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New Year resolutions worksheet

It’s good to make goals for the new year, but it’s also good to take stock of the past year first. Otherwise, it can leave you feeling lacking, not good enough or comparing yourself to others. 

Goal digger - New Years resolution printable - reflect on last year and look forward to next -

I made this worksheet a couple years ago, but decided to update it so we can spend some time reflecting on what we accomplished during the last 365 days. I bet you’ll surprise yourself when you see it on paper!

For example, last year I struggled with anxiety, I lacked DIY creativity, failed to be consistent on most platforms and wished I would have used some of that time more productively. 

But hold on … I worked through that anxiety and created a worksheet to help others work through it too. I wasn’t feeling creativity in my home, but I created a separate faith Instagram account (@house.of.palms) and even built a website for it (

I couldn’t seem to find my groove work wise, but I spent so much precious time and created memories with my husband and our babies.

And finally, in reflection, productive isn’t my ultimate goal — God, family and growth are. And usually … you just can’t measure those things.

What amazing thing did you accomplish this year? I’d love to cheer you on!

Goal digger - New Years resolution printable - accomplishements from last year and goals for the new year

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5 thoughts on “New Year resolutions worksheet

  1. Aw I love this and your family pictures ! Such a good reminder to look for the good that did happen last year. I’m so excited for your new website !

  2. Kate I was simply looking for a printable growth ruler lifesize. But ….. woah .. wow ..
    I found and recieved soooo much more . Read some much needed stuff and hopefully my subscribing will keep me actively reading. Trust me when I say I found and rcved sooo much more and my finding your site was perfect timing what message I got was also perfect timing . It was just all perfect…. maybe I’m reading too much into it but He’s got the wheel . Thanks for the inspiring reads and the printables look forward to reading following or whatever hits called lol. Thanks, Dondie Deming

  3. Hi Dondie! This comment makes my day! Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me. I don’t think you’re reading too much into it — God’s talking to you. He’s got this! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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