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Best of the blog 2020

Here are my most-read and pinned posts of 2020!

10. Ocean mural in guest bedroom

I added a beautiful ocean mural ($110), painted half walls, and repurposed items from other parts of the house. I can’t wait to give you a tour!

Supper of the Lamb invitation

9. Why do we take communion?

Why do we drink wine and eat bread in remembrance of Christ? Who should do it and how often? What happened at the Last Supper? Let’s see what the Bible says. The meaning and symbolism go DEEP and this will change the way you take the Lord’s Supper!

Black accent wall in living room with DIY art

8. Black accent wall

I have been considering painting these living room walls black for some time. One day I finally just did it! It’s a BIG change, a dramatic change — and I love it! The contrast and depth are just what this space needed.

White reading nook with moulding and Ikea bookshelves - library with bookcases and plants

7. 5 plants you won’t kill

I have a brown thumb. So why should I write a post about plants, you ask? Because these are the ones I have managed to keep alive! And believe me, that’s saying something. I am not a good plant mom.

5 things for 5 minutes - keeping a tidy house can be done with a simple routine of five tasks a day - chores, cleaning, organization, organizing home

6. 5 things for 5 minutes printable

Creating a routine doesn’t have to be difficult! You CAN maintain a tidy home. My new cleaning mind game I’m playing with myself is a game changer! Choose 5 tasks to do a day and do them each for 5 minutes. That’s it!

Breaking tasks down by five minute intervals makes things more manageable. It takes at least 21 days to create a habit. After you fill up this printable, you will have some great habits in place!

white reading nook with ikea shelves, fancy corners trim moulding and plants

5. Reading nook with Ikea shelves

I don’t know why I left this space empty so long! A couple inexpensive chairs and IKEA shelves I already had made the coziest little reading nook. And I can finally see all my books in one spot!

4. Movies for kids

With all this unexpected family time, I thought it would be nice to have some fun family movie nights. Bring on the popcorn! But it’s hard to find wholesome movies for older kids and tweens.

I have two boys (ages 7 and 9) and a girl (5). Here are our top 15 fast-paced, non-Disney-animation picks that parents will love too. AND how to watch free!

The easiest way to frame a bathroom mirror

3. Easiest way to frame a mirror

You can update your builder-grade mirror in less than an hour for about $20! This is one of those projects that was more difficult in my mind than in reality! It looks so much more polished and elegant with the frames. And the best part is there was no painting or nailing.

Kids stay at home schedule by hour printable - with checklist - summer, homeschool, SAHM, coronavirus quarantine

2. At home kid schedule

With a lot of kids home from school this year, I thought I’d create a kid schedule printable to help! We’ve already been home for a week during our spring break and the kids are bickering more and we have no structure. I’m not a routine person, but it really helps with kids.

6 month bathroom tile update

1. How to paint tile (all kinds!)

I worked slowly for eight months, painting every surface imaginable, to update this bathroom with only paint! I painted the tile floors, grout, shower, stenciled the walls, even painted the side of the tub and backsplash! I’ve never had a more dramatic paint makeover than this room. And it cost about $261! You’ll have to see the transformation to believe it.

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2 thoughts on “Best of the blog 2020

  1. I forgot about the ocean mural!! My kids still talk about the At-Home Kids’ Schedule that I printed back when you first published it (I think Cole has it memorized because at 3pm he asks for a snack everyday and tells me it’s snack time haha!!) I may hang this up above his desk while we’re still doing school at home to keep him motivated to finish his work (he’s been dragging it out lately…)

  2. Oh that’s so funny! My kids have alway been like that too — it’s 3 o’clock … time to eat! Haha! So glad you could use it. :)

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