Gift guide: For him

Today’s gift guide is all about him! I asked my husband to sit down with me and help pick out gifts any guy is sure to love.

Christmas gift guide for him - husband, father in law, brother, men, dad

Drones are all the rage and now they’re more affordable! Get ready to make stellar arial videos. This is a best-seller and has about 11,000 reviews.

This coffee grinder and brewer in one is sure to satisfy the coffee lover in your life! Nothing smells better than fresh ground coffee brewing.

This Bose tv sound bar has great reviews and will amp up the volume without having to install multiple speakers. I want one!

We have this projector and it takes up the whole wall! It makes such an impact, so fun to watch movies together.

The Amazon Fire stick makes a great gift for people with Prime accounts. We plugged ours into our projector (above) and can access Prime movies, YouTube and network channels.

This backpack can hold a laptop and has a USB charging port. It has all kinds of functional pockets an compartments for a great price. It comes in 6 colors.

This cool contraption is a hand crank radio/flashlight and phone power bank! This would be great to have on hand for camping, the garage or even emergencies. And you don’t have to worry about batteries running out.

This headset with mic has amazing reviews and will be perfect for the gamer in your life.

This handy kit comes with everything a bearded man could need at a great price.

Cordless clippers are a game changer! No more cords and worrying about where to plug them in. Now I can cut my boy’s hair outside!

For the camper or the relaxer! These hammocks are handy and make a Sunday afternoon all the better.

My husband loved this sleek carbon fiber wallet. It’s a money clip that allows for much less bulk than a traditional wallet.

Here is a traditional, handsome watch that will fit any style.

These Timberland boots are made of waterproof leather and will last years. Marcello said they have to be brown leather and waterproof for him to be interested. So here they are!

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