DIY rug pillow

Lots of pillow talk this week. Not that kind of pillow talk — get your mind out of the gutter! Actual pillows.

Earlier this week I shared my affordable boho pillow round up (they’re only about $15 each!), but I wanted one larger pillow that would stand out and bring out the fun colors in our rug.

I looked at pillows this size and my picks were getting into the $40-70 range. No thank you. That’s me — champagne taste on a beer budget.

DIY rug pillows

But then I was browsing World Market and saw this 2×3 rug ($20) with the perfect colors. So I got the idea to make the pillow I was looking for! Then I found this fringy bathmat in the clearance section for $10.

They have other pretty 2×3 choices too — see here.

And lots of pretty bath mats with fringe! I’m glad I didn’t see all of these when I was at the store or I would have bought more!

DIY rug pillows - living room with black wall and colorful boho pillows


How to make a pillow from a rug

This DIY is super simple!

You need:

  • rug
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • large needle

Fold the rug — or in this case bath mat — in half.

Sew the long edge on the bottom and one side.

I used the easiest stitch possible — the whipstitch. You just continue to go up through the bottom. I like that it looks rustic and not perfect. You can see how I did it in the video at the end of the post.

Put your pillow insert in. I used down inserts from old pillows.

DIY rug pillows


Changing living room layout or painting a wall or changing things up feels refreshing after spending so much time at home!

All three of my kids want to sit next to me on the couch in the evenings and they’re getting too big to fit! So we moved the couches around so one was facing the TV (instead of perpendicular).

This is what I’m talking about! Haha! Changing the furniture around was free but made the space feel different. I think I really needed that after sitting here for months on end!

DIY rug pillow tutorial

3 thoughts on “DIY rug pillow

  1. Hi Kate – Now this is a “wow” project. Perfect, you have combined colors and textures and the result is up to date and smashing. Just this new idea made the room and couch look totally different and fresh. Do enjoy, I would say blessed with Godly Wisdom and Understanding. Nothing wrong with your ideas, it is economical and lovely and above all else, you share and show how it’s done. You are truly an inspiration for others. God bless and protect you all, enjoy your home and those lovely children. Kind regards.

  2. You’re the sweetest, Elize. Thank you for your kind words and prayer. I pray God’s blessing over your family as well!

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