Gift ideas for a 4-year-old girl

Here are my daughters’ favorite toys! I’ve chosen gifts that will promote pretend play and imagination, as well as durable so they can withstand lots of play. This is such a fun age! I hope she enjoys them.

4 year old present ideas minnie mouse bag purse with accessories

Bag and accessories

The first thing I would buy for a girl this age is this Minnnie Mouse bag with accessories! Little girls love Minnie and my daughter still plays with the accessories years later. Even boys want to play with this when they come over and the purse is durable so it can take little kid abuse! They occasionally change the design, so if this isn’t available here are other great bag + accessories options.

4 year old girl present ideas - cash register with play money

Cash register

We have had this cash register for about 5 years and my kids still pretend play with it! They set up stores and restaurants and charge each other exorbitant amounts, haha! And this thing has been kicked, thrown, stood on … and it’s still going strong.

4 year old present ideas - pop snap beads jewelry crafts

Snap pop beads

Stringing real beads is still hard at this age, but these pop beads snap into place and take the frustration out of crafting. My sister-in-law bought these for my daughter and they are still a hit. She makes all kinds of creations to wear.

4 year old girl present ideas - bike with training wheels

Bike with training wheels

Oh a kid’s first bike! It’s so exciting! Clara when ’round and ’round the driveway over and over. She was OBSESSED. Of course it needs to have a basket. And if it has a doll baby seat on the back, it’s even better!

4 year old girls helmet - gift ideas

And of course, don’t forget the helmet! There are so many fun options.

kid camera - 4 year old gift ideas

Kid camera

It is SO fun to see the world through the eyes of a four year old! The first time I saw the photos my son took at this age with his kid camera, I was blown away to see the things he thought were important. Photos are taken from a lower vantage point and just so cute. They will feel like a big kid with their own camera!

Rain boots

Little kids adore rain boots! It doesn’t have to be raining and they don’t need to be doing yard work. Any time is appropriate for rain boots if you ask them. All three of my kids went through a period where they only wore rain boots for a matter of weeks! If it helps, Clara was a size 10 when she was four.

My little pony - 4 year old girl present ideas

My Little Pony

I loved My Little Pony as a kid, and so does my daughter. I like these hard ones too because she can play with them in the bath and they don’t get water inside. They still make some with “hair” too though.

4 year old gift ideas

Play doctor kit

The world of a four year old is full of wonder and imagination. They can play doctor or become a veterinarian on their stuffed animals.

little girl present ideas - jumbo floor puzzle

Jumbo floor puzzle

All three of my kids loved these large floor puzzles! It’s a great introduction to the world of games and puzzles. I like the 2’x3′ options, like the puzzle shown, but here are some other great floor puzzle options.

4 year old gift ideas - pet and carrier

Pet and carrier

Little girls LOVE stuffies and caring for them. She’ll have fun with a little pet and carrier set.

4 year old girl present ideas - pop up book

Pop-up book

Bring reading to life with a pop-up book! We have several books with flaps and pop-ups that allow children to interact with the story. Makes bed time reading special. It makes for a pretty display on the bookshelf as well.

She’ll be excited to get a set of bows or fun animal barrettes! We spend a lot of time doing hair over here for her to take it out 1 hour later, haha!

wet hair brush

Add in this brush especially for wet hair. I don’t know how, but it works. I have one too! It makes it easier to do their hair, and slightly less painful when they do your hair! We also use this non-toxic leave in hair conditioner.

Toddler toys - Present or gift ideas for a 4 year old girl

I also have a list for 4-year-old boys to checkout:

4 year gifts

See all my kid gift pics by age here!

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