$200 Walmart wardrobe capsule

This mom is ready for school drop offs and pick ups! All three kids are in school this year and I’m nailing my causal wear. Maybe I’ll work out, probably I won’t, but this Walmart wardrobe can go loungewear or workout. The main criteria is: Will I throw this on to pick my daughter up at preschool?!

200 dollar Walmart wardrobe capsule - including shoes, socks and bralette

I went for gray and pink for my palette this time. (See past capsules here.) I bought everything online at Walmart and am quite pleased how it all works together! It’s great for the warm weather right now, but will transition into fall with layering. If you bought everything in this capsule it would be around $200! That includes shoes, socks and a bralette.

After lots of time picking out items and returning quite a few, here’s what works for me:

Every thing mixes and matches easily, but I chose three outfits to show you:

Tie dye top and jean joggers with elastic ankles -

Outfit 1: Look, I’m not wearing leggings for once!

This tie dye tank and sandals are probably my two favorite purchases. I’ve worn the tank so many times already that my husband said “you really like that top, huh?” Haha!

And I love the shoes so much that I bought two more pairs! BECAUSE I am picky about sandals! I ordered a $50 pair because they were supposed to be so comfortable with memory foam. I took them back and am SO much more happy with this $15 dollar pair. And the rose gold goes perfectly with my pops of pink in this capsule.

These jean joggers are so comfortable and I like the elastic detail at the bottom. They have kept their shape well so far. I am usually a size four and am happy with the small.

Jeggings and pink hoody - Walmart wardrobe capsule - gray and pink comfortable outfits with leggins and jeggings-12

Outfit 2: Ok, I AM wearing leggings, but they’re actually JEGGINGS.

This is a photo of me not taking myself too seriously. After all, who puts on different outfits and takes pictures of them while the kids are at school? Forty-year-old bloggers who are excited about jeggings, I guess!

I’ve really been missing out with this jeggings thing. They are so stretchy and actually feel like leggings! They are a little distressed, but not overly so. I’m a big fan! Get your true size, otherwise the back waistline could slip down.

This striped tank is lightweight and perfect for layering. It also has armholes that don’t show your bra!

This pink hoody is lightweight too and I know will be a staple of mine heading into the fall. It’s such a flattering blush color.

And we know how I feel about the shoes.

Walmart wardrobe capsule - gray and pink comfortable outfits with leggings and jeggings-6

Outfit 3: Yeah, these are totally leggings. (And I love them.)

Allllll the coffee for this mom of three, trying to make sure homework is done, slips are signed, uniforms are on (are you wearing underwear?), teeth are brushed (usually), lunches packed, snacks zipped up, water bottles in the bags and drop offs are on time!

I’m a big fan of these dark gray leggings. The dark gray pairs nicely with light gray tops and, lets just be real, makes legs look thinner and hide coffee stains.

Walmart wardrobe capsule - gray and pink comfortable outfits with leggins and jeggings-5

This flattering gray sweatshirt goes on top of any of the other tops during cool mornings. I like the layer detail, that it covers the bum and has a different neckline.

Underneath I have the white layered tee, shown below. I should have taken a photo in it too because I love it. It’s slightly sheer, but works with a nude bra. You can see it in my video toward the end.

Walmart gray women's sneakers

These sneakers are $9! I left the laces loose and I can just slip them on. Are you going to run a marathon in them? No. But they are super comfortable. These were a great buy! The shoes online showed a white swish, but the swish was gray on the pair I received in the mail.

I also bought a gray hat too for those days I’m out of dry shampoo or my frizz game is winning. It is slightly distressed and adjustable. I have a small head and this works for me, but also goes quite a bit bigger, as you can see in the pic.

I bought this bralette for half of the price I paid for one at American Eagle and I like it better! I bought two and probably would have bought more if they had been in stock. If your size is not available online, check in the store. That’s what I had to do.

Walmart wardrobe capsule - gray and pink comfortable outfits with leggins and jeggings-11

Go! It’s already time to pick the pre-schooler up! And then the others two hours later! It looks like I’m beginning to enter the chauffeur stage of life. I kept things simple for as long as I could, but now sports will begin, two different schools. It’s just you and me now, minivan.





Shoes & Accessories


Every six months or so I do a wardrobe capsule like this and I’ve started keeping it in this hanging organizer from IKEA.

IKEA hanging organizer to organize wardrobe capsule

It keeps things simple instead of letting them slide in the abyss of the rest of my closet. When I’m rubbing my eyes in the early morning, I can just grab a top and a pair of pants and know they’ll match. One outfit is missing, however, because I was wearing it when I snapped the pic!

NOTE: Some items on Walmart’s website are sold from third parties and will need to returned by mail instead of to the store. I returned several purchases through the mail by printing off the label from their website. It was simple enough, I just want to save you a trip to to the store.

Here’s the try-on I shared over on Instagram. It’s now saved in my highlights under “capsule.”

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200 dollar Walmart wardrobe capsule - including shoes, socks and bralette


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Photo editing

These photos were edited with my preset Tropical Sunkiss, $10.

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  1. Hi Kate, what lovely matches!! The colours are prefect, and the clothes fit beautifully. You are looking very smart, the kids must be very proud of their up-to-date Mom :) Enjoy all your new outfits, you are looking smashing. I hope the other ladies take advantage of the Walmart goods, I am sure they will when they see how well the clothes fit you. Enjoy some free time while the kids are out at school. I painted some large garden pots today, thinking about you with your painting adventures. They looked quite bad on the outside, yet no cracks or chips, just a hole in the pot when the hail smashed it, now they will do for some time and I am happy to have re-cycled them. I must confess, painting is not for me, but you are a good inspiration. Much love, go well with the blessings of the Lord.

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