Ultimate Money Saving Planner

I’m so excited to share my brand new Ultimate Money Saving Planner with you! After 10 days of homework and worksheets, you will be spending less, have clear financial goals and finally start saving!

It’s a comprehensive 36-page workbook chock-full of money-saving hacks on groceries, technology, cars, housing, cleaning, kids, beauty and entertainment. I have created worksheets to evaluate your current spending and help you create a new, slimmer budget. We’ll prioritize your future goals and establish a 5-year plan. I’ll walk you through each step of the way.

This is a digital planner that you can download and get started on today! You can print them off and stick them in a binder to use again and again.

Printables included:

– 10 days of homework summary
– 5 year budget goals worksheet
– 3 months expenses evaluation worksheet
– How to create a budget with 3 different strategies
– New budget worksheet
– Yearly expenses worksheet
– 100+ ways to save money
– Cleaning recipes for cleaner, laundry detergent, disinfectant and kitchen tips
– How much you should spend on groceries worksheet
– Meal planning 3 ways
– Grocery sale cycles
– How to grocery shop and save big
– Tips on how to make your food go farther
– Blank menu
– Budget Tracker worksheet
– How to do a spending freeze
– Savings goal illustration
– How to pull an extra income
– Reflection and resources (apps/websites)

Your money can work better for you! Most people think they just need to make more, but frequently when we make more we spend more. Instead, let’s focus on our mindset and habits. You don’t have to make big bucks to plan and grow wisely.

Each day will come with a homework assignment and worksheet to fill out. By the end of this10-day program, you will have a new, lower budget and clear plan of how to accomplish your future goals. 

1. See the big picture

Small distractions can rob from more important needs when we only focus on our budget month to month. If we break it down year by year, then we can evaluate what it will take to get there!

2. Evaluate current finances

Next we’ll take some time to evaluate your current spending habits. We’ll carefully evaluate each category and see where we can save.

3. Make a plan

After the first few days of homework it will be time to make a new budget that helps you live within your means and save for those big picture items we established.

4. 100+ saving tips!

You can create a completely organized, minimalistic home, but if you don’t change your mindset it won’t stay that way long! I’m going to talk about our new game plan and shopping “rules.”

Here are all my frugal tips, big and small. When you change your mindset and identify need vs. want, you will see big changes. Beware! It’s addicting. And yes, even fun.

One day of homework is completely dedicated to saving on groceries. I’ll show you three ways to menu plan and save big on food. This cut my monthly grocery bill in half! And now I put that money toward our mortgage each month.

5. Additional income

We’ll talk how to go on a spending freeze occasionally and ways to make extra money. 

I am not a financial professional. These are the strategies that have helped dig my family out of debt and save for the future. I hope they help you too!

You can print it off and put it in a binder, have it spiral bound or laminate certain pages. If you decide to laminate checklists, you can use a dry erase marker to check things off. That way you can use it again and again.

My husband Marcello and I began our budgeting journey together at the age of 30 — $18,000 in credit card debt and renting a run-down apartment

We got side jobs and got serious about paying our debt and saving for our first home. But something happened along the way. We became content living within our means. We were grateful for what we had because we worked hard to pay it off. 

Within 10 years we paid off our credit cards, cars, and had moved into our dream home. I’m not saying that to brag, but to show that with planning and frugal living, you can meet your financial goals!

Living a moderate lifestyle when you’re young will pay off huge when you’re older. Young people tend to think they will make more when they’re older, and secure a financial future then. Maybe you will make more, maybe you won’t. It’s best to start living responsibly today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned over the last decade! It’s all in this 10-day workbook to help you: 1) establish your financial goals, 2) evaluate current spending, 3) learn ALL my money saving hacks so that you can 4) get saving like never before with your new budget!

I donate 20 percent of everything I make to Christian charities supporting people in need.

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