8 ideas for cozy lighting

Overhead lighting can be harsh. Let’s cozy things up with these eight lighting ideas. 

Southwest Florida gets a thunderstorm about every day at two or three o’clock. It’s dark and gloomy, but with these tricks, it makes the day perfect to curl up with a book or cuddle in for family movie time.

8 cozy lighting ideas

1. Table lamps

I love to add table lamps all over the house — on bookshelves, desks, bedside, ambiance for the dining room.

8 cozy lighting ideas - floor lamps

2. Floor lamps

Floor lamps can make a statement and balance out home decor. This wood and brass lamp adds extra lighting in the living room and also helps fill out the blank space to the left of the console.

8 cozy lighting ideas

3. Sconces

I love sconces, like this globe plug-in one. It even has a dimmer.

8 cozy lighting ideas - rope lighting

4. Rope lighting

Rope lighting can go under cabinets or over ledges. (you know I’m always trying to figure out what to do with these things!)

8 cozy lighting ideas - curtain of twinkle lights

5. Twinkle lights

Twinkle lights aren’t just for Christmas, I keep this curtain of lights up all year. It brings happiness to a rainy day.

8 cozy lighting ideas

6. Paper lanterns

I love the cozy glow from these paper lanterns in my kids’ rooms.

8 cozy lighting ideas - batter operated candles on a timer

7. Battery-operated candles

And these battery-operated candles can be set with a timer.

8 cozy lighting ideas

8. Add a dimmer switch

And finally, consider putting overhead lighting on a dimmer to soften things up.

8 cozy lighting ideas - night shot
8 cozy lighting ideas -  ledges

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1 thought on “8 ideas for cozy lighting

  1. Great post and great photos, very good idea. I just love table lamps as much as you do, maybe also because I have a lot of places where they look great. I really love to read and I have a lot of books. And I think a lamp standing next to a bookshelf gives it some romanticism. Working for a writing company, I have to hear the same question every day on who can write a paper for me. By the end of the day, it causes certain fatigue and in these moments the soft light of the table lamp helps me to relax.

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