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Huge Christmas gift guide for her, him and kids!

Ready to get Christmas shopping done online today? I’ve got you covered! Everyone is on this list with all kinds of affordable options — her, him, kids, under $25. My best Christmas guide ever:

Christmas gift guide under $25 - inexpensive cheap presents ideas for mom, sister, friend, party, neighbor, host gift, thoughtful - affordable gift guide

Under $25

Car oil diffuser $17: A diffuser for the car! I know! I want one too.

Roller bottles $7 for 6: Making your own essential oil rollers are an affordable DIY gift!

Large bottle brush trees $25: I’m crazy about the pretty colors on this larger bottle brush tree set. I love opening Christmas decorations and remembering who gave them to me.

Label maker $25: This label maker makes my list because it’s classic and doesn’t require specific weird batteries! I like the vintage look.

White ceramic houses $3-8: In case you’ve been under a rock, little white houses are all the rage. And they’re not just for Christmas. You can poke them in decor all year.

Champagne glasses $21, and wine glass markers $6: A great hostess gift would be champagne glasses and bottle of bubbly! A friend gave us wine glass markers and they’e so convenient for names.

Mini steamer $21: I am not an ironer. Chances are your friend isn’t either. We all need one of these.

Wooden cross with olive wood from Bethlehem $16: This is hands down my favorite Christmas gift to give. We have one hanging in our kitchen.

Disco light $10 (you need this in your life!): This tiny light will MAKE any night a party. It is so powerful and SO much fun. I have this one hooked up to an outlet with a light switch so a dance party could break out at any second. Kids LOVE it.

Rope basket $23: This sizable basket is a classic for blankets and toys.

Toiletry travel bag $25 (available in pink and black): Such a great price and stores everything! I want one in pink!

Honest chemical-free eye shadow palette $19: Every girl loves a shadow palette and this one has all the best natural colors zero chemicals! I use it every day.

Makeup brushes $10: A complimentary gift for the palette or travel back are these pretty makeup brushes. I love the way white looks in a glass jar for storage on the countertop.

Christmas gift guide for kids - inexpensive cheap presents ideas for boys and girls - classic toys that everyone will love and play with for years - affordable gift guide

For the kids

These are the toys that stand the test of time for boys and girls. We have lots of kids over to our house AND I teach Sunday school at church. These are the classics that they will play with for years and win Christmas!

Kitchen (ages 2-5) $90: We got this kitchen for our oldest when he was a toddler. So kids have been playing with this kitchen for five years now! It’s a classic.

Shopping cart (ages 2-5) $55: I don’t know what it is about a shopping cart, but all kids LOVE them. It’s worth getting one that can stand the test of toddler destruction ;)

Play food (ages 2+) $15: This would be a winner on its own or paired with the kitchen or shopping cart. My older kids still even play restaurant sometimes!

Tricycle (ages 2.5-5) $49: Tricycles are popular even up to five years old! This classic has a stairs step and is plenty sturdy. My kids give each other rides on the back.

Cash register (ages 3+) $24: This toy is an all-time fave of kids! My boys, 7 and 8, STILL play with it when they play store. We bought ours five years ago and it still gets regular play. And it has really handled the abuse well!

Play-doh fun factory (ages 3+) $5: Kids of all ages always love play-doh! The fun factory is a great gift for $5. Sometimes I even keep a couple on hand for birthday party gifts.

Bubble gun blower (ages 3+) $15: Bubbles and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. Fact.

Costumes for super heroes and princesses $25: Most popular boy costumes are arguably Spider Man (pictured) and Hulk. And girls looove princess dresses with alllll the accessories.

Pedal car (ages 4+) $99: We have the Ninja Turtle version of this pedal car. Kids love it. LOVE it. Someone gave it to us, I don’t think I would have ever bought it on my own. But I stand corrected. Kids are always fighting over it.

Legos (ages 5-11): Depends on the age which set to buy, but Legos are popular with boys from age 4 to adult, haha! There are Lego Jr sets for ages 4-7. And more complicated sets from there. My boys (ages 7 and 8) are into Ninjago and Jurassic Park. This is THE most classic toy for boys and keeps interest for YEARS.

Crafts (4+) $13: Or you could make your own craft kit from the dollar store!

Kid camera (ages 3-8) $28: It’s so fun to see what children take photos of, what is important to them. I love flipping through the roll to explore their world.

Christmas gift guide for her - mom, girlfriend, best friend - affordable holiday gift guide

For her

Tea box $17: Get this for the tea-drinker in your life! It’s great to pull out when you have guests over. Gets the cardboard boxes out of the cupboard too!

Electric tea kettle $23: If you’ve never tried an electric tea kettle, you’re in for a treat! It heats water in minutes. Water does not touch any plastic in this model. And I love the white for the countertop. It brightens things up instead of all black appliances.

Taco ’bout Jesus tee $16: My new favorite tee. I got a medium and it’s big enough to wear with leggings. I did cut the collar banding at the top though, as I do with all my tshirts.

Disco ball 8-inch $15: I put this disco ball on the buffet table in my dining room and every morning when the sun streams in, the room fills with sparkles! It’s so pretty and makes me smile.

Earrings $17: You could go one of two ways with the earrings idea. Buy a multipack — all these choices are so fun! Or choose one pair with higher quality. If it’s for someone young, I say go for all the fun ones! For older women, these pearl earrings are classic and will remind her of you!

Pajama set $20: Wearing actual pajamas to bed feels so luxurious. Wearing a set makes you feel more grown up! I love this pink palm leaf set. And this black set with white piping is elegant.

Floral candle stick holders $15: These caught my eye as something special when I saw them. Candle stick holders are a classic decor piece to hold on to for years to come. And how beautiful are these simple wooden holders?

Juicer $39: For the health conscious person in your life! This is the one I have and I’m quite pleased with it and the price!

Bike $138: I want this bike! It’s so cute! Seriously, I’m asking for this for Christmas.

iRobot Roomba $200: An automatic sweeper? Yes please! Moms need all the help they can get!

TV with art mode! $1,100: Sorry this has now turned into my Christmas wish list. Do you mean to tell me I don’t have to look at a black box as part of my living room decor?! This TV turns into art when not in use! Mind blown.

Christmas gift guide for him - presents for dad, husband, boyfriend, teens - affordable gift guide

For him

Ok, I’m slacking for descriptions here! We’re short-term fostering two little boys and I’m out of nap time! But the leather bands with kids names is my fave pick here.

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