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Gift guide: For kids

These toys stand the test of time for boys and girls. First we’ll look at the classics they will play with for years. And then I’m adding a big gift list this year — because sometimes it’s fun to knock their socks off!

I have lots more toy ideas on this page as well, broken down by age.

Christmas gift guides for kids - presents for boys and girls - classic toys

Shopping cart (ages 2-5): I don’t know what it is about a shopping cart, but all kids LOVE them. It’s worth getting one that can stand the test of toddler destruction.

Minnie purse set (ages 2-5): This little set casts some kind of spell over kids, haha! They love it. If I were buying for a little girl this age, this is the first think I would get.

Play phone and keys (ages 1-4): Kids want to be just like mom and dad, so you will always win with a fake phone and keys! Prepare to be mocked though when they are “calling” people ;)

Kitchen (ages 2-5): Little kitchens are great for pretend play. My kids have used theirs to play restaurant, family or chef. I used to have it in the kitchen when they were little so they could “cook” while I was.

Play food (ages 2+): This would be a winner on its own or paired with the kitchen or shopping cart. My older kids still even play restaurant sometimes!

Kid camera (ages 3-8): It’s so fun to see what children take photos of, what is important to them. I love flipping through the roll to explore their world.

Cash register (ages 3+): This toy is an all-time fave of kids. It’s still going strong six years later and has really handled the abuse well!

Tricycle (ages 2-4): This tricycle is sturdy and my kids loved the back step so they could haul each other around. This toy is a classic for a reason and they play with it for a lot longer than you’d expect!

Match box garage (ages 3-8): Boys and girls love sets like these with hidden spots for cars and ramps to slide down. This one is always popular

Pedal car (ages 4+): We have the Ninja Turtle version of this pedal car. Kids love it. LOVE it. Someone gave it to us, I don’t think I would have ever bought it on my own. But I stand corrected. Kids are always fighting over it.

Scooter (ages 5+): All three of my kids have this scooter and love it. It’s zippy and affordable.

Costumes for super heroes and princesses: Most popular boy costumes are arguably Spider Man and Hulk. If you can get one with fake muscles you get extra credit. And girls looove princess dresses with alllll the accessories. When I think of four year olds I think of dressing up! They live in an imaginary world where anything is possible.

Legos (ages 5-11): Depends on the age which set to buy, but Legos are popular with boys from age 4 to adult, haha! There are Lego Jr sets for ages 4-7. And more complicated sets from there. My boys (ages 7 and 8) are into Ninjago and Jurassic Park. This is THE most classic toy for boys and keeps interest for YEARS.

American Girl (ages 3-8): These famous dolls come with all different hair and skin tones. There are all kinds of fun clothing and accessories. You can even buy a dress for your little girl to match her doll!

The big toys!

There are those occasional Christmases when we want to go big! Here are my suggestions to knock it out of the park:

Christmas gift guides for kids - presents for boys and girls - big toy ideas for older kids

We bought this for our kids a couple years ago. It actually fits in our bonus room so they can bounce on it all year! This thing wears them out — and that was completely the goal.

Trampolines are so much fun for kids and a great way to burn energy. This one has over 11,000 reviews, coming in at 4.5 stars. I like the 15′ option. Can you tell what I might be researching for this year?

My kids loved their wooden playset before we moved. They especially liked the clubhouse at the top for their hideout. You can hook up a toddler swing as well. Oh my goodness do little ones love this thing! You could hang that swing from a beam on a patio too.

I wanted one of these. You know you did too! This one had the most good reviews and color options. I liked that there is a remote for the parent as well.

Have you seen these hover boards in person? They are so fun! Just be careful, I about ended up on my backside, haha! Somehow the kids manage with ease though.

You can even add a go kart option the hover board!!! This looks so cool. I want one.

How fun would this electric scooter be?! I occasionally see kids zooming by on them on our street.

We had one of these arcade basket ball games in our basement when I was a kid and it was so fun when other kids came over!

After sharing computer with my kids all year for school and games, we finally bought the boys their own Acer laptops. Through Windows I am able to control what games they can play and for how long. I can even set it to show only specific websites I have pre-approved! This will make for a great gift that can use for school as well.

And for the big kids, an Xbox with controller will be a big win!

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