Mountain getaway to NC

I thought I’d go back to old school blogging and share a quick post about our trip to the mountains on the border of Georgia and North Carolina. Our Florida kids saw snow and mountains for the first time! We rented a charming cabin at the top of a mountain in between Christmas and New Year’s.

After being home for over a year, I was looking for something very different that our southern Florida terrain. And boy did we get it! I made tickets and put them in the kids’ stockings for a surprise and we left the very next day.

One of the happiest spots of this trip was seeing what a great team Marcello and I have become over the last 13 years. It takes friction and arguments and compromise to earn trust and become a united team.

Inside the cabin we put a fire in the fireplace, drank hot chocolate, played games and watch movies. The kids had so much fun playing in the loft upstairs and playing hide and seek on the three levels. Internet was spotty and that was perrrrrfect!

I really didn’t take many pictures this trip. I truly wanted to be in the moment. I didn’t even take my Canon.

The view was the star of this cabin! We couldn’t stop taking pictures of those mountains that got prettier with each light of the day. This is from the top balcony.

To do

There were two highlights in this area during winter, both on the same road:

Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center: The kids snow tubed and ice skated for the first time! It’s such a fun little place with Dolly Parton blaring, a fire pit and string lights.

Julep Farms: There is a lovely modern rustic restaurant and shop. There is a small farm for the kids to see with chickens, horses, sheep and such. As well as a yard of games and space for the little ones to run around. There are even cottages to rent (which would be great if you don’t have 4-wheel drive).

Here’s a one minute video of our stay:

Here is the cabin we rented through VRBO. It’s well taken care of, the owners are very kind and I love her simple, but rustic sage green style. My only warning is the drive during winter. The lane to get to the house is winding, steep and one-lane. Four-wheel drive is best. This Florida girl raised in Indiana (think verrrrry flat land) was too scared to drive it! Watch the short video above to see what I’m talking about.

This was such a great end to an intense year. Thank you, Lord, for guiding, providing and protecting us.

Tell me, where is your FAVORITE place you’ve ever been? I’ve got a travel bug now!👇

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