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With most of us not leaving the house and kids home from school during this pandemic, I thought I’d create a kid schedule printable to help! We’ve already been home for a week during our spring break and the kids are bickering more and we have no structure. I’m not a routine person, but it really helps with kids.

My first-grader’s teacher sent a helpful schedule (source unknown) so I made it my own and am looking forward to trying it. I’ll leave a blank one below so you can adapt it to your own family.

Let me know if you use it! I’d love to hear.

Kids stay at home schedule by hour printable - with checklist - summer, homeschool, SAHM, coronavirus, what to do with kids
Kids stay at home schedule by hour printable - with checklist - summer, homeschool, SAHM - blank

PDF: I’ve also been asked for the PDF link so here it is!

You can also laminate them and let the kids check them off with a dry erase marker as the day goes along.


We are three days into the schedule and it’s really working! The first day was the hardest because the kids were used to doing whatever they wanted, when they wanted. But by the second day they were starting to like it! And by the third day they were telling me what was next and looking forward to certain parts.

The first day one kid gave gave me sass so I decided to make a reward system.

Kid coupons - free reward ideas when kids are home for the summer

If you complete a full day and check off each hour you get a kid coupon!

Kindness consequence jar printable

If you sass back or pick fights with your sibling you have to draw from the consequence jar.

First scheduled day

Here’s how the first day went down on Sunday. I shared them in my Instagram Stories. Are we connected on Instagram yet?

Do you have any systems in place that are working well? Or have you tried this schedule? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “At home kid schedule printable

  1. Toilet paper is sold out in Finland too! It´s puzzling! Thank you for this and all your posts on organizing home and time. I´m not a routine person either. I admire your ability to make changes in your life and thank your for being so open about it. Inspiring!

  2. That’s crazy! One good thing in this turbulent time is that we can bond as a global community in ways we haven’t before :)

  3. Thanks for this. We only got announced that we are going into a bit of a shutdown now in south Africa – no school for three weeks, no large gatherings etc. It was announced last night and the toiletpaper was sold out at noon today. Why??!!!?? that and tinned food as well as kitchen cleaner. I think 6 months down the line people will still be sitting with cans of baked beans that they never ate.

    Thanks for your verse above. We have definitely been praying that and declaring it over our house and kids.

  4. Wow, three weeks. I think you’re right, does anyone really like baked beans from a can? haha! I love that you are praying and declaring direct scripture over your family. That inspires me to do the same! <3

  5. Just saw this on Pinterest. I just wanted to say that I’m a homeschool mom and this schedule is exactly what we do at home! Reading your blog, I think we have a lot of parallels. Following! ♥️

  6. Hello!

    I love this printable schedule but need to tweak a few things. I know you have a blank one but I really like the pictures you have on yours. Is your original one editable?


  7. Hi Sarah! No, I’m sorry I don’t have an editable schedule at this time, though its a good idea.

  8. Oh that’s great to hear! I love making new friends here. And may I commend you on homeschooling! It is not for the faint of heart :)

  9. Hi Sarah. I have had requests to make it editable, but haven’t had the time to do it. It takes awhile to make each individual box coded. I’ll add it to the list!

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