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Painting French doors black

This will probably be my last blog post until August! My kids are home from school for the summer and I want to be present for all the fun! Ok, I also want to be present for the arguments. I feel like this is a crucial time to teach them kindness and how to be a good friend in the (heated) moment.

You can see all my kid activities and discipline ideas on my Kids page. Day one of summer break yielded early bedtimes and three draws from the consequence jar! Oy, this could be a long summer.

I also have some goals. We’re going to memorize one Italian expression each week and the books of the new testament. I set small goals. Last summer we memorized the fruits of the spirit and that was it! But they still know them because that was all we focused on.

But come follow me over on Instagram, I’ll still be posting there!

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Painting French doors black without scraping glass or taping off

Ok, now onto the painting the front door!

The first thing I did to this entryway was add the board and batten wall. It was only $100 and I did it by myself without power tools! Here is the board and batten tutorial.

Painting French doors black-before

It made a huge difference to the space! Then I kept eyeing that space (instead of watching the TV, haha!) and decided painting the door black would add the perfect amount of drama and contrast.

Here’s a good ol’ before and after:

$150 transformation - Front entry makeover with door painted black and inexpensive DIY board and batten wall

I would say that this transformation cost about $150.

Painting French doors black-15
Painting French doors black-5
Painting French doors black without tape or razors
The cheater's way to paint French doors black - without tape or razors
Painting French doors black-the easy way
The easy way to paint French doors
Painting French doors black and super cheap black and white pillows
How to paint French doors - black paint and trick for mutins

Here is how I painted the doors:

How to paint French doors

Painting with the artist’s brush is a bit monotonous, but didn’t actually take as long as I thought it would. It’s better than taping off or scraping paint of glass with a razor — in my humble opinion.

$14 for 4 pillow covers - the cheapest set of black and white pillow covers

I have to mention that these black and white pillow covers are a steal. They are $15 for FOUR of them! They zip on the bottom and are white on the back. I love them.

Painting French doors black - DIY door painting

And it’s been awhile since I raved about these Ikea Ektorp couches. We’ve had them for … gosh I don’t know … probably nine years! They have been washed 30+ times. I am NOT kidding. I wash them, dry them in the dryer and put them right back on. Not just the cushions, the whole darn thing. And gray hides all the terrible things kids do to them.

For more detailed instructions

Here is the full tutorial on how I painted the front of the door. I used the same process for the inside.

How to paint french doors black - DIY paint the front door

8 thoughts on “Painting French doors black

  1. Kate, the French doors in black really make a nice change and add great definition to the area. Great job!

  2. Can you send the colors listed in your happy palette? We are looking at colors at our church pre-K & K school. Interested in soft blues & greens for walls.

  3. Wow. You have a such a lovely home. I can’t even believe how much I love the clean aesthetics. I got a new french door from home windows houston and I thought mine were beautiful, but your doors are a step above the rest.

  4. Thank Jenny! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your doors as well :) I need to muster up the motivation to paint my other three French doors! Yikes.

  5. Hi Kate

    Wow! Awesome this just painting door black has brought such a great difference to your living room.

    These doors are of wood right ?
    Not Upvc?

    Best wishes

  6. It really did make a big difference! The doors are some kind of plastic, not real wood. But they are old and have been painted before.

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