves experimenting with different barrettes and hairstyles. Sometimes I become the victim salon client as well. I couldn’t pick one! The jewel barrettes I would even borrow.

These butterfly barrettes are magical and would look beautiful in a braid or with a few grouped together.

We have these daisy barrettes and they look adorable on pigtails or intermingled in a braid. She has enough that when a girl says she likes them, she takes one out and gives it to them! My little sweetheart.

Mermaid costume

My darling little niece had a mermaid birthday party AND we rented a lake that week so I knew that matching mermaid costumes were in order for her and Clara. Plus it comes with a tiara, jewelry and gloves! They made for the most adorable pictures up at the lake. I treasure them.

Mermaid Barbies are always a hit too!

Fairy pond
Secret garden door
Fairy house

Fairy land garden

My husband made Clara and I a little rose garden. When they are in bloom he clips a bud each week and puts them in our rooms. It’s so special to both of us girls! This Christmas I’m going to surprise her with a little fairy land that she can create in the small bed. I know she’s going to love it! I mean that door that lights up!! We can have fun adding to it in the future as well.

Iron fuse beads

She can get creative with this bead set that melts together when ironed. Clara made one for each of her friends at school. You can even make them a key chain for their backpacks.

Constellation nightlight projector

Star night light

All three of my kids love this star projector night light. It projects slowly swirling stars on the entire ceiling and makes the room feel cozy and magical. It gives them a little extra light while they calm down to go to bed and has a timer so you can decide how long it stays on. You can choose different colors and if you want it to move or not.


She’ll be racing around in no time on this Razor scooter. The best part about this gift is that my boys are still using their scooters now all these years later. They’re a little rusted, but still going! Don’t forget the helmet.

Sticker activity book

I love these puffy sticker books for road trips or when we’re waiting. Also, checkout these larger re-usuable stickers with background pages.

There are so many pretend play sets that my daughter either wants or has. She sits for hours in the play room creating her own imaginary world. I just love it! Here are some of her favorite sets:

Play teacher set

Clara and her close friends love playing teacher and school or family. I love this pretend teacher set which not only encourages them to love learning, but act out and practice what they see in school. You could buy a set like this or go to the dollar store and pick up supplies from the classroom section and put them in a bag.

Play-Doh ice cream set

My kids love to set up their ice cream shop with this Play-Doh set. It keeps them busy for hours. Might be a good idea to get a craft mat to go underneath as well for easy clean up.

Swing Set

This beautiful playground is built for 7-10 year olds. We had one similar to this at our last house and the kids were obsessed with it. I like that it encourages them to get outside and play pretend together.


Don’t have the space or cash for an entire set? We have this wooden swing hanging from a tree outside. The higher the limb, the higher they go! I also got

Butterfly Growing Kit

We’ve done this butterfly growing kit a couple of times and it’s so exciting for the kids to watch the process of caterpillars turning into butterflies. Keep in mind there is a shipping fee for the caterpillars.

Rain boots

I just ordered these for Clara for Christmas. What gets better than leaving the house in bright pink unicorn boots?

Ride-on Unicorn

How about a unicorn you can ride on? They call it a PonyCyle. Talk about the stand out gift! This would be the hit for sure.

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