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Porch makeover: I painted the walls, doors and floor!

Everyone loves a good before and after — especially when it was all done with paint! You have to come see the before picture. I’ll show you how I painted our french doors black and how I stenciled the floor using a large-scale stencil.

I painted the door and stenciled the floor for about $100.

Here’s a before and after:

Front porch makeover with paint - stenciled floor with floor and porch paint
Front porch makeover with paint - white house with black french front doors

I’m so excited to walk in the front door of this new entryway. It has been a dramatic change with only paint and a few touches. I’ll show you what it looked like when we moved in a year ago.

Front porch makeover with paint - before with brown paint and white french doors
Front porch makeover with paint - -before - beige brown paint and white french doors

I love the structure of this house, I just couldn’t get past the baby poop brown color. Every time I pulled up to the house I imagined painting it white. And then one day I just started!

Front porch makeover with paint - before - white french doors

1.Paint the walls.

Marcello helped me start painting, but my father-in-law really did most of the work. He worked tirelessly. I don’t know where he gets his energy, but I’m grateful!

White walls made SO much difference. It looked like a new house! I painted it the same color as the trim to save time and money. There was already about four gallons of it in the garage.

Front porch makeover with paint - cheap modern outdoor light fixture for 100 dollars

I changed out the light fixture for this more modern one that’s only about $100. I didn’t want a lantern or anything too rustic, so this one was perfect and very affordable.

We also changed out the very outdated door handle for a smart code keypad. It was so rusted and loose, I’m pretty sure someone could have kicked it off. We actually updated all the door handles in the house to these black ones. I was surprised how much it updated the house.

How to paint french doors black - DIY paint the front door

2. Paint the front doors.

This part took some trial and error. Before I confuse you, here are the correct instructions:

How to paint French doors - black paint and trick for mutins

Not bad, right? The artist’s brush worked as well here as it did that time I painted my kitchen cabinets without taking the doors off!

I wish I would have tried that in the first place, because I sure did make a mess. I thought I might have had a DIY fail on my hands, but I was able to save it. I did it around the door handles and everything.

How NOT to paint French doors

I thought I could save time by sliding paper behind the mutins and paint light enough to slip them out. But I did not in fact paint light enough and they did not simply slide out. They did this:

And left paper stuck to the door. AND the paint started to peel because it wasn’t dry yet! AHHHH! Some of you laughed along me and my struggles on Instagram stories :)

The artist’s brush fixed my streaks and took a lot less time than blue taping everything — which also would probably make the paint peel. And this paint did stick to the plastic mutins.

3. Stencil concrete floor.

This is a case of oneprojectleadstoanotheritis. I was so pleased with the white walls and front door that I wanted to stencil the floor.

It was kind of a plan of mine, but when I saw the mess we made painting the walls with no drop cloths, it was also kind of necessary. Ha!

I have stenciled before. I did the boys’ bathroom with navy and white in our last house and it was tedious and difficult. Worth it, but difficult. I also stenciled Clara’s room in ballet pink and it was beautiful.

My point is, I wanted the easy way out this time and chose a large-scale stencil. I chose the largest one available for bigger impact and less work!

This is the Athena Tile Stencil. I bought the 21-inch size.

It’s not perfect, yet I’m very pleased with it. It adds character and interest that the space was lacking.

Stenciling floors isn’t as hard as walls. It’s pretty intuitive.

How to stencil a concrete floor

  • Get a clean surface.
  • Place the stencil parallel to the wall.
  • Dab floor and porch paint on from above with a sponge. Not side to side.
  • Gently pull up the stencil.
  • Wipe off the stencil and allow it to dry a minute.
  • Repeat the pattern.
  • Touch up with a sponge brush.
stenciling concrete floor - before
Front porch makeover with paint - How to stencil concrete

I don’t like it when stencils don’t go all the way to the wall or edge. I fold then stencil up like this and maneuver it around so the pattern is complete.

How to stencil an outdoor concrete floor

In addition to using a large-scale stencil, I also tried a sponge for the first time. I bought a pack of six of these for a dollar at the Dollar Tree. Why did I waste so much time using a sponge brush on my last projects! This was a great time saver.

