DIY board and batten wall with shelf ledge (no power tools!)

This is my second board and batten wall for around $100 and no power tools! Board and batten walls are such a great and inexpensive solution to big blank walls. The moulding gives depth and character to a boring wall. And this one I made with a shelf on top!

White dining room with large table and board and batten wall

The extra ledge gives more opportunity for displays and seasonal decor. It also is too high for kids to reach! It was perfect for my million little white houses and Christmas garland.

But before I get to how I did the wall, let me show you what it looked like before:

Board and batten wall before pic

There were two sliding pocket doors that went to the home office. They didn’t work well and we decided we wanted the room to be a bedroom instead of an office. Here’s why and what the other room looks like now!

Filled in wall where two pocked doors were

Some very generous friends helped us fill in the wall. They had the tools and even let us use their joint compound. We finished it in only a couple days and it cost $150. I can’t show you a tutorial on that because it’s above my skill set! Ha!

solution for disguising smooth wall beside textured wall

Someone did not do a good job with the taping and joint compound. (It was me.) And not only that but the drywall we put up was smooth and rest of the wall was textured. NOT looking great.

It didn’t take long to decide to replicate my entryway board and batten wall!

Board and batten entryway with hooks - solution for big blank wall

You can see this post for all the specific instructions and tools.

Board and batten wall tutorial without power tools

The same friends offered to come over the weekend with their nail gun, but I couldn’t wait! I made my measurements and hurried off to Home Depot.

I made the measurements as simple as possible, like cutting four 8′ boards in half instead of coming up with a less common measurement. Does that make sense? Then Miguel cut them for us!

(Clara and I took him brownies the next day because he helped us with our first project too! He was patient and friendly. He was SO happy with these simple brownies. His colleagues even clapped for him! It was pretty great.)

Then I got busy hammering away.

The boards in entirety are 6 feet tall.

How to put up a board and batten wall without power tools - $100 project

I was able to place the board right on my miserable joint job! And the boards across the wall make the smooth part of the wall and the textured part of the wall much less noticeable.

It also solved the problem of not having matching baseboard for the large wall. I just put a 8-inch board along the bottom and it worked great.

Board and batten wall before paint and caulking

How to add a shelf and moulding to a board and batten wall

I added a shelf to this one for decor. To give it a more finished look I added this thin detail as well. I cut it myself with the saw at Home Depot.

Board and batten wall with shelf and moulding piece

This is what it looked like after I painted and caulked it.

How to spray paint an old and yellowing intercom face - before and after

The eye sore of the wall was this yellow intercom interface. I looked up what it would cost for a new one and it was like $800! Um, no. We actually do use it for the radio and it goes all throughout the house, so I decided to just spray paint it!

Instagram stories - how to paint an old and yellowing intercom face

I taped off the black screen and took a picture of where the buttons are in case the print didn’t show through the paint. (The print does faintly show though so we can still read what they are).

Then I sprayed it with a flat white primer I had in the garage. I think flat was the key because it stuck to the plastic beautifully. I have tested scratching it and it didn’t knick.

A much better solution than 800 bucks! You can see my board and batten Instagram stories here. I promise you’ll laugh at my clueless nonsense.

board and batten wall in the dining room
Spray painted intercom face - from yellow to white
All white dining room with board and batten wall, IKEA wardrobes for storage and vintage wine cooler
Board and batten wall with no power tools - perfect gray color - sherwin williams light french gray
How to put up a board and batten wall with a shelf

I did a much better job on this wall than my first attempt, but as you can see in the center it’s not perfect. I’m okay with that. Most of it a little (or a lot) of caulking can fix.

Blank wall solution - board and batten wall adds interest and doesn't cost a lot
board and batten detail - DIY instructions
Board and batten wall with shelf ledge for decor
8 inch baseboard for board and batten wall
DIY board and batten wall for $100 and no power tools - perfect gray color sherwin williams light french gray

The paint color is Sherwin Williams Light French Gray. It’s my new favorite gray paint color and I have it on accent walls in my hallway and living room as well. It adds just a subtle dimension to the room.

All white dining room with board and batten wall, IKEA PAX wardrobe and rustic wine cooler
IKEA PAX wardrobe with rustic wine cooler in dining room

The wine cooler is HUGE. It is so deep and it looked ridiculous jetting out into the room so far. So I put these PAX wardrobes from IKEA on either side.

By the way, that wine cooler used to be that orangey oak color that was popular a couple decades ago. See how to get a rustic finish in this post.

Eventually I will make the wardrobes and cooler look built in with moulding.

The wardrobes balance the room and added a TON of storage! I also like how they go well with the feel of the board and batten wall. I’ll show you how I organized them in another post, but here’s one set:

inside IKEA PAX wardrobe - used in dining room for folding table and chairs storage

This section contains 12 folding chairs. They’re only $8, a great price, but I don’t recommend them for small children. They can tip when they try to climb up. The high chair is awesome for $16 though!

There’s also a folding table and some of my taller home decor items. It’s so handy that it all fits right where we need it and don’t have to go back and forth from the garage like before.

distressed pewter knob

I have distressed pewter knobs for the cabinet doors, but I haven’t put them on yet! They match the style of the pulls on the wine cooler.

Again, if you’d like specific instructions on how to glue, nail, paint and caulk the wall, read this post.

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White dining room with large table and board and batten wall

13 thoughts on “DIY board and batten wall with shelf ledge (no power tools!)

  1. I absolutely love your board and battens! I love that you are so brave and have really inspired me to try this myself in my home. I am NOT handy and divorced after 15 years of marriage and am now a single parent. (They’re dad is military and stationed in Korea). I don’t even know how to use an electric drill! So your project is perfect for me! I’m really excited to try this and wanted to commend you on a job well done!

  2. Brilliant! Learning I can do a b&b wall without having to skimcoat or board over my textured walls is the best news I’ve had all week as I look at different b&b DIYs. Thanks for this!

  3. Love this! Thank you for sharing! Would you share what the spacing between boards is? I’m hoping to do this project this week!

  4. Spacing is about 17 inches, but I had to fudge a couple of them to get around the outlet ;) You’re going to love it! It adds so much character to a blank wall

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