Best posts of Christmas past

These are my posts that have gone crazy on Pinterest and the ones I come back to year after year. I hope you are relaxed and enjoying this holiday season. I refuse to be scrambling and doing my typical crazy wrapping on Christmas Eve this year! Haha! So let’s get organized, shall we?

Vintage Christmas playlist on Spotify -
Vintage Christmas music spotify playlist

Vintage Christmas playlist

Let’s start out with a little Christmas music to get us in the spirit. This playlist got pinned about 68,000 times this year. There are fun songs and traditional songs, but I like the way they fit together in this style. Have a listen and see what you think!

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Best, simple breakfast casserole recipe ever-5

Best simple breakfast casserole recipe ever

I’ve tried a lot of egg dishes in my day and this one is a winner. There is no exaggeration here. This casserole is so simple and so delicious it deserves a casserole award. And the best part is it only takes four eggs! I get asked for the recipe every time I make it.

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Printable Christmas activities for advent

Printable Christmas activities for advent

Advent means the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. We’re counting down the days until we celebrate Christ’s birth — the most notable person of all! Here is what is written inside our little advent house. I tried to think of activities that work for all ages, young and old, so we can do them together over the years!

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Christmas decor - blush and gold - holiday home tour - Walmart, Target-60

Christmas decor home tour: Blush & gold

Yeah, so this is last year. This year I’ve just left the greenery bare. I don’t know why! My kids keep messing with my bottle brush tree collection and putting guys in them like it’s a forest. And my middle child decided that our tree will be a “handmade only” tree this year. Even though they have their own little trees! Haha! So I’m just going with it. It seems to fit well with 2020. Maybe we’ll string popcorn or make those dried orange ornaments. I don’t know! But for now, here’s last year’s blush and gold theme.

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The Ultimate Christmas Planner checklist -
Printable Christmas planner budget worksheet checklist

Free Christmas checklist + budget printables

And I’m not going over budget this year either! I shared two free printables that help me stay organized during December.

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Gift guide for the home - home decor presents - house warming gifts - hostess gift ideas

Gift guides for everyone

And finally here are my gift guides for this year!

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