Gift ideas for a 8-year-old boy

My second boy turned eight last month, so it’s time to update my kid gift list! There’s something here for everyone — the athlete, the scientist, the outdoorsman, the chef … These are the things I’ve noticed 8-year olds go nuts over:

Best toys - Present or gift ideas for 8 year old boys


I’ll go ahead and start the list with the big one at our house: LEGO! And in case you didn’t know, LEGO is singular and plural. I’ve been corrected many times, haha!

It’s hard to now where to start because there are so many sets out there. My eight and nine year old boys tend to play with Chima and Jurassic World sets the most.

Of course prices can get out of and for these small molded pieces of plastic. If you’re looking in the $20 range, I would suggest something like this dino lab or this ship wrecked boat.

Jurassic World LEGO

If you are going to spend a little more, look no further than this LEGO robotic dinosaur set. Can’t get more little boy than that! Or the Chima Striker photo at the top is a big hit.

My boys don’t mind knock off sets to fill out their LEGO world. This entire jungle set is compatible with LEGO but at a fraction of the cost. We own this as well as these:

I also got the boys this LEGO idea book. While I love that they can build pre-made sets with instructions, I also love that they can use the bricks to create and imagine their own worlds.

Ok, this is quickly turning into a LEGO post. Who knew I had so much to say about blocks! This toy has held their interest more than anything else for the past five years! Moving on …

Kid chef gift set - Non toy present ideas - Colorful mixing bowl set, award-winning young chef recipe book, plastic kid knives, kid chef hat and apron

Kid chef gift ideas

All three of my kids love to help cook. I’m starting to give the boys a little more space in the kitchen.

I bought these kid knives for them so they can cut fruit, bread and things. They are plastic with a serrated edge. They still need to be careful, but they’re much safer than a sharpened blade.

And I’m getting this young chef recipe book for the kids for Christmas. It has a 5 star rating and over 5,000 reviews! It’s for grades 4-8 (most 8 year olds are in second or third), but I want to keep him interested while he’s young!

It would be fun to throw in a chef hat and apron too! And maybe a colorful mixing bowl set.

Butterfly farm

The kids did this butterfly farm last year and it was so cool to watch these little worms turn into butterflies! It takes about three weeks. Just make sure little ones know not to disturb them too much.

Remote control car

My oldest got this remote control car last Christmas and they were all fighting over it. I decided to finally get a good one that won’t break the first day! This one has 4 stars out of 3,000 reviews. Now my daughter wants one for Christmas this year!


If he’s a nature boy, he’s sure to think these arrowheads are “sick.” That’s what my kids keep saying. I guess “cool” is out. Some sets come with a chain to put an arrowhead in so they can wear it around their neck.

And how beautiful are these polished agate slices?! Little boys love collecting pieces like these.

Constellation nightlight projector

Constellation nightlight projector

The boys have this nightlight star projector in their shared room. It is SO fun! You can easily set it to shut off after a certain time, rotate or not, different colors. It seriously lights up the whole room! It’s so pretty. Tip: There is a plastic lid on top of the globe to make it less bright for a nightlight. Take that off for full brightness.


We can’t forget about our little artists! My oldest son loves art and drawing, so I bought him this affordable pastel set. He has made so many lovely pieces I hung them up!

Craft station for kids - summer kid activities - craft supply list and ideas

I have lots of craft ideas in this post. You could combine things for one larger present.

Microscope & science set

Eight-year olds still like to pretend and use their imagination. Adriano got this affordable microscope for his birthday, along with a science lab set.

The three kids have had so much fun playing scientists, discovering new dinosaurs and even creating potions that make people stick to things ;)

Stuffed animals

Eight years old is such a special age. They’re still little boys at heart and the world is full of wonder and magic. My eight-year-old baby still loves stuffies and got the sloth and wolf this year. Wild Republic has so many wonderful options.


Board games and puzzles are great to have for family game night. Guess Who is an easy one that even younger brothers and sisters can join in on. AND there aren’t a bunch of little pieces to get lost!

Here are some other fun game options:

Throw in a little candy, popcorn and a coupon for a game night! He’ll be so excited.


Thank heavens for creative authors who have imagined books with humor and clever stories for little boys! Otherwise we would still be arguing over reading time — probably even still learning to read! Here are my boys’ favorite series:

They also love these National Geographic books with all kinds of wonderful facts. When we have quiet reading time, they have such a difficult time to be quiet and not share with each other all the quirky facts they read about. Here are the ones we have:

That’s it for now! Let me know your favorite picks for 8-year olds and be sure to check out my post gift ideas for a 7-year-old-boy for even more ideas!

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Best toys - Present or gift ideas for 8 year old boys

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