Gift ideas for a 6-year-old girl

I truly love 6-year-old girls’ personalities! Anything is possible. Magic is just around the corner. Smiles are easy and pretend play reigns.

Ring set

I actually got this pretty ring set ($13) for Clara when she was five and she still loves it. It seriously has the cutest shapes. And the fact that it’s a whole case of them is the best!

Unicorn journal

What girl doesn’t want a lock on her unicorn diary so her brothers can’t read it! It doesn’t matter that they just learned how write and don’t have much to say. Privacy matters. And there’s a bracelet, hair tie and KEYCHAINS. Kids love key chains. Also doesn’t matter that they don’t have keys yet.

Pretend makeup

I’m conservative when it comes to my little girl, so no real makeup until she’s older. She loves this pretend makeup set because it looks realistic.

Calico Critters

This fun, customizable house is part of the Calio Critters line. Each set comes with so many accessories and little girls love all the details. You can get different families and even the cutest little baby amusement park. This is a toy I will keep around for future generations.

Magnet Tiles

All three of my kids enjoy these magnetic tile blocks. These cut across gender and age, and you’ll be surprised what they can do with them! Go ahead and get the bigger set — 100 pieces or more — so they can build large-scale.

Lego Friends

She’s getting old enough to follow directions and do simple LEGO projects! And now there is a whole line for girls — LEGO Friends. As a parent I am a huge fan of LEGO and the creativity and pretend play they generate. Just make sure to check the label for “ages 4-6” because it can be frustrating if they are too complicated.

Cape & costumes

I bought this cape, tiara and cuffs ($14) for Clara for “super hero day” at school and she LOVES them. She wears them for no reason at all now. So fun. She also frequently wears her Moana costume ($20).

And what about this Disney princess dress set ($35)? So cute!

Rubber Band bracelet maker

These rubber band bracelets kits ($12) are all the rage in elementary school right now! Kids make them and give them to each other. I love a good craft and we’ve had fun making them together.


At six was when Clara outgrew her first bike so for Christmas she’s getting a new one! I went with the 20″ size bicycle. Here is the link to the bike pictured.


I like to include something to keep them active. What sport is she into? This year Clara is getting a balance beam. But if she’s into soccer and pop up goal is a great gift. Or ballet bar if she is taking dance class. Or maybe she’ll want to try something new!


There are all kids of adorable dance and gymnastics leotards to accompany the gift.


Being extra is what age six is all about. Walking around in a unicorn robe and slippers is where it’s at.

Water baby

Ok, this water baby ($18) is not the best quality (and technically some water can get in) BUT the price is amazing and little girls go crazy over all the accessories. Especially the unicorn float. Make bath time or pool time fun! You’re probably just going to have to trust me on this one.

Unicorn balloon

If you want to up your game, just add this huge unicorn balloon ($15) to any gift. I had this blown up for when she woke up on her birthday in the morning. It is seriously the best to watch her reaction.

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Little girl toys - Present or gift ideas for a 6 year old girl

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