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Gift ideas for a 7-year-old boy

At the ripe old age of seven, Luca still likes toys, but less. It seems like seven begins the age where their tastes become more specific. They’re getting older and are becoming individuals! It makes sense. But there are still a few toys or things I see that seven year old boys just love. Here they are:

Toys for boys - Present or gift ideas for a 7 year old boy

7 year old gift and toy ideas - Legos


The number one toy around here and with the boys’ friends is still Legos. I bought some used Legos in bulk from eBay and a few sets from the store. I think Lego forgot that they are making small molded pieces of plastic because the prices are outrageous, but this is a toy that keeps interest for about a decade! You can’t go wrong with Legos. (Robot pictured.)

7 year old gift and toy ideas - rock and mineral collection


This box of rocks, minerals, sharks teeth and fossils was a huge hit. The boys trade them, examine them and try to identify the rocks. I would definitely recommend this one. I’ve ordered two of them.

Rock book

Along with the minerals, a rock book to identify them and learn more is a great idea. And anything to keep a seven year old boy with his nose in a book. They don’t hold still very long!

7 year old gift and toy ideas - sachel


If you’re going on an adventure, you obviously need a satchel to put you stuff in. Little boys love collecting things and mine put their nature finds and special treasure in here.

7 year old gift and toy ideas - safari outback hat

Outback hat

Both my boys love wearing an outback/safari hat during their adventures.

7 year old gift and toy ideas - safari vest

Safari vest

They boys wear this safari vest with lots of pockets for important expeditions.

7 year old gift and toy ideas - explorer gear

Adventure set

A binocular, flashlight and compass set would be a great pair with the vest, hat or satchel.

Dog Man book series - books for 7 year old boys

Dog Man book series

I don’t know about the little boy in your life, but it’s tough to get my 7 year old to practice reading. The only book we’ve tried so far that he can’t put down is Dog Man. It’s silly and nonsensical, perfect for young boys! Captain Underpants is also wildly funny and popular.

National Geographic Kids magazine subsription - books for 7 year old boys

National Geographic subscription

This gift is a favorite of mine. Not only does a magazine subscription get them reading, but it’s something they will benefit from the whole year! They get so excited getting their own mail too.

Soccer goal

Sports equipment

Get some of that little boy energy out with some games!

7 year old gift and toy ideas - velcro catch

Velcro Catch

Seven year olds are getting more coordinated, but they can get frustrated with sports rules and not being able to play as well as they’d like. That’s why I like this Velcro catch game.

Personalized kids jersey - 7 year old gift and toy ideas


I love these personalized jerseys! Would go great with some of the sports equipment. Would it be too cheesy to do the whole family?!

7 year old gift and toy ideas - shark tooth necklace

Shark necklace

And finally, what is cooler than a shark necklace? Nothing, that’s what. I bought this one for my son and he wore it for weeks straight.

See my gift ideas for 5 year olds and 6 year olds for even more ideas.

2 thoughts on “Gift ideas for a 7-year-old boy

  1. Great gift presentations; I think ask the child what would they like. Discuss the shopping beforehand so they can understand the price limit and then they select what they really can enjoy. I made a few mistakes yet the gifts were pricey and lovely yet for him a bit disappointing. I have learned they can make a few selections and then make a final decision. The shark necklace looks most interesting as many will ask him to tell them the history. I think it will make him feel like a v.i.p. Enjoy your gift selections for the kids, happy holidays.

  2. Hi Elize! Yes, I’ve made that mistake too, buying something pricey that wasn’t a big hit. This year I asked my boys if they wanted one big thing or several smaller things. They both said smaller things. But they change what they want every day! haha! So, time will tell if I pick the right things :)

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