Gift ideas for a 5-year-old girl

I don’t know who’s easier to buy a gift for than a 5-year-old girl. For the most part think mermaids, princesses, glitter and the color pink. (But of course if the little girl you have in mind isn’t into all that, you should definitely check out my other 5-year-old list here!) Now hold onto your tiara and close your eyes when the glitter flies, here we go!

Kids play cake and tea set

Cake and tea set

I bought this cake and tea set ($20) for Clara for Christmas and she still plays with it all the time! She loves all the little pieces and creating the top of the cake how she wants. I have eaten many a fake cake with this set.

girls chef hat and apron set

Apron and chef hat

I got this cooking set with apron and chef hat ($12) to go with the sweet little cake set and she wears it EVERY TIME she helps me cook! It’s so cute.

Photo album

Kids love looking at photos of them and their family. It’s so special to watch just how many times they will flip through photo albums. It’s a great idea include photos of family members the don’t get to see quite often enough. You can even hand them a stack of photos to insert herself if she is able.

Princess nightgowns - Belle

Princess nightgown

She will go crazy over these over-the-top princess pjs! Clara has Belle’s ballgown ($15). It seems Walmart has the best prices on these fancy things.

Princess barbie dolls

If she’s into princesses, it would be so fun to get a Disney doll ($10 ea) that goes with the nightgown!

Princess play castle

A doll house of any kind would make a great gift. This Disney castle ($150) is large and can hold all those princesses, so make sure you’ve got space!


She’ll love scooting around the neighborhood on this pink scooter ($35)! And you know the wheels light up.

It’s always a good idea to get a helmet and knee pads. These come in handy for biking and roller skating too.

Play-Doh ice cream shop

Kids of almost every age love Play-Doh — especially the themed sets. This ice cream set ($18) is very cute and they can set up their own shop!

Explorer kit

Let’s get outside and explore. She can make up her own adventures with this cute adventure set ($27)


It’s pink, it has sparkles and it’s her own castle ($52)! Seriously though, tents are such a magical place for kids to imagine and pretend.

Star projector night light

My two boys have had one of these star projectors in their room for a few years now and use it every single night. Clara always wants one too so this Christmas she gets her own! You can set the timer to turn off for as little as 5 minutes or leave it on for over an hour. It has different colors and it lights up the whole room! I kind of want one.

Candy Land

She’s finally getting old enough to play a few board games and Candy Land ($13) is a great one to start with. It’s simple enough for little ones to understand but still fun for adults.

Jesus Storybook Bible

I’m a big fan of the Jesus Storybook Bible. It tells Bible stories in a way kids can understand, but not overly simplified. And it brings every single story back to Jesus. Marcello and I teach kids Sunday School class and they get so excited to hear from this book because it holds their attention.


What better to organize all of her plastic junk treasure than a Caboodles organizer! I still love theses things from when I was a kid. You can use it for costume jewelry, crafts or doll accessories.

But it doesn’t have to be the Caboodles brand. Check out this tool box organizer ($18).

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