8 great faux plants and stems

Last week I shared five plants you won’t kill and this week I’m sharing eight great faux plants! I told you I’m not a plant purist. A girl with a brown thumb and low light areas needs options. I’ll give you my faux plant tour:

Banana tree and palm leaves

This banana tree is my latest faux tree and one of my favorites! It adds life and tropical feel to my newly painted bathroom.

You can also get banana branches to add to a vase.

8 great faux plants and stems- palm leaves

I have these impressive palm leaves in my dining room right now. Bring on the summer! There are four here. They went on sale at the end of summer last year.

Leafy potted trees

8 great faux plants and stems - tall thin potted plant

This tall, thin potted plant is great for adding height and interest to narrow spaces. Right now I have it on my nightstand. I painted the pot white. This tree is a great price at $44. (Oh! I just saw that it’s sold out. Rats! But it looks like they expect it to come back in stock.)

This artificial ginko tree adds a green, sophisticated touch to my boys’ room. Faux is best in my kids’ rooms because they would be neglected and for sure knocked over!

Faux stems

Bedroom with twin beds and ocean mural - sconces, water art, pale wood floor, aztec rug, french gray, blue and gray and white - neutral guest room

Next up are these faux fig stems. You can poke these anywhere! They are perfect for staging and go with any color palette. I need more! They also have a longer fig stem available.

This is the same bouquet I used for staging my bathroom update.

8 great faux plants and stems- fern branches

These artificial fern stems add a pop of texture. They are oversized and dramatic. I love them here in the reading nook. And they don’t leave little leaves everywhere like the real thing!

Fig tree

Stenciled living room - wallpaper alternative, Light French Gray, how to stencil, white walls, gray couches, colorful rug, big fiddle leaf fig tree, wooden accent table, hanging plants, ektorp ikea

I can think of three more spots I could put this small fig tree! I bought this one at Ross, but here are some more similar options below. (Now I see that Figgy photo bombed this pic. Not to be left out!)

Faux ivy screens

Patio, pool and lanai decor ideas on a budget-blank wall ideas for outside decor - faux ivy screens with mirror and console or potting table

These faux ivy screens completely changed the look of our back lanai! I liked them so much I bought four! Instant ivy growth without the wait, mess or growing into the gutter.

They expand from 15 x 48 inch when fully closed to 116 inch in width. I’ve had them for about a year now and they are still in perfect shape with no discoloration.

Patio, pool and lanai decor ideas on a budget-outdoor patio layout and greenery
Patio, pool and lanai decor ideas on a budget-twinkle lights

I put twinkle lights in the back of two of them that glow so pretty at night.

Ivy strands

Painting French doors black and super cheap black and white pillows

And finally I LOVE these faux ivy strands. I use them for everything —tablescapes, parties, spring decor. I am telling you, draping one strand of ivy with a strand of lights brings a dinner party to the next level!

Table setting outside - Outdoor dining in hot pink and purple- fringe umbrella with faux ivy and rice lanterns

The best part is that they are only $27 for 24 strands! It’s so much ivy you can share with a friend. I’ve never even used all 24 strands at the same time.

And that concludes my house tour of faux plants! Do you have a favorite faux plant? What’s your ratio of faux and real plants at your house?

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