Large area rugs under $200

Our living room rug has had it — stains, rolling corners people trip on and smashed in places. I paid $40 for it a couple years ago so I definitely got my money’s worth, but it was time to say goodbye! I thought I’d share some AMAZING deals I found while shopping.

I bought my 9×11′ for $96 with a sale and a coupon, including shipping!

Carpet saver

I invested in a $99 pet carpet cleaner for our rugs and carpet and it has been a lifesaver! I highly recommend it. (TMI: It even got up two different bodily functions from kids and saved a rug I thought was doomed for the trash.)

Just be prepared to see how gross your fam is when you empty the dirty water! It’s crazy!

How to keep the rug edges from curling!:

Cheap large area rugs - warm neon pink orange aqua rug - affordable

Coming Thursday

In a couple days I’ll show you how the new rug looks in the living room along with my new geometric stenciling I did on the walls! It’s so nice to keep layering with things I love. It takes so long to make a house a home!

Large rugs under $200

2 thoughts on “Large area rugs under $200

  1. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I used your link to Rugs USA, and once I tried to check out, it froze and wouldn’t let me complete the order. I tried twice with your link, and eventually went straight to the site, and had no trouble. Thanks for sharing their great sale! Fortunately it wasn’t a high dollar purchase, but still, you should have gotten credit!

  2. That’s strange! Thank you so much for letting me know and trying to give me credit. So nice :) I’ll look into it.

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