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Blue green board and batten wall in boys’ shared room

The boys room was very bland and needed some pop! I decided on a bold, teal accent wall with board and batten ($100). I added a fun detail to the ceiling by stamping it with a star in the same color ($5). I also found some affordable posters ($9) and hung them with cheap wooden dowels ($2.50) on the opposite wall. I’ve got all the tutorials for them right here!

Let’s start with the before photo:

You’re impressed with me as a home decor blogger right now, aren’t you? Dated, sagging fan, super disgusting carpet, Christmas lights for days and orange and green bedding. The things dreams are made of. I thought the bedding would be ok when I bought it, but it just ate away at me every time I looked at it. I’m an aesthetic junkie.

Teal board and batten wall - accent wall - star stamped ceiling in boys shared room-ikea bunkeds - benjamin moore newburg green

So I took down the string lights, put the comforters in some old duvet covers I saved and found some sheets on clearance at Target. The wall was very simple to do and really made all the difference in this room!

We also happened to be getting new floors in the bedrooms during this time. Hooray!

Teal board and batten wall - accent wall - star stamped ceiling in boys shared room- wooden dresser
Star ceiling in boys room - star stamp - simple white fan with LED light
Ikea blue and white ticking stripe duvet
Star stamped ceiling in boys shared room - wooden dresser - south american art
Boys shared room with black bookcase and armchair and stars on ceiling - blue and white - vintage posters - globes
globes on bookshelf - styling for boys room - star stamped ceiling
Vintage looking dinosaur poster - art for kid rooms
Boys room with armchair and vintage posters

I found that chair at a consignment store for $25!

black bookshelves in boys bedroom - vintage poster - lords prayer free printable
Vintage inspired insect poster for boys room - kid room art ideas
black bookcase in boys room - vintage posters - pale wood floor - globes - armchair - star ceiling - boys room styling
Boys room ideas - blue board and batten accent wall - natural wood bunkbeds - star ceiling - simple white fan
Teal board and batten wall - accent wall - star stamped ceiling in boys shared room
Peacock green accent wall in shared boys room with starry ceiling

I made this Lord’s Prayer poster for the kids when they were little to help them learn it. You can get a free copy over in this post.

Boys shared room - Lego work station and storage

The boys’ Legos live in large bins under this Ikea coffee table. This is what has worked best for us so far.

Bunk bed organizer hangs off to the side and attaches with velcro

I found this bedside organizer for the top bunk because my son doesn’t have a nightstand. He likes to stay up a little later than his younger brother and read, so this works great.

Teal board and batten wall accent wall with star stamped ceiling
Wooden shelf with hooks for kids backpacks and special place to keep library books

I use this wooden shelf with hooks for the boys to put their backpacks (sometimes they make it there). And the slot is for library books so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Here are the tutorials for the wall, ceiling stars and DIY poster hanging.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green - the perfect mix of green and blue - peacock color - bold paint - teal

Paint color

I’ve been obsessed with this rich color ever since I saw it. Benjamin Moore Newburg Green a transformative peacock color that looks blue or green, depending on the light. I still find myself eyeing it, trying to determine which it is!

I thought the dark color would make the room look smaller, but just doing one accent wall actually gave the room more depth.

Teal board and batten wall - accent wall - star stamped ceiling in boys shared room


This is my third board and batten wall that I have done by myself. My first one was in the entryway and that post has a full tutorial. The second was in my dining room where I added a shelf on top.

This one is more simple, just vertical boards. I wanted the accent wall to have some depth and interest to it.

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Tools you need for a board and batten wall with no power tools


  • 2×3 common boards
  • tape measure
  • hammer
  • finishing nails
  • level
  • caulking gun
  • liquid nails
  • caulk
  • paint
  • roller
  • paintbrush

I used common boards for the cheapest solution, but you have to make sure you get the straightest ones of the bunch. Some of them are crooked. (I’m sure that why all my boards are not perfectly straight, haha!)

I see lots of other DIYers using MDF board, which could be a great solution.

To say I did it all by myself is a bit of a fib. Clara helped me paint. She took angry selfies on my phone until I let her roll.

Finishing edges with an artists brush

I used an artist’s brush (my usual trick) to get in those difficult spots around the boards at the top.

Ceiling stamp

I was so pleased with the bold wall, but I wanted one more touch — stars on the ceiling. It needed just a little bit of magic in here.

I sure as heck wasn’t going to wallpaper a tray ceiling (or any ceiling for that matter) so I looked and looked for the perfect large star stamp. And I found it!

I put a small amount of the same paint from the wall on a paper plate and carefully stuck it to the ceiling, gently pressing on all the edges and middle. I got three stamps out of each dip of the plate.

Teal board and batten wall accent wall with star stamped ceiling

I eyeballed the spacing. I didn’t need that to be perfect — or the stamps. I like that they each look a little different.

DIY poster hanging kit

I balanced the wall opposite the accent wall with these vintage posters ($9). The boys picked their favorites and I narrowed it down to these.

I didn’t want to pay $17 for a poster kit to hang them, so I made my own for $3! Like this:

Simple way to hang posters for 3 dollars

I like to hang art that will have exposed nails with upholstery nails instead of regular nails. Just a little bit prettier :)

Teal board and batten wall - accent wall - star stamped ceiling in boys shared room they can grow into

So what do you think? Would you try any of these projects? What projects do you have going on at your house?



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8 thoughts on “Blue green board and batten wall in boys’ shared room

  1. Hello Kate, This is a “wow” project! I just love what you have accomplished. I so love all the “white” interiors I see on internet, alas, our home is a bit too small for all that, besides, I love color, from pastels to the warm Tuscan shades. The room has been totally transferred from bland to grand! I bet the boys are also loving it. Everything has turned out just great even the bed organizer is perfect especially for the late owl who enjoys a bit of a read. The stripe linen always works. When I was small we had candy broad stripe linen, it makes your sleep that bit more special, bed linen needs a bit of extra attention, you have really perfected that room, later just get that easy reading chair recovered, sorry, it would look great in a teal color as well – so I think. I love the flooring much easier to keep clean and Clara has left her stamp of approval. Thanks for sharing your projects, your home is becoming more like yourself! I really loved the read can’t wait for the next – God bless :)

  2. Thanks, Elize! It’s fun to slowly add some color in the house. I’m trying to use a color palette now, unlike my previous houses, haha! And I agree, striped linen always works. Best to you!

  3. Hi Kate,
    I just discovered your blog through Laurenbernsinteriors, and I really like it. What you are doing with your home is beautiful. I read the story of how you found your home, and we have a similar story with our current home( things lined up in a miraculous manner for us to afford a home we needed). All glory to God.
    Keep up your good work!

  4. That’s amazing, Valerie! It makes the home so special when you know God put you there. Thanks for your kind words! Hope you’ll be back :)

  5. Hi! My husband and I LOVE Newburg green and are planning to paint an accent wall in the living room. What neutral color did you paint the other walls in this room? Thank you! Also, you did an AMAZING job!

  6. Thanks! I think it would go with any neutral. This is some kind of light beige that was already here when we moved in. It wouldn’t be my first pick, but I haven’t mustered up the energy to paint it!

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