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Best of the blog 2021

Here are my most-read and pinned posts of 2021! I’m always curious what will make the list and there were some surprises!

Goal digger - New Years resolution printable - reflect on last year and look forward to next -

10. Goal digger worksheet

Here’s a worksheet that not only focuses on the future, but also helps us take stock of the past year! Let’s appreciate how far we’ve come and then see where we can go from here.

Sage doors and wainscoting trim in hallway with black hinges and handles - paper white walls

9. Sage doors and wainscoting hallway

I’m still over here painting things sage and this project did not disappoint. Even if it did take me probably 5 months to finish! Come with me, let me show you my hallway’s new look.

Arbor garden trellis and painting metal fence

8. Painting the fence garden arbor

Our green metal fence was looking pretty rough from the sprinkler’s hard water and the hot Florida sun. So I decided to spray paint it and add an arbor for Jasmine to climb. (I should do an update on this because the jasmine is doing really well.)

Black and white amazon wardrobe capsule - perfect for light travel

7. Black and white Amazon capsule

I wanted to buy a few new pieces that mix and match for summer. I spent about $162 on this wardrobe capsule and it’s all about classic black and white. I especially like the look of a monochrome black or white outfit, but of course they all mix and match. It’s perfect for packing light!

3 things I did to lose 17 pounds

6. 3 things I did to lose 17 pounds

Here’s a personal post that’s a little difficult to share. Last year I gained at least 17 pounds. (Actually probably 20, but I wasn’t very into weighing myself.) This year I lost it with these three “doable” things. I’m a fitness newbie. I don’t like gyms or “feeling the burn.” I’m as confused as the next guy with all the different popular diets. So I’m sharing my simple plan that helped me shed the pounds and get back to my normal weight. I have also added a mini progress journal on how much I lost week by week.

Frugal home tour-Living room with DIY TV frame art panels, snake plant ledge and Ikea Ektorp sofas

5. Snake plant basket ledge

Do you have ledges in your house you have no idea what to do with like me? Well I found a great solution — snake plants. Come take a tour and find out how often I water them!

4. Decluttering + organizing room by room

This one is a YouTube video! (I’m working on more consistent videos there.) Every year I go through and organize one space of my home at a time. I’m going to take you with me each room of the way. Let’s pare down and declutter!

Little girl toys - Present or gift ideas for a 5 year old girl

3. Gift ideas for a 5-year old girl

I’ve got got gift ideas for boys and girls by age, but this one took off during Christmas time.

How to paint doors + My favorite sage green paint!

2. Painting doors my favorite sage

I’m painting more things my favorite sage color! It offers subtle color, but still acts as a neutral. It’s quite calming and a nice change from my always black/white/gray decor. I painted the front door and have a trick up my sleeve to share for painting the hinges gold to match the handle.

DIY tv frame with art

1. DIY hidden tv art frame

I wanted a way to hide the big black box! The new TVs with frames and digital art are cool, but expensive and I wanted an option that worked without having the TV on all the time. So I decided to make a frame with art canvas panels that open like binary doors. And you guys! It worked!!

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