I used a sponge brush to touch up where the stencil didn’t line up perfectly.

Cheap front porch makeover with paint - 100 dollars

I’ve got to be honest, I can look up the color I used, but I basically picked a random cream as I stood in line. I knew it wouldn’t matter too much as it would be trafficked and muddied. And on top of this steel blue/gray color anything would work.

4. Adding in details.

Finally I added in some details — wreaths, pillows, welcome mat and plants.

You can see how I did this board and batten wall in our entry by myself with no power tools for $100 here.

Growing bougainvillea on the side of a house

We planted bougainvillea in front of all the columns in hopes that they will climb the walls. It’s pretty hardy and aggressive, so hopefully it takes!

Front porch makeover with paint - growing bougainvillea on house
Front porch makeover with paint -  hanging plants
Front porch makeover with paint - painting the front French doors black
Front porch makeover with paint - wreaths with command hooks
Front porch makeover with paint - black french doors and stenciled floor
Front porch makeover with paint - cheap pillows - gray buffalo check

These gray buffalo pillow covers are two for $13. I even bought a pair in beige too to put in Clara’s room! Great price. I already have a dozen pillows I’m not into anymore, so I used them as inserts. Sometimes you can even find sale pillows for less than inserts.

Front porch makeover with paint - welcome mat with rain boots and black door and stenciled floor

Leave me a comment, let me know what you think and what you’re working on. It absolutely makes my day to hear from you!

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Front porch makeover with only paint - walls, floor stencil and French front door - before and after

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Stencil – 22″
Pillows covers
Plant hanger ($7 for 2!)
Bench – came with the house
Wreaths – TJ Maxx
Welcome mat – TJ Maxx

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22 thoughts on “Porch makeover: I painted the walls, doors and floor!

  1. What an amazing welcome to your home. I like the idea of a black front door, too. My house is ranch style, so planning stages is the hard part.
    We have no shelter or trees, so all outdoor decor must be nailed down. I can clearly see all of my neighborhood from my front patio and it creates a great community. We share eggs, sugar, trips to the store, children watching, trashcan moving, car projects and love for the animals. I love that your in laws are such an integral part of life. My parents help me with all sorts of things, adult relationships with all the perks of being the youngest kid (translate:spoiled).

  2. Thank you, Heather! Sounds like you have a wonderful, storybook neighborhood. What a blessing! And I agree, having close relationships with extended family is a wonderful gift to us and kids.

  3. I love this! Planning a porch makeover too, and really wanted to do a black door.. but think I settled on a very dark navy to go with my house color better! Hoping mine turns out as well as yours!

  4. Hi,
    This makeover is beautiful! I was wondering how you changed the grid in overhead glass from white to black?

  5. Wow the grids in the overhead window were attached on the exterior of the window and not between the 2 panes…..lucky!!

  6. This looks so great! Would you be able to tell me the color of porch paint you used on your project please. I’m most interested in the base blue/grey color. But if you have both, that would be fabulous :)

  7. Hi Amy! I’m so sorry, I don’t know the base color! It was here when we moved in. It’s a great steely gray with just a hint of blue. And I just randomly picked a cream while standing in line at the paint store. I know, I know. What kind of DIY blogger am I anyway!? Haha

  8. You can save a lot of money by opting to build your own porch. If you’re using wood, you can often find do-it-yourself kits that include all the materials you need, including instructions on how to adapt the kit to fit your house’s measurements.

  9. Hello,
    I didn’t realise how painting a house white would make it look so clean, crisp, and big. What colour white did you use?

  10. It’s amazing what white paint can do, isn’t it? I’m actually not sure what color we used! The previous home owner left a 5-gallon bucket of paint for the cream trim, so we just used that and color matched when we needed more. That also saved on having to paint the trim. Sorry, that’s no help!

  11. Wow what paint can do. I have thinking of doing a stencil thingy on my front step. It is looking tired, so was delighted to see your pictures, you did a great job. So when weather is warm enough, I am going to make a front step look great. Thanks for the hints. Judy

  12. Oh that’s great! Email me a picture when you’re done if you think about it. It makes such a big difference :)

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