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Favorite affordable light fixtures

I love consistency throughout the house and I’ve tried to do that with paint colors, as well as lighting. These are all the fixtures I currently have in my house. I took a lot of time to find the most affordable and timeless lights. Let’s take a little tour!


I have a love affair with capiz lighting. I love shells. I love shimmering things as much as a raccoon. And I like how they coordinate with one another.

Favorite affordable light fixtures-capiz shell chandelier
Favorite affordable light fixtures-capiz shell chandelier

I love this unique capiz chandelier so much I bought two! I put one in the master bedroom and one above the bathtub in the master bathroom. It’s a combination of fancy and boho, just the way I like it. If it’s not on sale, wait for one. I bought it for $150.

(Please excuse my half paint job here. I’m slowly doing a mini makeover here!)

This capiz flush mount fixture ($149) is the jewel of Clara’s room. I was looking for something special that didn’t hang down, as she doesn’t have high ceilings, and this was a clear winner.

white blank picture window with round jute rug and capiz globe light fixture

The fixture I have in my house is from West Elm but is unfortunately no longer available.

The only substitute I can find is this beautiful capiz honeycomb chandelier. And I don’t actually consider this “affordable,” really. So I am a bit sad because West Elm no longer carries the one I have. It’s so beautiful and was somewhat less expensive the substitute I have here. Nonetheless, I love the look so much I imagine I would save until I could buy this one!

It hangs down in front of the window at our front entrance and gives a soft glow in the evening. It’s unique and makes a statement.

P.S. I have big plans for this space! Bookshelves to the ceiling and fireplace!


White dining room with large table and board and batten wall

This oversized drum pendant (34 inches!) makes a big statement for $200. I bought this for our last house and still love it so much I bought it for this house too. It’s big, but not obtrusive. It gives a soft glow for cozy evenings.

Favorite affordable light fixtures-ikea alang

I replaced all the “you know what lady part” lights (I don’t want anything weird showing up in my ads!) with these Ikea ALANG flush drum mounts ($44). They blend with any style and look more expensive than they are.

Update: They have discontinued these drums. Two more very similar options are here and here.

Neutral guest bedroom with bamboo pendant light and blue ceiling - harbor haze

This natural, basket pendant makes a big statement for only $70. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.


Front porch makeover with paint - cheap modern outdoor light fixture for 100 dollars

I wanted something a little different outside. I don’t know why but I don’t love lanterns, so that knocked out half the options. When I saw this black, modern pendant option I was sold! And it is made for outdoors, which is important.

You can see how I transformed my boring entry with only paint here!

Ceiling medallion

world market capiz pendant light
inexpensive plastic ceiling medallion adds instant character and detail

I’m a little bit crazy about this inexpensive ceiling medallion ($14). It’s just a thin, plastic piece that you put on before installing. I have four of them! I like to buy the same one so that they match and are consistent.

I painted the one in the guest room blue, but left the others as is.


neutral living room with white walls gray ikea sofas giant fiddle leaf fig tree - frugal home decor

I think most decorators don’t love fans, but it’s so hot in southwest Florida that we have to have them! I chose this silver industrial fan for it’s simplicity and price (can’t beat it — $68). We have one in the kitchen as well.

My boys use a fan every night to sleep. I replaced their brown and brass, sagging fan with this simple, white LED fan ($119). I love that it just fades into the background.

Simple and cheap lighting

5 thoughts on “Favorite affordable light fixtures

  1. Hello Kate, lighting is so important! You have made good decisions in each room, yet my favorite is the one in Clara’s bedroom, it is just so beautiful, love the petal shapes and the light distritubution must be fabulous. I love the wall covering in her room it is very sophisticated. That range in wall paper is so gorgeous and the colors are exceptional with their intricate patterns. Decorating a home never ends, I thought I am now finished, alas, there is always something [which is really necessary] to replace or update! Home is where the heart is, appreciate it, care for it, “live” in it and enjoy it. God bless and enjoy your challenges :) much love.

  2. Thank you so much, Elize! I love Clara’s fixture too. And I completely agree, there is always something (which is completely necessary) to update! haha! It’s so fun to create a happy, well-lived in home :)

  3. I see that some of the links are broken! I’ve updated them. I don’t know why stores occasionally change the links, but it creates a mess in the blogging business, haha!

  4. Hi! I love the light you have in Clara’s room. Was looking at putting that in my master closet ( we just updated it with white built ins……….does the light put out a lot of light? Want to make sure to get something that is very bright as there are no windows there. Thanks!

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