Favorite Amazon home finds

Today I’m sharing my favorite Amazon home finds this year. I’ve had a lot of returns over the past year, but I’ve found some amazing deals! I tried to find the best bang for your buck and also make things functional.

Let’s jump into it!

$55 extra large macrame tapestry wall hanging-2

Large macramé curtain, $55

I’m just going to start right off with my favorite purchase — this large macramé curtain! It’s 50 inches by 75 inches and only $55! If you’ve ever priced macramé wall hangings, you know this price is insane for the huge size.

I wanted some texture on the back of Clara’s wall, behind her desk and mirror and this worked perfectly. It also broke up that black curtain rod that travels all the way across the top.

But you could use this anywhere. I kind of want one for my room too! It would be so pretty as a wedding or shower backdrop.

For the complete source list in Clara’s room, see this post.

Patio, pool and lanai decor ideas on a budget-blank wall ideas for outside decor - faux ivy screens with mirror and console or potting table

Expandable faux ivy trellis, $44

My second favorite buy were these faux ivy trellises! What a difference these made on our back lanai. I don’t know how much time I sat and thought and pinned, trying to figure out what to do with these big blank walls, but these did the trick! I loved them so much I bought four!

patio makeover - before and after

I was surprised how affordable they are for their huge size. They expand to the exact size you need. Mine are fully closed in this picture.

  • Fully Closed: 48″H x 18″L
  • Half Expanded: 42″H x 67″L
  • Fully Expanded: 18″H x 116″L

They’re made to withstand UV rays and mine haven’t faded at all yet in 6 months. One set sees partial full sun, one set does not. Dye does not rub off of the leaves, even when they’re wet.

Patio, pool and lanai decor ideas on a budget-outdoor lights

It gets better! I put Christmas lights behind them and they make the coziest glow year round. Hang them behind the screen before you hang them and you can’t even see them in the day. It’s so fun for night swimming or sitting outside together with a glass of wine.

See our blank patio turned plant-filled retreat in this post.

Cheap fall decor ideas - fall leaf printable - Thanksgiving scripture grateful thankful printable - fall kitchen styling

Small white floating shelves, $25

Many kitchens have some odd sized wall space in one spot or another, so why not add a couple of small floating shelves? Theses two white floating shelves fit perfectly in this space and give me a place to style in our blank, white kitchen!

Olive tree | Wood shelf | White electric tea kettle

Cheap fall decor ideas - fall leaf printable - Thanksgiving scripture grateful thankful printable - fall kitchen

Forgive my little hole there to the left of the pear. This was the first time I hung shelves by myself! Those white plastic anchors make me feel so stupid! Haha! But now I’ve got a trick for you.

Self-drilling drywall anchors and screws - these are life-changing!!

These zinc, self-drilling drywall anchors rock! You just screw the anchor in with the screwdriver and then screw the screw in. It’s so simple! Where have these been all my life? Much more simple AND much stronger — holds up to 50 pounds.

cheap macrame plant hangers $5

Macramé plant hangers, ($9 for 2)

The easiest way to bring life and vibrancy is to add a plant! I’m not into curtains at the moment — maybe because my kids have pulled two sets down — so I had the idea when we moved in to make a curtain of plants on this window.

Cheap macrame plant hangers

There are two sets of hangers here:

I chose plants that are easy to care for — pothos, ivy, and whatever that succulent-type plant is on the end. Obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I have four pothos plants and haven’t killed them! I love how fast they grow and how they drip down. All I do is lightly water them once a week.

This disco ball creates a party every morning when the sun shines in the dining room!

Disco ball, $15

This disco has been my most fun Amazon home find by far! Every morning is a party when the sunlight shines in the dining room. I think everyone needs one, maybe in every room.

Now I want a disco ball in every room

Sparkles change in size and brightness as the sun moves about its business. It makes the space happier.

Black and white pillow covers ($15 for 4!)

If you’re like me and like the idea of mismatched pillows, but have a hard time coordinating them well, this is for you! And they are FOUR 18-inch pillow covers for $15!

They have zippers, which is handy. I used old pillows I don’t care for anymore as inserts. If you don’t have any old pillows, Ikea down inserts are nice. And sometimes pillows on clearance at TJ Maxx or Marshalls are cheaper inserts!

Painting French doors black-15

This is a shot of all four pillows together. I feel like in multi-packs there is usually one you don’t really like, but I actually really like all of them!

cheap gray and white buffalo check pillow covers

Buffalo check pillow covers ($12 for 2)

While we’re on the subject of pillows, these were a great find too! They come in all different color selections as well.

beige and white buffalo check pillows

Just FYI, I ordered the beige ones first and the material is hardier and less likely to pill than the gray set. That said, I would still buy both of them again.

White string lanterns for soft lighting in kids rooms

Lantern string lights ($13)

I have these lantern string lights in both of the kids’ rooms. I put two sets of lights together in these photos.

What I love about them is the soft light they give off for reading or if someone is scared of the dark. The overhead light is too strong and I want them to get sleepy and stay in bed! (We also use a nightlight and turn these off when they’re asleep.)

Teal board and batten wall - accent wall - star stamped ceiling in boys shared room they can grow into

I plugged them into outlets that go to the switch to make it easier. Although, it looks like the boys stole my extension cord for something when I took this picture! Haha!

The only downside to these is that you have to put them together yourself. But the lantern itself is a thin plastic material, not paper, so it will hold up longer.

Accordion hooks for kids room

Accordion rack, $11

I have one of these accordion racks with hooks in each of the kid rooms too! It’s a quick place for them to hang sweaters, bags … you know, maybe get a couple things off the floor for once?

This is in the boys’ room and has a lot more than just these two things on it right now!

accordion hook rack for little girls dresses instead of hangers

And this might not be the most beautiful styling for the rack, but right now I’m using it in Clara’s room to hang her dresses.

She LOVES dresses and tries different ones on during the day. She can’t reach her dressers on hangers in the closet very well, so they all end up on the floor. This way she can put them back! AND we can see them all and keep them in rotation instead of forgetting one in the back of the closet.

Self adhesive toilet paper holder from Amazon $

Self-adhesive toilet roll holder ($12)

This one is isn’t really home decor, but it was so darn great I had to share it! When I did makeovers in the kids’ bathrooms (here and here), I got rid of the ceramic paper holders on the walls.

It was such an ordeal to get them out and patch the holes that I didn’t want to do anything permanent or screw something into the vanity. But look what I found: a self-adhesive toilet roll holder!

I literally just peeled off the back of the sticker and stuck it on! And it is still as sturdy as the day I did it. Hooray!

Amazon home decor finds and deals - macrame tapestry, pillow covers, plant hangers, accordion rack, hooks, faux ivy screen6

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