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9 affordable wallpaper murals, starting at $55!

When I think of traditional wallpaper, I think of small repeated prints, over and over. Sometimes that’s pretty, but the nice thing about murals is the huge statement they make. It’s like a giant piece of art for a fraction of the cost. The one I’m considering buying on this list is only $59 for 9-foot by 12-foot!

Over the last year, I’ve become obsessed with murals! I put one up in Clara’s room, then the playroom, and now I’m researching for our master bedroom. I’ve found so many beautiful choices that I wanted to share them with you!

Affordable murals - cheap prices for large pieces of art, blank wall ideas, inexpensive wallpaper

garden chinoiserie with greens and pinks

Garden chinoiserie mural, $229

I’ll start with the one that I get asked about the most, even though it’s the most expensive. This was a splurge for me, but a good one. I put it up in my daughter’s room and it’s gorgeous. I’m still crazy about the color palette and quality. Maybe I should have put it in my room!! It didn’t quite fit her wall, so I framed it and it worked famously. You can see it in this post.

jungle palm mural with sage green and coral pop

Palm jungle mural, $128

I put this beauty in our sage playroom. I used half on either side of a large wall and it’s absolutely beautiful. The print reminds me of the illustrations in the book “Where the Wild Things Are.” It’s incredibly detailed and comes in only 4 panels! If the link above is out of stock, you can also check here.

gray bookshelf mural - library

Bookcase mural, $55

I think I’m going to have to buy this one. You could also hand paint your favorite book titles and spines if you wanted! This would work well in a narrow space at the end of a hall or awkward wall that you’re not sure how to fill up. Absolutely love this one.

Bright whimsical flowers with black background - cheap murals

Floral black background mural, $56

This is the one I want to buy next! I just don’t know where to put it! It’s a steal at this price. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile. The colors are perfect and would make your house feel like a wild garden.

Pink roses mural - vintage

Large scale pink roses, $60

Soft and romantic, this feminine mural would be so pretty in a little girls nursery. Or in a woman’s office! That would be dreamy.

Moody floral mural with pink

Moody bouquet mural, $68

I love that dark walls are trending right now and this one would be a showstopper. I’m thinking for a cozy living room or library.

Colorful world map mural

World map, $70

I love maps. I love the traditional colors of globes and atlases — bright, cheery pastels. This would be so pretty in a kid’s room, play room, bathroom, homeschool room …

Large neutral world map mural

Neutral world map mural, $38

Here’s a neutral version of a world map. This could go anywhere! Living room, entryway, mudroom, boy’s room … Think about that blank wall you’re struggling with — this goes there!

watercolored hearts mural - rainbow - girls room ideas

Watercolor heart mural, $72

What little girl wouldn’t LOVE this is in here room! I went a different direction with Clara’s room, but that’s probably because I didn’t see this first. I had something like this in mind, but a rainbow, and the only one I found was $400!! I’m serious. I’m crazy about this one for a playroom or even an odd wall that needs a little fun. You could even trim one column of three hearts out and do it down a narrow wall.

$73 watercolor rainbow hearts wallpaper mural

How about you? Have you ever wallpapered? Would you try a mural?

Affordable murals - cheap prices for large pieces of art, blank wall ideas, inexpensive wallpaper

2 thoughts on “9 affordable wallpaper murals, starting at $55!

  1. Ah!! I love those! Our house is old and has textured walls everywhere, but I love the pink roses, and the maps! <3 If I could put them somewhere I would love to!

  2. We have textured walls too! So far it’s still worked! I probably wouldn’t do peel and stick though, just regular wallpaper paste :)

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