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I wanted to buy a few new pieces that mix and match for summer. I spent about $162 on this wardrobe capsule and it’s all about classic black and white. I especially like the look of a monochrome black or white outfit, but of course they all mix and match. It’s perfect for packing light!

Affordable black and white Amazon summer or spring wardrobe capsule - light travel packing - classic clothes + basics - comfortable and interchangeable

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Amazon 7 piece black and white wardrobe capsule - black and white flowy maxi dress


Let’s start with my favorite new piece — this black and white sundress! Where shall I begin? I actually bought this dress in two prints I like it so much. This is the other floral version that I’m crazy about.

It’s loose and flowy. The fabric is light enough that I would wear it for any occasion, even in the Florida summer. And you can wear a regular bra! Extra bonus, it’s not too long for us girls on the shorter side. And yes, there are pockets. I could (and practically do) wear these every day. More fabric choices available.

By the way, it’s awkward taking pictures of yourself with a tripod. I’m not good at posing, but I like to see how clothes fit on normal people, so I figure you probably do too! (I took this photo on accident and it turned out better than the on purpose ones, lol.)

Amazon 7 piece black and white wardrobe capsule - white linen pants and knitted button-down sleeveless tank top


This pretty button-down white top is more detailed that your average tank top. It has knit material and wooden buttons. It’s great for layering or on it’s own.

I wanted a basic black tank that isn’t tight and not cropped (because some of us still like the bottom half of our shirts). This sleeveless shirt fits the bill. You can tuck it in for a more pulled together look or leave it untucked. I especially like it with the black joggers and jean jacket over top.

Would it even be a capsule of mine without a striped shirt? No. And this one is perfect. It’s not see-through and it’s not heavy — or tight. I love the scoop neck and look of more delicate stripes.

I love this headband set. And the earrings are from the Dollar Tree!


To keep things simple I’ve only included two pairs of pants. Both are super comfortable and easy to pair things with.

I think I looked at every pair of linen pants on Amazon! I read all the reviews and settled on these white linen capris. And they don’t disappoint! They’re not transparent, but you do need nude underwear with them. I like how comfy they are, but still have an elegant appeal to them. I know, it’s so European of me. They look great with all the tops too.

These soft black joggers are a great deal at $12 and perfect for every day. I’m literally wearing them right now as I type! (With my striped tee, haha!) You can wear them at ankle length or hike them up to your calf for a casual look.

Amazon 7 piece black and white wardrobe capsule - oversized boyfriend jean jacket

Jean Jacket

I also completely overanalyzed jean jackets. I mean it took me hours. Oh man, I shouldn’t admit my over-researching problem on the internet. But I landed on this oversized classic jean jacket and I love it. My last jean jacket was just a little too snug so I never wanted to wear it. I decided to go with more a boyfriend style and I’m really happy with it. Just note, it’s already oversized, so go with your normal size. I got a medium and the small might have fit better.

I’m a sucker for classic black inexpensive sunglasses. I like that these are structured and oversized, but not too big. And I wear these lightweight white sneakers all the time. I even bought them in leopard print too!

I’m 5’4″ and 140 pounds. (I really wanted to type 135. Thanks, 2020.) I ordered a medium in everything.

Additional pieces

Of course you can keep adding to these basic pieces. Here are some ideas. (Some are from Target because I own the sandals, sneakers and jeans and love them!)

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  1. The link for the jean jacket doesn’t work. It takes you to the white pants. Could you send me the link?
    Thank you! – Debra

  2. Hey love the new post! And I’m wearing a lot of black white and grey easy and can mix and match! Hope all is well and enjoy the summer 😊

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